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founder: Izambri
4 books
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Taura, the World. Another planet Earth in a parallel universe with various points-of-divergence from our reality that took place in a remote past, making certain life and geographic evolution different from what we know. This universe focuses on certain apects (mostly geography, culture, and some stories) of this world, with a focus on the continental region of Bredezhanya.

Hzdhavaramheli is a sister universe to Taura, with the difference that this is presented in Catalan and serves mostly as a workplace for Izambri, while here you'll find articles and resources in English.
    Hzdhavaramheli is the oldest form of Taura, a name in the Mintani language (the language of the Mintanis or Primicerians), the ancient gods of Taura. It's composed of hzdhavar “wonders” + aramhel “gathering”, this is, “gathering of wonders”.


Naturalia On the natural world (animals, plants, weather, physics...)
The Lore Some papers on cosmogony, cosmology and mythology, when gods meet humans and heroes ruled the waves.
The customs and traditions On cultural stuff, various traditions of this and that and weird customs.
The peoples and the lands Descriptions of lands and their native peoples, in the ancient airgonautic style.

The languages Mintani and the human languages, focusing on the writing systems and related cultural artifacts.