Jamna Kopiai
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Jamna Kopiai is a language spoken natively by perhaps half a million people, on the savanna of northern Zeluzhia around 1500 YP. There are perhaps another million second-language speakers, as Jamna is a regional lingua franca.

Jamna Kopiai is a synthetic, agglutinating language of principally right-branching syntax and nominative-accusative morphosyntactic alignment. The verb's morphological complexity is comparable to that of many polysynthetic languages, but we will avoid that label here, as it tends to evoke expectations of noun incorporation or polypersonal marking - both of which are largely absent in Jamna.

The language also has a very small phonology comprising only fourteen contrasting segments, and is highly vocalic, permitting few consonant clusters but quite long vowel sequences.

This document is primarily a revision of the original grammatical text, with a few minor modifications to the language itself.