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Šaol is an a priori conworld, of a mostly late classical focus, with a recent reintroduction of magical power after being absent for millenia. Currently its focus is primarily on Rašau, the greater of the twin continents of the Northern Hemisphere, with plans for much more detail on the other continents as well as their interactions throughout the ages.

The Living Winds A roster of languages from the families detailed below.
The dirt, the rock, the water, and what moves them. Physical descriptions, whether of the lay of the land, geologic history, species descriptions, and sociopolitical chrestomathies.

Macro-Kanašu The long-lived Kanaši family holds fast in its stronghold of the Kanašu Peninsula, while its ships have spread it far beyond its homelands on their trade routes and into the islands of the Xabran Sea.
Salanjan The rulers and poets of the Regil Plains in ancient times, the Salanja (or Zein as they are more likely to call themselves after the fall of the Imperium) are still holding on to significant portions of it in the modern day.
Shiffaractean Easily the largest, most successful family of Rašau, all of the myriad branches of Shiffaractean trace their origins back to that unfathomably ancient citadel in the unforgiving desert. Their reasons for leaving the primeval city have largely become the subject of myth, with fantastic stories of divinely-guided expeditions and conquests being recorded in the chronicles still kept in the rust halls.
Tyətrei The most widespread family of the northern coast of Htelui, they have had the most contact with Rašau's rambunctious peoples.

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