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<Slereah_> Would Hitler have risen to power without the hadronization of the early universe

<@Slereah> Oh no
<@Slereah> More family drama from the protagonist
<@Slereah> I just want more squid monsters
<@Slereah> Why do people keep making high concept movies if they don't believe people will care about them
<Cevf> Sler: I DON'T KNOW
<@Slereah> I mean
<@Slereah> If you look at a romantic comedy
<@Slereah> Is it ever interrupted by trying to learn squid monster language?
<@Slereah> that is not why we are here

<Cevf> Do people realize that "The Doomsday Clock" isn't a real thing?
<@pthag> no
<Cevf> Like it's not an oracle they consult, the inner workings of which are a divine mystery?
<@pthag> if it's not an oracle
<@pthag> why are oracular priests [scientists] guarding it
<@Slereah> isn't foretelling doom exactly what an oracle does
<@pthag> that would be like thinking the nobel prize is just awarded by a team of strange swedish academicians
<@pthag> rather than god
<@Slereah> also what happens if a cheeky breeky moves the hands to midnight
<@Slereah> Does the world end

<Cevf> http://i.imgur.com/2fEKTZb.jpg
<Cevf> Please let this become a thing
<Cevf> Pleasepleasepleaseplease
<Slereah> Cevf confirmed for pedophile

<Cevf> http://i.imgur.com/4pmmQ5y.jpg
<Cevf> It is frustrating that a lot of the dates don't really show up. I may try to contact someone and see if they can look at a physical copy of the article
<@pharazon> it's frustrating that a lot of my dates don't show up

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<kaakitwitaasota> zayk, reminds me of the worst insult i've ever heard
<@pharazon> zayk reminds me of the worst insult i've ever heard
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(from a couple notepad documents I had lying around‚ÄĒ some of them might be repeats)

<guitarplayer> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7PiZ9NDX44
<Cev> Remember when Salmoneus said that this was probably the most popular and well-remembered song from this movie?
<Legion> Salmoneus is basically Typical Mind Fallacy Man
<Legion> bitten by a radioactive autist, he has all the powers of not realising other people are not him

<Slereah> Why don't they arrest everyone with a weird name in Gotham City
<Slereah> If you are called Strange
<Slereah> Bam
<Slereah> Straight to jail

<pthag> is this like how that thread was changed from 'no sirdanilots' to 'everyone is welcome'
<pthag> which universal love was only made possible by the casting of sirdanilot into thr desert
<pthag> and providing us with a salutary example of how people stop being people when u dont let them in
<Cev> The hungry gods must be appeased.
<Zayk> Hungary has gods?
<CUM_SIURAN> lol not anymore #christianizedMotherfucker

<@vlad> I didn't realize we had more than one species of ibis
<Cev> Why are your birds all gigantic, vlad?
<@vlad> island gigantism?
<Cev> I think Australia might be too big for that
<@vlad> maybe that's also island gigantism

<Slereah> the holocaust would be a whole lot funnier if the gas chamber was just Hitler farting in a tube

<Slereah> It's kinda weird
<Slereah> Marvel movies are all fun and DC movies are all gritty
<Slereah> But on TV it's reversed
<Cev> Yeah I know
<Cev> I'm of the opinion that in both cases gritty is probably better
<Slereah> Well, Daredevil is probably better, yes
<Slereah> Although I think it's just because Flash is handled poorly
<Cev> They also differ in that
<Cev> for DC they're not in canon with each other
<Cev> there's a movie universe and a tv universe
<Cev> Like Superman is in the tv universe but he's not played by Henry Cavill
<Slereah> It would be great tho
<Slereah> If the TV Flash joined the Movie Superman
<Cev> Do you want to see Batfleck fight Gorilla Grodd?
<Slereah> Yes
<Slereah> Yes I do
<Cev> Me too
<Slereah> Do you bleed
<Slereah> gorilla blood
<Slereah> You will

<Radius> With swizzle sticks and thistle sixths with widths this thick, Luther's sleuths thwart Seth's sixth sick sphynx.

<Cev> "The average American is 33 pounds heavier than the average Frenchman"
<Cev> :-[
<Zayk> but like
<Whimemsz> it's not fair, Legion is bringing the French average way down

<Cev> bah
<Legion> Cev the sheep
<Legion> or raher
<Legion> Cev, the angriest sheep in the world
<Legion> I'd watch that
<Legion> it's like about this sheep trying to build a sheep pen
<Legion> but he doesn't have opposable thumbs so he can't
<Legion> so he gets so angry and wants to burn the whole farm down
<Legion> but he still doesn't have opposable hands so he still can't
<Legion> so he wants to genocide the jews but etc
<Legion> the punchline is always lack of opposable thumbs thwarting his attempts
<Legion> also all the other sheep are stupid
<Legion> because they're sheep

