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Saltha A coastal semi-desert nation inhabited by lizardfolk (Medieval tech).  It is a earth-like world, but is not meant to be an alternate earth.

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I'm not sure about prettyness, but I love scripts that  have letters that flow into each other:

The text says "!ahas dakakela chigils hel tes dadaon", which translates to "the king has not the power to rule, if not given by God".
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(edit: I can't count, it looks like it IS 365 days).

Saltha's calendar has 14 months each with 5 weeks and each week with 5 days, and then a 15th month with 15 days that are out of the year. So basicly being able to set # of days in a week would make this work. Also, setting 1st/last day of the year so it doesn't have to be Jan 1st.
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Etes daolrelshire faldaginai
Etes da-olrelshire fal-da-gi-nai
give SUBJ-heaven [1]-SUBJ-much-PL

Etes dasanai chiorelshire falda|ae
Etes da-san-nai chi-orelshire fal-da-|a-e
give SUBJ-3-PL SOBJ-heaven [1]-SUBJ-no-thing

chos. chos. chos. chos. chos. chos. chos.
kill. kill. kill. kill. kill. kill. kill

[1] "Fol" construction is used to chain sentences ("I'm watching you watch him") and link objects with people, such as with trades, as used here.

(alternativily, the first two sentences could be said as one statement.)

Etes daolrelshire chisanai faldaginai chida|ae
Etes    da-olrelshire  chi-sanai  fal-da-gi-nai          chi-da|a-e
give SUBJ-heaven  SUBJ-3-PL  [1]-SUBJ-much-PL fal-da-|a-e

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AboutBesides loving worlds like from Tolkien, Lewis, Nesbit, Macdonald and others , I really got a start world building from trying to create a fictional world of the lizard-folk found in the depths of the Stygian abyss in the excellent game Ultima: Underworld. In my spare time besides writing I like to doodle, play ukulele and design analog games. My favorite book is Les Miserables, and I tend to read quite a bit of older books, though of new books I lean towards fantasy and science fiction (many times young adult, since that is what I tend to write) with some non-fiction once in a while.