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Forgot to clear my log so half of those are repeats I guess OH WELL.
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<tiramisu> also to be fair to the Jews who killed my one great-grandfather
<tiramisu> that great-grandfather had a Hitlerstache when he was killed

<barsuga> You know I wish nowadays christians were more into believing magic
<barsuga> They always try to justify how the stories make sense even with science
<barsuga> Just tell me that god did it with magic
<barsuga> It's a more cogent argument

<@pharazon> But
<@pharazon> Isn’t it at least a LITTLE surprising that the odds of two random integers having no common factor is 6/pi^2
<Smaug> sorry, I am just a primitive
<Smaug> I found a rock that looks a little like a face today and now I worship it

<@Cev> John Conway died
<Radius> yes
<@Legion> he found himself surrounded by empty cells because of the social distancing

<Barsuga> "The gospel of Matthew claims that Jesus was taken to Egypt as an infant, this was actually used by hostile sources to explain his knowledge of magic; according to one rabbinical story, he came back tattooed with spells"
<@Cev> That happens to all tourists who visit Egypt.
<Barsuga> I mean why else visit Egypt
<Barsuga> It's like visiting Thailand, you immediatly know why they went

<Barsuga> I haven't received my check yet
<@Cev> haven't gotten your
<@Cev> uhh
<@Cev> macronbux
<@Cev> lepenbux
<@Cev> chiracbux
<@Cev> degaullebux
<@Cev> who's in charge of france?
<Izambri> muslims

<@Cev> Do they still add stuff to the vatican archives
<@Cev> Does a secretary have to carry a box of papers down and throw it on the pile?
<barsuga> I guess so
<barsuga> What else would they do with their office supply bills and papal bullae
<barsuga> Do you think it's a mess in there like
<barsuga> Ancient scrolls next to floppy disks

<Barsuga> I can think of republican food and green party food, but what is libertarian food
<Barsuga> Do they just sprinkle cocaine on food
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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
posts: 79
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