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<Cevf> I don't understand the 14th amendment
<Cevf> I mean I understand the part that defines citizenship
<Cevf> But the main part of it I don't get
<Cevf> because it basically says, like, "You have to obey the rest of the laws written in the Constitution"
<Cevf> because apparently that wasn't clear before?
<Slereah> Maybe it's a state law thing?
<Cevf> Yes it is but that's my point
<Slereah> Like states can't make laws going against the constitution
<Cevf> Yes it is but that's my point
<Cevf> Why even have a Constitution if that's even an option?
<Slereah> So that you can brag about it
<Slereah> "Our state follows the constitution!"
<Cevf> How about you just have 1 Amendment: "Obey the laws of your respective states"
<Cevf> That seems to be effectively what they DID
<Slereah> Maybe it was the case before too, but it wasn't terribly enforced so they added this for emphasis
<Slereah> Maybe someone pulled an airbud on them
<Guest3907> I think that amendment is because reconstruction states were trying to say that blacks in their state weren't citizens of that state
<Slereah> "It's not written anywhere in the constitution that you have to obey the constitution!"
<Guest3907> it also kept confederate politicians out of the government
<Slereah> The Airbud Amendment
<@vlad> <Cevf> I don't understand the 14th amendment < I agree it is stupid
<Slereah> vlad confirmed for racist

<Cevf> ok
<Cevf> fuck it
<Cevf> I'm adding "nuanced" to my list of forbidden words
<Guest34592> why?? can't handle nuances
<WurdBendur> cev likes to keep things simple
<Cevf> Can't handle the self-satisfaction of people talking about how their view is more nuanced than others'.
<WurdBendur> yes, that's right
<Guest34592> I just say it's better
<WurdBendur> let's speak out against this self-righteousness
<Cevf> Enough with the diatribes, Wurd.
<@pthag> ur all stomping ur feet
<@pthag> banned banned banned
<@pthag> scum and villany
<WurdBendur> you're a nazi

<Guest62009> do you think that if I went to the white house and held a gun to my head someone would get around to porting Civ II to modern PCs

<@tiramisu> mec didn't even say goodbye
<@tiramisu> so rude
<@tiramisu> oh wait he did
<@pharazon> still rude

<tiramisu> Naima Cevf's penis is shaped like
<Naima> Cevf's penis is shaped like a star of david lynch video game review of Pacman and he insinuates that the viewers probably have never played pacman on google maps today at the thrift store i saw a woman on the bridge."
<Slereah> Oy vey
<tiramisu> [[star of [david lynch]] video] or [[star of david][lynch video]]?
<Slereah> that's why we must all switch to lojban

<@Radius> the best place to build an island though, for sheer remoteness from anything else
<twanh> is in space?
<@Radius> is atop koko guyot, which is a seamount in the north pacific about halfway between hawaii and japan
<twanh> ooh

<pthagnar> Also, the original Star Trek mostly shows the Enterprise crew being pretty competent, but now we're only allowed to have science explorer heroes if the focus is on the captain being unqualified for his rank.

<Slereah__> He is called Chuck Norris
<Slereah__> is that short for
<Slereah__> Charles Norris

<@tiramisu> I want to see if "good chapel boy pounding" is a combination of things or if someone (pthagnar) has said that whole phrase before

<Slereah> if Bilbo pees while invisible, at what point does his urine become visible

<@Legion> you know what's worst than "never forget"?
<@Legion> people calling something "The Forgotten X"
<@Legion> when that something is like the second most talked about X ever
<@Legion> (eg: calling the Armenian genocide "The Forgotten Genocide")

<@pharazon> i hired a few movers recently
<@pharazon> when they arrived they were black
<@Cevf> were they no longer black after they'd been there a while?

<Whimemsz> here's some good news to cheer you up then
<Whimemsz> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-41574608  there's fewer vampires in Malawi now than before!
<Guest24991> the person I feel most bad for is the president of Malawi
<Guest24991> whoever they are, they are probably a very well-educated person who doesn't believe in vampires and just wants the country to succeed
<Guest24991> then this happens
<Guest24991> and he knows the boulder has rolled to the bottom of the hill

<@tiramisu> oh shit this Skyler guy is only 18
<@tiramisu> well, at least he's 18

<Whimemsz> http://www.nativetech.org/shinob/ojibwelanguage.html  this is kind of weird
<Whimemsz> a collection of words in double-vowel orthography and ... random English-based spellings
<Cevf> what's the difference between "Greetings" and "Hello"
<Whimemsz> none
<@pharazon> the funny thing is that there's not even an english word for "Greetings"
<@pharazon> like you have a character in a movie say "Greetings!" to indicate that they're an alien

