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founder: BJWilliams
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This is a world whose setting which spans across time, from its origins to its end.
It does contain many influences from Dungeons and Dragons and other various mythologies.

Origins of Janochia



The book, Origins of Janochia, is complete for the most part.
Any changes done to it will be minor changes.
Further books will be made in the future.
Janochia 3 years ago
I have started the world building of Janochia as well as its common language, Tąrapeg.

Since I can't come up with names right now.
I'll use the respective D&D names as placeholders until better names are produced.

Uppishiun is an original name and entity.
Janochia 3 years ago
This universe is now available to view. I will be placing information about this world here along with story ideas.
Janochia 3 years ago