The Untamed West
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Discovered by one Ḥabrit of Gades in 1736AVC (except for when it was discovered by the Norse in 1442AVC, and when it was discovered by an Aquitanian trader in 1107AVC), the dizzyingly varied continent of Ḥabrita has proven to be a strange land which few have ventured far into, but has birthed some of the most significant and powerful nations on Êndug along its coasts. It is generally divided into three parts, not entirely based on but for the most part closely following the northern and southern boundaries of the tropics:
  • Upper Ḥabrita, home to noble Aurita (the fair child of Rome and Gallia), Ηρε Ουρ of the fiercely independent Hibernians, the unruly statelets and baronies of the Vinlanders, the self-assured and uncompromising state of Krandebaǧ (founded by pioneers from the great Scythian Nation), its gleaming, serene towers outshining the brutal truth of its existence, and many, many others.
  • Insular Ḥabrita, named for the acknowledged power of the region, the Arawaqan Confederation, ruled by the House Majjára since its hard-won independence from Carthage nearly 400 years ago; the Red Coast League, an alliance of city-states united by their common animosity against the Arawaqans, originally founded as a series of pirate havens which fought hard to rid themselves of the unwanted Punic hegemony; and numerous states on the forbidding, blood-soaked mainlands to the west.
  • Lower Ḥabrita is a seldom-visited land of jungles, plains, astoundingly high peaks and cold-blasted reaches which curve towards the icebound lands at the very bottom of the world.