An Endug Miscellany, part 2
1501AVC to 2100AVC
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  • 1500s AVC: Gunpowder invented in China. A Kemetic émigré learned the process and carried it westward, where he deftly managed to sell it to many nations, and retired a rich man to Phoenicia.
  • Ḥabrit of Carthage, in 1737 AVC, discovered the lands which came to bear his name: Ḥabrita. Permanent settlements were established by Punic traders by the 1760s.
  • Seljuk Turks invaded Persia, conquering and marauding through various nearby states (and each other) for over 200 years starting in 1800AVC, adopting Shia Islam in the process, until they themselves are caught off-guard by the Mongols creating their Ilkhanate.
  • A Roman colony is founded on Upper Ḥabrita,  to the north of the Punic lands, in 1221 AVC.
  • 2041 AVC: the Punic colonies in Insular Ḥabrita finally achieve their independence from Carthage after many, many years of unrest and several rebellions. They take the name the Arawaqan Confederation, and set about attempting to end the piracy which had sprung up over the years.
  • 2058 AVC: The Red Coast pirate alliance, brought together by Dimosteni Khristorgi (b. 2005 AVC) to oppose the Arawaqan attempts to cow them, definitively defeats their adversaries and guarantees their independence, but at the cost of Dimosteni's life. The haven city of Christrage is founded in her memory.
  • Mahmud Ghazan, great-grandson of Hulegu Khan, led a daring and strong assault on the Iskandrid heartland, battling to the very city of Thebes, in 2067AVC. Surrounded, but having taken the sultan's sister and heir hostage, he bargained for passage out of Egypt, which he eventually was granted, but it was not to be as he thought it would, across the Sinai to his lands near Isfahan. He and his armies were allowed free passage out of Egypt only if they travelled southwest, across the blasted Sahara. To the eventual surprise of many, he and his forced survived the journey, establishing themselves around Lake Čād, with Ghazan renouncing the title Ilkhan and proclaiming the Sāḥil Khanate under his rule.