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<Barsuga> Can we just give knives to monkeys and see what happens

<tanaphor-work> I wonder if you could get enough feral children to get together and form a little tribe
<tanaphor-work> and then u study them
<tanaphor-work> see how well they do
<tanaphor-work> As usual most of my anthropology ideas involve kidnapping

<Barsuga> Who was the antiquity Hitler
<Whimemsz> everyone

<@Cev> phar is Norbert Wiener (lol Wiener)'s book on Cybernetics comprehensible to normies like me at all or is it written in Akkadian like Neumann's book on game theory?
<@pharazon> No idea
<@pharazon> It’s not about Lyndon Johnson so who cares
<tiramisu> you say that like Akkadian is a hard language

<Legion> Keanu Reeves only accepted because of the big paycheck he'll be able to give away to puppy orphanages

<tiramisu> why would Trump be in a hotel he didn't own?
<@pharazon> I’ve been to hotels I didn’t own

<@Legion> oh youtube has been lying for years
<@Legion> they lie about their customer service being humans when most of the time you're talking to a bot
<@Legion> they lie about them demonetizing video that contain the word "gay" in the title
<@Legion> for all we know youtube doesn't even exist and it was all a lie
<@Legion> it was just dailymotion all along

<tanaphor-work> My great-grandfather had a Hitler moustache
<tanaphor-work> Although back then they only called it "What future generations will call a Hitler moustache"
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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<Tanaphor> I'm guessing they couldn't get the original actor for Bambi's dad because he's probably been dead for 50 years

<Izambri> I recommend you all Henry James' The Sacred Fount. You'll hate it.

<Ser> regard can mean manhole in French
<yng> ahh I see
<Ser> not surprising
<yng> can it?
<Whimemsz> the French are manhole experts, just ask Slereah

<tiramisu> hey did the bees ever come back?
<tiramisu> I heard they were having a comeback
<tiramisu> but I haven't heard any updates on that comeback
<Cevv> Yeah Honey Nut Cheerios saved them all.
<tiramisu> :'D
<Cevv> We need to start a letter-writing campaign to get Honey Nut Cheerios to #BringBackTheGarterSnakes
<Cevv> If our leaders aren't going to get anything done, then it's time we turn to cereal companies.
<tiramisu> but I haven't yet ended my letter-writing campaign to get Honey Nut Cheerios to #ImpeachTrump

<Play> tomorrow itll say "Did You Know .... the Voynich manuscript has been deciphered? And it only took 2 hours!"
<Tanaphor> Someone noticed that we've been holding it upside down the whole time
<Tanaphor> and it was actually plain english

<cevv> People treat everything as if it's a new phenomenon
<Tanaphor> That reminds me of that maymay
<Tanaphor> About a LIFEHACK
<Tanaphor> And the lifehack was that if u plant tomato seeds u get more tomatoes

<Slereah> the brain is the butt of the soul, guitarplayer

<dhok> wonder what his native language was
<dhok> gaulish?
<dhok> when did gaulish die out
<Tanaphor> 1970

<@Legion> "Missionary works in Nias such as those performed by the German Protestant Rhenish Missionary Society as well as the Roman Catholics had been responsible to the destruction of Niassan wooden statues as well the suppression of unique culture of Nias society e.g. ancestor worship, magical practices, the Owasa festivals (noblemen rank-elevation festivals) headhunting and slave trading."
<@Legion> what a sentence
<@Legion> at first you're like "that's awful" and then "wait..."

<@Cev> At least it isn't a past tense imperative though
<@Cev> That would be dumb
<Radius> are you kidding
<Radius> i feel the lack of past tense imperative all the time on the internet
<@Cev> really?
<Radius> English is lacking in ways to tell someone to have fucked off long ago
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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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