as modular a language as possible
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"A linguistic modular toy sandbox" - that is how I would primarily describe this project. This language will have several design goals, but mainly will serve as an exercise in grammatical transparency, explicitness and comprehensiveness. The idea is also that it can serve as a sandbox language for people who want to get a taste for learning a language quickly. How much of a language can you really grasp in 20 hours? 40 hours?

There are several features that I have tried to leave together as a kind of "middle road" for learners, if any choose to eventually engage it. For instance, the language is agglutinating but the option of contracting as many forms as possible is an option left open and endorsed by myself. There is also the consideration of register - what kind of language are we laying out here? Therefore what I lay out I consider the formal language, and register is signified by the length of an utterance, and users are free to invent new levels of informality as they see fit (there's always a place for fashion). Additional honorific forms for more or less exalted registers are provided to learners to utilize or deprecate through (dis)use. By being redundant and explicit with plenty of pleonasm, the goal is to be robust and flexible.

Languages which inspired this project include the Native American languages Cree and the NA creoles, Mobilian and Chinook Jargon, various South-East Asian and Oceanic languages including Indonesian, Big Nambas and Hawaiian, and Persian, Hittite and various other indo-european languages. The goal was a fricative-heavy, somewhat phonotactically consonant-heavy language which didn't conform to the preconceptions some may have for a creole. A very large part comes from Bislama, the grammar of which by Terrence Crowley I greatly enjoyed and admire. Some of the spirit of the project come from lojban, Ithkuil and toki pona, languages with interesting grammars which nonetheless do not cover the spot on the map I aim for here.