An Endug Miscellany
To 1500AVC
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The earliest change a student of history would notice is the appearance, in the early 200s BC, of the Ganžas state of Blackmoon (founded by the ancestors of the modern Scythian Nation) in Belgica and northern Gallia, whose rise, and fall, prompted a cascade of changes compared to our timeline. Some of the major ones are listed below.
  • the rise of Blackmoon blunted the rising tensions between Rome and Carthage
    • Rome never expanded further west than a client state based in Massilia, extending up the Rhône valley towards and eventually past Geneva.
    • subsequent to the defeat of Blackmoon, Rome concentrated on expanding into the Balkans, eventually having under its direct sway Illyria, Panonnia, a 'protectorate' over Dacia (as of 1260AVC), Upper Thrace (Moesia), whatever Serbia was, Epirus, while Macedonia was a client state, a protectorate of Rome.
    • These holdings were lost entirely when the Slavic expansion southwards smashed Roman forces in 1300AVC, with the Illyrians then fleeing southwards, swamping Thessaly and reaching Boetia and the Gulf of Corinth, though Salonika and its immediate environs remained Hellenic. The Thracians were also pushed south by the Slavs, many crossing the Bosporus (where they were for the most part eventually subsumed by the Pergamene Hellenes.)
  • The other Hellenic lands were split between various leagues, a (very) few free cities, Pergamon, the remnant Ptolemies in Crete + some other islands, and the Anadolics of the southern coast of Asia Minor.
  • The push northward of trade following the campaigns against Blackmoon spurred faster developments:
    • 900AVC: Coastal Germanic tribes expanded westwards towards Aremorica, the lands having been largely depopulated, following this a little under a century later with crossing the sea to push into the eastern regions of Albion.
    • Approx. 1200AVC: Norse population pressures led to expansion to the Lonely Isles, raids on the Brittonic coasts, and eventually the occupation and settlement of the Southern Isles. {for those who may not be familiar with ancient names (as well as those names I've outright made up) of the places referred to in this section, the areas referred to here are in order Normandy/Brittany, Great Britain, Orkney/Shetland/the Faroes, and the Hebrides}
    • 1325AVC: Norse begin settling Ísland, followed four or five generations later by the discovery and settlement of Greenland and Vinland (light settlement in the former, quite heavy settlement in the latter).