<Zayk> wow
<Zayk> African Union is going to start a Schengen thing
<Zayk> I expect more an #Exypt'
<Cev> That's pretty good yeah
<Cev> Letsgotho
<Cev> Botswannaleave
<Cev> CYaTomorocco
<Zayk> #Senego
<Cev> ZimbabwaveGoodbye
<Zayk> #SouthOutfrica
<Zayk> #SudanSulong
<Cev> ImmaGola
<Cev> Maleave
<Zayk> #S√£oTomeAndPeaceOut
<Cev> Cote d'Aurevoir
<Zayk> #MADagascar
<Zayk> #KenyaLeaveUsAlone
<Cev> NeverAguinea
<Zayk> #Cango
<Zayk> #Byeundi
<Cev> ZamByea
<Zayk> #BeninAfricaNoLongerWannaBeHere
<Zayk> #Djiboutusout
<Cev> timeTogo
<miekko> Zayk: just DjibOUTi
<miekko> #SierraLeGONE
<Cev> #i'mGHANAleave
<Cev> #buRUNdi
<miekko> #leSortie could work
<miekko> I think Sudan should go for #SuDONE
<Cev> CentraLEAVEricanRepublic

<H13> well anyway I'm very susceptible to the sunk cost fallacy so I will keep on doing this
<Slereah> Well I spent so long believing in the sunken cost fallacy
<Slereah> It's bound to be right at some point

<twanh> how old is lyndon johnson
<kaakitwitaasota> dead
<twanh> that's old

<@Slereah_> I like how in the 19th century people believed in evolution, but like
<@Slereah_> Believed that they came from better monkeys
<@Slereah_> Depending on race
<@Slereah_> The whiteman came from the honest hardworking chimpanzee
<@Slereah_> The chinaman from the mysterious orang outan
<@Slereah_> While the negro came from the savage gorilla
<@Cev> The library has a couple old books about race published in the 1920s
<@Cev> They look like a total hoot but I've always been a little hesitent to check them out
<@Cev> Not sure how well it would go checking "ON THE DEGENERATION OF THE NEGRO AND OTHER PRIMITIVE RACES" out with the librarian
<@Cev> also what if she's a cute librarian? :SSS
<@Slereah_> but what if she's a cute racist librarian

<Slereah_> What are the most recent battles that people reenact
<Slereah_> Is there a Syrian Reenactment Society

<@ayyub> https://scontent-dft4-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15283962_10212064231308847_9043895584514745219_n.jpg?oh=e9311f13c6f3f92a12aed8b069c7fc74&oe=58BD7E56
<@vlad> shakira law
<@ayyub> Hips are the true prophet amen

<@pthagnar> it would be difficult to tell a ~~~real authentic tr00 neurological positivist scientific face-food-face-corpse effect~~~
<@pthagnar> from a 'somebody has learnt the grammar of film' effect
<Slereah> I wonder how old such analysis goes back
<Slereah> Was there a caveman theorizing on what makes a good oral tradition
<Slereah> "It should involve a lot of Ug being strong"
<Slereah> "The Ug of the story must always win, thanks to his great strength"
<Slereah> "New things must be seen with suspicion, that will be revealed to be correct when they are hit with a club"
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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<@Rhetorica> okay working on the spambots yes sorry
<@Rhetorica> i started on that a while ago but some other stuff popped up
<@Rhetorica> dead grandfather, mostly
<guitarplayer> condolences
<@Rhetorica> but now that this is over and i've dropped the ultimate soul-sucking corpse of destiny
<@Rhetorica> i totally really totally promise it'll be done today, for some definition of today
<H13> not to be rude
<H13> but are you talking about your grandfather
<H13> or
<@Rhetorica> yes i will get you the code
<@Rhetorica> oh
<@Rhetorica> sorry
<@Rhetorica> course
<@Rhetorica> not corpse
<@Rhetorica> easy typo

<Cev> so I've been reading about pirates
<Cev> and annoyed by how many things the Pirates of the Caribbean movie apparently DIDN'T make up
<Cev> like there apparently really was a Brethren Court
<Cev> and a Pirate Code
<Cev> that was actually laid down by a pirate named Bartholomew
<Cev> <_<
<Slereah> What about pirate magic
<Cev> Next I'm gonna read somewhere that the East India Company really had a giant kraken at their disposal.
<Slereah> No it was mostly just opium

<Slereah_> http://new1.fjcdn.com/comments/The+inside+of+a+kangaroo+pouch+is+a+womb+that+s+_d90bf4a92c74bc25f7208581b10b1591.jpg
<Slereah_> Aaaah
<Slereah_> Baby roos are always a bit spooky
<Slereah_> I wonder what the abortion debate would look like if we were marsupials
<Slereah_> Where the fetus is just hanging around

<Slereah> "To avoid FBI attention and prosecution, the modern Mafia also outsources a lot of its work to other criminal groups, such as motorcycle gangs."
<Slereah> Stealing jobs away from hard working american gangsters

<Cev> I wonder what Jumanji does if it's played by two tribal guys from the Congo
<Cev> do like, cars come out of it?
<Slereah> They wouldn't even notice
<Slereah> For them every day is being chased by rhinos and being shot at by white men

<Slereah> Comment sections on Al Jazeera are pretty tense
<Slereah> Even the article on gravitational waves is full of comments about palestine
<miekko> gravity is a thing the jews invented to hold the palestinians down
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