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Miscellanea This universe is a general container for creations that do not belong to a universe or alternate history, such as auxlangs.
Reference This is the Reference Desk project. Contribute information on natlangs, how to conlang, and how to use the site (and other software) here. If you'd like to contribute to the reference desk, please contact someone from the Site Staff or ask in the forum thread, and you will be added to the user group. See also the reference desk forum thread for discussion on what work is actively being done.
Testiverse This is a demonstration universe meant to show off Anthologica's universe management features. This text only appears in universe listings and on user profile pages.
Black Maldisian Maldisian as spoken in Umami and outlying regions.
Proto-Testian This is an example Test Language.

Ex foris

? Rhetorica Sleepless Scribe
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, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1
Te h'íoya il fíridahekía alígenevélle; otalite múrúké lizis sarha repatá. Khê.
The warmth of thawing was fleeting; now a cold has found me. Sigh.
? Rhetorica Sleepless Scribe
posts: 1209
, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1
Dazokheyi ethasmí.
Let us speak of the weather.

Thimaqra Zhílotelíeyi Atshénovelta pamálísya kû.
I hear that we shall be visited by the heat of Spring on Sunday.
? Rhetorica Sleepless Scribe
posts: 1209
, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1
Íä, telméú, elú moihedi-vihí.
Ία, τελμήου, ελοῦ μοιἓδι-βυιἳ.
Ah, well, that's an improvement.

(<βυ> = /v/. Because I'm definitely not using <μπ> = /b/.)
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AboutFantasy is what you might call my fixation - between mild Asperger's, learning to read through Yu-Gi-Oh and Final Fantasy, and a consistent feeling of detachment, I've been involved with the imaginary (specifically the magic-and-monsters variety, preferably with modern conveniences attached) for almost my entire life. Dungeons and Dragons entered my life in middle school, and from then on a large part of my creative energy has been spent on designing things for it, game mechanic-centered or world-based. Recently I discovered conlanging through a combination of Amazon's bookstore (David Peterson's The Art of Language Invention) and the realization that language is what I want to spend the rest of my life working with, and now I want to be part of a community rather than toll in the word factories alone. I'll be working through some mixture of conlang, conworld, and fiction writing through this forum, although the precise admixture is yet to be determined...

I'll read practically anything, with a strong slant towards fiction. Ted Dekker, J.K. Rowling, and C.S. Lewis are a few favorites; I have Tolkien's Quartet (Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trio) but haven't read much else of his; and I have three editions of Dungeons and Dragons under my book, along with a plethora of other TRPGs in PDF or book form nearby.

Not quite done - and I won't be for awhile, considering I'm aiming for a PhD - but the plan is Linguistics and Mathematics, likely making a career of cryptography/cryptolinguistics or whatever work comes along befitting those fields.