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Bekedzola is an Earth-like planet floating in in a D20-like cosmos. It features three continents: Beke Wataza, Beke Kanandi, and Megakide. The dark-skinned (or -feathered, or -furred) Watazans are the ones with the big, colonial empires, getting in everyone else's faces. The light-skinned Kanandians were being dominated by the Watazans, until the elven druids decided they'd had enough of their dwarven and halfling wards being treated like shit, along with the desecration of nature by Watazan factories and mass logging and such - they organized themselves into what they called the Troirecht+the Treerealm, and started kicking Watazan ass. Now, in the year 1932 FE+Fivefold Enlightenment, there are only two Watazan colonies left: Nalamibo, a colony of Kuzdemba, and Bokonta, a colony of Magati. Megakide has some Watazan colonies, too, but it's on the other side of the planet, and will probably be irrelevant to the campaign I may run.

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