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Children of 'e This is the story of the Dragon People, or the Children of 'e, their encounter with Outsiders from the Hole in the Sky, and their struggle with a changing Earth.  It is backstory for Harmless Free Radicals and The Epic of Sally Robertson.


Still Alive!

I should start posting here again. It has been too long. But, I am not sure what I will post. I am seriously considering re-branding this blog. For now, have a nice photo of me.
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National Coming Out Day – Hello!

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. I am not entirely sure it is a day for actually coming out to people, but it is a day when queer people of all types seem to share their stories of coming out, partly to educate the public, but mostly to celebrate who they are and to […]
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A Reflection on the Past

As I begin writing my autobiographical blog and transition journal, I find myself thinking about how being transgender has already effected my creative processes. Everybody is influenced some way by their unique identity, of course. But very few people have quite as profound of a change in perspective as a trans person who comes out […]
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