<Cevf> woot
<Cevf> Handbook of Texas Supplement Volume III arrived in the mail
<Slereah> Does it have more injun tales
<Cevf> It has articles about approximately eighty-nine thousand obscure little Indian tribes
<Cevf> all written by T.N. Campbell
<Slereah> do you think he made some of them up
<Slereah> The bloopablorp tribe
<Slereah> Very friendly
<Slereah> They have 3 heads and worship a goose
<Whimemsz> Slereah, alias Herodotus

<Whimemsz> http://www.johnchaple.co.uk/dino.html  this one is fun too
<Whimemsz> "Dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex with their absurdly small fore-limbs would have hopped like kangaroos which also have small arms. "
<twabs> haha
<@Legion> well, there are serious studies on Tyrannosaurus that propose that they couldn't run but would indeed hop around more like certain birds, iirc
<Cevf> counterpoint, only small birds hop around
<Cevf> large birds don't
<Cevf> t-rex was a very large bird
<Slereah> Science has been trying to emasculate the T-Rex so much these past 20 years I wouldn't be surprised that they were announced to be small birds soon
<CUM_SIURAN> are small birds unmasculine?
<Slereah> yes
<Slereah> Hence why they have names like tits
<Slereah> Or boobies
<Whimemsz> you know what's a masculine bird though
<Whimemsz> cocks
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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<Slereah_> Would Hitler have risen to power without the hadronization of the early universe

<@Slereah> Oh no
<@Slereah> More family drama from the protagonist
<@Slereah> I just want more squid monsters
<@Slereah> Why do people keep making high concept movies if they don't believe people will care about them
<Cevf> Sler: I DON'T KNOW
<@Slereah> I mean
<@Slereah> If you look at a romantic comedy
<@Slereah> Is it ever interrupted by trying to learn squid monster language?
<@Slereah> that is not why we are here

<Cevf> Do people realize that "The Doomsday Clock" isn't a real thing?
<@pthag> no
<Cevf> Like it's not an oracle they consult, the inner workings of which are a divine mystery?
<@pthag> if it's not an oracle
<@pthag> why are oracular priests [scientists] guarding it
<@Slereah> isn't foretelling doom exactly what an oracle does
<@pthag> that would be like thinking the nobel prize is just awarded by a team of strange swedish academicians
<@pthag> rather than god
<@Slereah> also what happens if a cheeky breeky moves the hands to midnight
<@Slereah> Does the world end

<Cevf> http://i.imgur.com/2fEKTZb.jpg
<Cevf> Please let this become a thing
<Cevf> Pleasepleasepleaseplease
<Slereah> Cevf confirmed for pedophile

<Cevf> http://i.imgur.com/4pmmQ5y.jpg
<Cevf> It is frustrating that a lot of the dates don't really show up. I may try to contact someone and see if they can look at a physical copy of the article
<@pharazon> it's frustrating that a lot of my dates don't show up

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<kaakitwitaasota> zayk, reminds me of the worst insult i've ever heard
<@pharazon> zayk reminds me of the worst insult i've ever heard
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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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(from a couple notepad documents I had lying around— some of them might be repeats)

<guitarplayer> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7PiZ9NDX44
<Cev> Remember when Salmoneus said that this was probably the most popular and well-remembered song from this movie?
<Legion> Salmoneus is basically Typical Mind Fallacy Man
<Legion> bitten by a radioactive autist, he has all the powers of not realising other people are not him

<Slereah> Why don't they arrest everyone with a weird name in Gotham City
<Slereah> If you are called Strange
<Slereah> Bam
<Slereah> Straight to jail

<pthag> is this like how that thread was changed from 'no sirdanilots' to 'everyone is welcome'
<pthag> which universal love was only made possible by the casting of sirdanilot into thr desert
<pthag> and providing us with a salutary example of how people stop being people when u dont let them in
<Cev> The hungry gods must be appeased.
<Zayk> Hungary has gods?
<CUM_SIURAN> lol not anymore #christianizedMotherfucker

<@vlad> I didn't realize we had more than one species of ibis
<Cev> Why are your birds all gigantic, vlad?
<@vlad> island gigantism?
<Cev> I think Australia might be too big for that
<@vlad> maybe that's also island gigantism

<Slereah> the holocaust would be a whole lot funnier if the gas chamber was just Hitler farting in a tube

<Slereah> It's kinda weird
<Slereah> Marvel movies are all fun and DC movies are all gritty
<Slereah> But on TV it's reversed
<Cev> Yeah I know
<Cev> I'm of the opinion that in both cases gritty is probably better
<Slereah> Well, Daredevil is probably better, yes
<Slereah> Although I think it's just because Flash is handled poorly
<Cev> They also differ in that
<Cev> for DC they're not in canon with each other
<Cev> there's a movie universe and a tv universe
<Cev> Like Superman is in the tv universe but he's not played by Henry Cavill
<Slereah> It would be great tho
<Slereah> If the TV Flash joined the Movie Superman
<Cev> Do you want to see Batfleck fight Gorilla Grodd?
<Slereah> Yes
<Slereah> Yes I do
<Cev> Me too
<Slereah> Do you bleed
<Slereah> gorilla blood
<Slereah> You will

<Radius> With swizzle sticks and thistle sixths with widths this thick, Luther's sleuths thwart Seth's sixth sick sphynx.

