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founder: Izambri
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Welcome to the Idachean Guild, the international section of the Idacian Fellowship, a knowledge and science institution for researchers, teachers and scholars of anything related to Taura.
    The Idachean Guild is made up of several constituent colleges and a range of academic departments which are organised into five divisions, each one with its own distinctive central building. All the colleges are self-governing institutions within the guild, each controlling its own membership and with its own internal structure and activities.

  1. The Fortress. The Guild's administrative headquarters, in the center of the complex.
  2. The Northern Campus. Humanities and social sciences.
  3. The Southern Campus. Natural and formal sciences.
  4. Winterhall. Our main greenhouse.
  5. The Rotunda of Life, to the east, next to the Sports Campus. Devoted to the study of the natural world.
  6. The Chamber of Voices, next to the Fortress. The place for documentation and archiving of lore.
  7. The Tower of Tongues, that tall building to the south that also works as a dovecote. There you'll find resources on languages spoken and written.
  8. The Nineveon. The Guild's main archive. Also, a theater. And the headquarters of the Guild's Press. And in the attic we have the historiographers.
  9. Guild's West. A secondary train station, to the west, close to the Nineveon.
  10. The Ebony Lodge, next to Riret Cove, to the northwest. Our main library and study room for customs and traditions.
  11. The Hall of Maps, an annex to Ebony Lodge, close to the train station. Maps, atlases, portolan charts and itineraria.
  12. The Elasmoterion. The Guild's congress hall. Also, a power plant. Yep, all in one. Next to it you'll find the Cambres House, which hosts the collections and archives of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
  13. Guild's Central. The Guild's central train station, next to the parking lot.
  14. The Cells. Student apartments and fraternity lodges. Sticky and noisy, needless to say.
  15. The Orchards. The Guild's farmhouse.
  16. The Sports Campus. With a gym and sport fields.
  17. The Cottages. The teachers' residential area.
  18. TauraLabs building. Our main laboratory and campus for applied sciences.
  19. Vincestre House.
  20. The Ivory Pavillion.


Taura, the World. Another planet Earth in a parallel universe with various points-of-divergence from our reality that took place in a remote past, making certain life and geographic evolution different from what we know. This universe focuses on certain aspects of this world (mostly geography, culture, and some stories), with a focus on the continental region of Bredezhanya.

Hzdhavaramheli is the oldest form of Taura, a name in the Mintani language (the language of the Mintanis or Primicerians), the ancient gods of Taura. It's composed of hzdhavar “wonders” + aramhel “gathering”, this is, “gathering of wonders”.


Concerning dates, 'bmr' stands for "Before the Megadelanean Reckoning", this recknoning being the one used in Bredezhanya in the last 3,600 years. Years in the Megadelanean Reckoning are indicated with 'mr' only when necessary to avoid confusion.


Antiquaria On archaeological artifacts and ancient memorabilia.
Historiografia On Clio's most favourite pastime.
Naturalia On the natural world, from natural spirits and weather to beasts and physics.
The Lore On cosmogony, cosmology and mythology, when gods meet humans and heroes ruled the waves.
The customs and traditions On cultural stuff, various traditions of this and that, and weird customs.
The peoples and the lands On descriptions of lands and their native peoples, in the ancient airgonautic style.

The languages On Mintani and the human languages, focusing on the writing systems and related cultural artifacts.