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The Arch

While theatres can be found in other parts of the city, the Arch is known as the heart of culture in Crowsgrave, with the most theatres, a few arthouse cinemas, some art galleries, recording studios, and the Jaxton Museum of the Arts. Being near Chawanak, these establishments get a fair few tourists attending, as well as locals.


Baileytown is the municipality where the buildings almost all date back two centuries or so. As such, it is the home of the Crowsgrave History Museum, which also owns and provides guided tours of the Zanclean ruins in Mt. Kukana. Aside from the highway running through it, the streets are not fit for American cars, though some Japanese and European cars can fit. The demographics are a grab bag, with some wealthy residents owning homes that have been in their families for generations, and some middle-class and lower-class residents living in old apartments, the former of which being in better repair.


Camden is so named because of Camden University, which dominates the municipality. Its primary residents are students, recent graduates, and professors.


Consisting of Chawanak and Lighthouse Islands, Chawanak is primarily a tourist destination, featuring beaches, hotels, shops, and Superland, Crowsgrave's only amusement park.

Deadman's Peninsula

Deadman's Peninsula is something of a grab bag. As can be grasped from the name, it has some history with pirates. Being near Chawanak means that the historical sites are usually part of the tourist circuit. But then, the municipality has mostly been lower-class residential and commercial, with the south being dominated by Zakorski Prison. The tourist bleed over from Chawanak has led to gentrification around the historical sites, turning the municipality into a patchwork of lower- and higher-class neighbourhoods. Because of both the gentrification and the prison, crime tends to be lower in Deadman's Peninsula than in Workers' Row.


Donkey is not a municipality, but a territory, as it consists of Donkey Lagoon and the Crowsgrave International Airport. The lagoon is something of a nature preserve. Donkey lagoon is famed for being stinky, its name being a roundabout way of saying it smells like ass. As airports also tend to be smoggy from plane exhaust, and the territory is on the south end of the island, it has the nickname of "the ass-end of Crowsgrave". Donkey Lagoon also has a history of association with criminals, as the smell of the place made it easy to hide corpses, which is probably the main reason why it hadn't been paved over by the 20s - the powerful criminals liked their convenient corpse-hideaway. After the cleanup, the Lagoon remained due to the sentimentality of tradition, and governmental inertia. Later, environmentalists would also push to keep it around, as it is home to quite the diverse biological community.


Hamilton is the capital municipality of Crowsgrave. It is where the government is located, including the Consortium building. Aside from a few shorter buildings like that, its main physical feature is the multitude of skyscrapers - Hamilton is also the primary business and commerce centre of Crowsgrave.


Hekatoncheir Island isn't much of a municipality - it's privately owned by the mysterious Jasmin family. While it is technically under the jurisdiction of Crowsgrave, because of its relative isolation, it tends to not be bothered by the authorities much.


Aside from Mt. Kukana, which is protected by the government, the Kukana municipality has in the past been used for farmland. While it is no longer so, it features the majority of the city's hydroponics facilities, along with some parks and a golf course.

The Narrows

The Narrows has always been a transitional place, between the greater part of Crowsgrave Island and Kukana Island, and now between Xanthe and Baileytown. It provides a stark contrast from those two, with the fact that it's always changing. nobody who moves to the Narrows stays for long, and no building there stays for long either - at least not as what it was intended for. At one point there was an industrial district here, sometimes it's been a commercial district, there's always some measure of residential areas around - nobody really seems to know what to do with it, nor can they seem to actually do much to stabilise it. Some mages claim the area has a magical influence, possibly a remnant of the old obfuscation.

The Naval Base

As there is only the one, the Naval Base was never given a proper name. It is not a municipality, as it is, of course, the property of the Crowsgrave Military, which is small enough to not feature a separation of land, sea, and air forces - though because of Crowsgrave's island status, it's mostly naval anyway.


Where Pirate's Rest is the major public port of Crowsgrave, Newport is the minor private one. This is where people from Xanthe have their yachts and such. More inland, Newport is middle-class residential. This is mostly stylish apartments with rooftop strip malls.


Pawonket is the industrial zone of Crowsgrave. It is also where the Einstein Nuclear Power Plant is located. Near-universal mechanization makes Pawonket one of the most efficient industrial areas in the world.

Pirate's Rest

Pirate's Rest is the primary port of Crowsgrave. It is where shipping comes and goes, and if you're coming into the country by ship, you're probably going to disembark in Pirate's Rest.


Prosperity consists of Prosperity Island and Shipwreck Bay, as well as going northwest onto the mainland to border Xanthe and the Narrows. On the mainland it is mostly a continuation of what those two municipalities have to offer. Prosperity Island, however, is a nature preserve. Being part of Shipwreck Bay, the island was sarcastically named, and thought cursed, so nobody settled it. Eventually, the government declared it a national park, cementing that tradition into law. Even today, Crowsgravers tend to not go there, though some of the more adventurous tourists seek it out.


Between Deadman's Peninsula, Workers' Row, and Pawonket, Valerie is most definitely lower class. However, its proximity to the Arch has given it an artistic flair - it is the heart of lower class culture in Crowsgrave, and is also home to a fair few bohemian types.

Workers' Row

Workers' Row is a lower-class residential area, full of old brick apartments. Its residents used to primarily commute to Pirate's Rest or Pawonket to work, but factory and warehouse mechanization in the past few decades has brought the municipality's unemployment rate up. Being full of the disaffected poor, the municipality is sadly also a hotspot for gang crime. The police only make token patrols into the Row, and few active Consortium members bother with it.


Xanthe is an upper-class residential area. Due to the island's limited space, this is mostly represented by expensive luxury condos, not mansions. Some buildings also have high-class shops on the ground. Based on the municipality's name, its residents have a tradition of dying their hair blonde, if they are not so naturally.