Heavenly murmurings
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Mintani or Primigenian (Vevrehhauhhı, in Mintani) is the language of the Primicerians1, an isolated tongue. Among humans, it was spoken by the primitive Elns, Men and Dwarves that had a close and habitual contact with the Primicerians, and it influenced Malberan, the language of the archaic High-Men, language that gave the Madanic tongues (among which Madinese and Cassardian) as well as the Bernic language family.

1. The Primicerians, the first beings to exist in the Cosmos and to populate Taura. The native name is Vevrehhauhhı, also used for the language they designed to speak with humans. The Hellesan names for these beings are mintanis, mintèrgens and mitrèrgens.