The archipelagic tongue
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Hellean or Hellesan is a language of the Hellesanic branch of the Megadelanic family spoken by about 55,000,000. The linguistic dominion includes the Hellesid Thalassocracy anf the city states of Rodígamis, s’Alveç, Aranja, Sabatem, Mascanola, Cassòldiga and Carsidraghe, countries where is the official language, as well as Tassalada, where it's a common language together with the native tongue, Tassalean. These lands make up the Hellesophone dominion, the Hellesanic Countries.
    Hellesan, as a member of the Hellesanic branch, descends, together with Tassalean, from Peran, and as a member of the Megadelanic family deeps its roots into Sate, the oldest language of Hellesania and one of the first to have used a writing system.