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More Reworking, More Stuff

More general boredom and stuff means more reworking of things. And stuff. Like redesigning the Telemor residence permit card:
bloodbath, Ph.D. 4 days ago

Six Years Hence

Annie is six years old now! This is classically the age at which parents of children divorce, so if we survive 2020, we should be fine. In the meantime, I would like to remind everyone that the Site History page is a great way to take a look at what people have been up to. Especially the ones who don't post on the forums (come post on the forums! We're lonely).
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oxlahunakbal 19 days ago

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bloodbornebi 2 months ago

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zane49er 5 months ago

More Stuff

Fiddling with some stuff while procrastinating on writing my thesis, this time an Ilian driver's license. Happy with how it turned out.
bloodbath, Ph.D. 5 months ago

Moving pages!

That's right, you can now finally move things around without having to laboriously copy the contents. At least, languages and language families, which you can both assign to any universe or language family you have comment privileges on. Just click edit and look for the move link at the bottom!

This functionality also automatically assigns the correct group to all child pages recursively, so what used to be an impossible task is now a possible, even easy task.
News 10 months ago

Woah, image woes

Image uploading is now fixed! A module misplaced in the migration was mandatory. Its moniker: Imagemagick.

PHP 7 is pretty confusing.

Anyway, I believe this primarily affected changing avatars and other tasks that required thumbnailing; simply adding images to articles is ostensibly unaffected.
News 11 months ago

Izambri's Troller Scale

Izambri's troller scale, generated from an isharia discussion and structured from this.

Fortitude required: disincentivising action required in support of any victim that should reasonably be expected to be of below normal fortitude (e.g. children and vulnerable adults).

Minor severity goblin (1.00 to 1.49) / “dont feed the goblin”
Major severity orc (1.50 to 1.99) / “don’t feed the orc”

Fortitude required: Minimal action required in support of any victim that should reasonably be expected to be of normal fortitude (e.g. persons who have little contact with the members of the public).

Minor severity troll (2.00 to 2.49) / “don’t feed the troll”
Major severity barrow-wight (2.50 to 2.99) / “don’t feed the barrow-wight”

Fortitude required: Moderate action required in support of any victim that should not reasonably be expected to be of a person of above normal fortitude (e.g. people who are not in public-facing roles).

Minor severity wraith or nazgûl (3.00 to 3.49) / “don’t feed the wraith” or “don’t feed the nazgûl”
Major severity balrog (3.50 to 3.99) / “don’t feed the balrog”

Fortitude required: Significant action required for any victim that should not reasonably be expected to be of beyond normal fortitude (e.g. people who are not public figures).

Minor severity Sauron (4.00 to 4.49) / “don’t feed the Sauron”
Major severity Melkor (4.50 to 4.99) / “don’t feed the Melkor”
Izambri a year ago

Bugs and fixes

We're now on PHP 7 at long last, and the thumbnail generator is fixed. Welcome to 2019, everybody.
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annamaya a year ago

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rivalmoonlight a year ago

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Saiava a year ago

More Reworking

In continuing my revisiting of old projects, I decided to re-do the design for the Telemor entry visa.

And, because reasons, how about a pic of it in action, along with some stamps:
bloodbath, Ph.D. a year ago

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Aalors a year ago

Back to the Drawing Board

Due to a confluence of various things, I decided to start revisiting some old art projects. And by art, well, I mean banknotes. Hence, here's some preliminary output for redesigning Telemor banknotes:


The big change here is I decided to have all the notes be polymer. Having a mix of paper and polymer is a bit strange, and I only know of Singapore, México, and the UK where this is the case. Plus, polymer tends to be more durable and counterfeit-resistant overall, so it seemed like a good choice (and logical one the Telemor government would take).

This also gives me practice with playing with polymer notes, and I'm more than happy to experiment and see what works in that regard. (Because reasons.)
bloodbath, Ph.D. a year ago

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Radoxon 2 years ago

Untitled Entry

The book, Origins of Janochia, is complete for the most part.
Any changes done to it will be minor changes.
Further books will be made in the future.
Janochia 2 years ago

Started Worldbuild

I have started the world building of Janochia as well as its common language, Tąrapeg.

Since I can't come up with names right now.
I'll use the respective D&D names as placeholders until better names are produced.

Uppishiun is an original name and entity.
Janochia 2 years ago

First Post

This universe is now available to view. I will be placing information about this world here along with story ideas.
Janochia 2 years ago

First Post

This is the first post to introduce my world in production.
It is heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons due to my gaming experience.

This world is called Janochia.
The setting spans from its origins to its end of days.
It'll be an expansive project, but I am eager to complete it.

I have a conlang that I'm developing to go with the setting as well.
This is the common language of the surface world, known as Tąrapeg.

My linguistic intentions with Tąrapeg is to make an aggultinative language
inspired by the Old Turkic Language. It probably will be either synthetic or polysynthetic.
BJWilliams 2 years ago

Places I am at

Figured I'd log into this account real quick and post where I can actually be found since I don't really use anthologica much, if ever.

As far as conlang stuff I've been most active on ConWorkShop lately, where my username is simply nadiarwendt. link
don't expect any forum posts on cws either, tho

I'm on twitter as nadiarwendt as well and that is where I post most of my art and ramble about things that don't matter. link

I have an actual art blog, without the rambling, on tumblr.

I also have an account on Artstation—again, just my name: link
nadiawendt 2 years ago

Latest Stuff

Decided to resize and redo one of the visas I designed. Hence, voilà:

bloodbath, Ph.D. 2 years ago

Heterodoxy 103: Conlanging by the Third Instinct

I would not call myself a good conlanger, since I have neither the education nor experience. But I'd like to offer what I think is some good advice anyway.

1. Pronounced /kɑxjʌk/, for some approximation of /x/.
2. Source: Arka
twabs read more (17763 bytes) · 2 years ago

More Coinage

I like money. I also was bored and decided to work on some new-ish stuff. So here's a commemorative coin to celebrate Ilia and Telemor being friends for 20 years (after several decades of very... "special" relationships). Not meant for general circulation, but it still would be exceptionally shiny were it to exist in physical form.
bloodbath, Ph.D. 2 years ago

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