Lit. the "Chaos Language"
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This is the first language I ever made. Ever. It was conceived, originally, in middle school around 7th-8th grade when I was 12 or 13. Since then it's evolved a little. It's gone through a few different alphabets and syllabaries. The dictionary somehow remains the same.
It wasn't originally called "Deludu'nyavite" because it also wasn't originally a syllabary. Just an alphabet. Tragically I have no clue where the original notes are but I do know that the original version had grammar literally identical to modern American English, so there's that. Now, it's still really similar to English as far as grammar goes... Just not identical.
It evolved into a syllabary with a tense marker and a few more sounds than Japanese. (Like, a few extra rows, or so.)

This is already something like the third or fourth iteration of this language.