<Cev> "The average American is 33 pounds heavier than the average Frenchman"
<Cev> :-[
<Zayk> but like
<Whimemsz> it's not fair, Legion is bringing the French average way down

<Cev> bah
<Legion> Cev the sheep
<Legion> or raher
<Legion> Cev, the angriest sheep in the world
<Legion> I'd watch that
<Legion> it's like about this sheep trying to build a sheep pen
<Legion> but he doesn't have opposable thumbs so he can't
<Legion> so he gets so angry and wants to burn the whole farm down
<Legion> but he still doesn't have opposable hands so he still can't
<Legion> so he wants to genocide the jews but etc
<Legion> the punchline is always lack of opposable thumbs thwarting his attempts
<Legion> also all the other sheep are stupid
<Legion> because they're sheep

<Zayk> wow
<Zayk> African Union is going to start a Schengen thing
<Zayk> I expect more an #Exypt'
<Cev> That's pretty good yeah
<Cev> Letsgotho
<Cev> Botswannaleave
<Cev> CYaTomorocco
<Zayk> #Senego
<Cev> ZimbabwaveGoodbye
<Zayk> #SouthOutfrica
<Zayk> #SudanSulong
<Cev> ImmaGola
<Cev> Maleave
<Zayk> #SãoTomeAndPeaceOut
<Cev> Cote d'Aurevoir
<Zayk> #MADagascar
<Zayk> #KenyaLeaveUsAlone
<Cev> NeverAguinea
<Zayk> #Cango
<Zayk> #Byeundi
<Cev> ZamByea
<Zayk> #BeninAfricaNoLongerWannaBeHere
<Zayk> #Djiboutusout
<Cev> timeTogo
<miekko> Zayk: just DjibOUTi
<miekko> #SierraLeGONE
<Cev> #i'mGHANAleave
<Cev> #buRUNdi
<miekko> #leSortie could work
<miekko> I think Sudan should go for #SuDONE
<Cev> CentraLEAVEricanRepublic

<H13> well anyway I'm very susceptible to the sunk cost fallacy so I will keep on doing this
<Slereah> Well I spent so long believing in the sunken cost fallacy
<Slereah> It's bound to be right at some point

<twanh> how old is lyndon johnson
<kaakitwitaasota> dead
<twanh> that's old

<@Slereah_> I like how in the 19th century people believed in evolution, but like
<@Slereah_> Believed that they came from better monkeys
<@Slereah_> Depending on race
<@Slereah_> The whiteman came from the honest hardworking chimpanzee
<@Slereah_> The chinaman from the mysterious orang outan
<@Slereah_> While the negro came from the savage gorilla
<@Cev> The library has a couple old books about race published in the 1920s
<@Cev> They look like a total hoot but I've always been a little hesitent to check them out
<@Cev> Not sure how well it would go checking "ON THE DEGENERATION OF THE NEGRO AND OTHER PRIMITIVE RACES" out with the librarian
<@Cev> also what if she's a cute librarian? :SSS
<@Slereah_> but what if she's a cute racist librarian

<Slereah_> What are the most recent battles that people reenact
<Slereah_> Is there a Syrian Reenactment Society

<@ayyub> https://scontent-dft4-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15283962_10212064231308847_9043895584514745219_n.jpg?oh=e9311f13c6f3f92a12aed8b069c7fc74&oe=58BD7E56
<@vlad> shakira law
<@ayyub> Hips are the true prophet amen

<@pthagnar> it would be difficult to tell a ~~~real authentic tr00 neurological positivist scientific face-food-face-corpse effect~~~
<@pthagnar> from a 'somebody has learnt the grammar of film' effect
<Slereah> I wonder how old such analysis goes back
<Slereah> Was there a caveman theorizing on what makes a good oral tradition
<Slereah> "It should involve a lot of Ug being strong"
<Slereah> "The Ug of the story must always win, thanks to his great strength"
<Slereah> "New things must be seen with suspicion, that will be revealed to be correct when they are hit with a club"
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