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A planet with two normally large continents, one massive continent and one island nation. Notably populated by not elves, but shapeshifters and stuff of various weird and natural skin colors (you know, you got your blue people with pointy ears, and your normal brown colored people with pointy ears and your normal white-in-the-pink-way people with pointy ears and your literally white people with pointy ears. Also dragons, other weird creatures etc.
This is a world that's gone through like five iterations, or at least 2, and technology has ranged from spaceships to pirate ships so, like ? I think the most recent version (from like 10th grade?) has a mix of "advanced" and "primitive" technologies if you want to use those kinds of terms. There was also the addition of a different race with gray skin, no sexual dimorphism, some fancy alien insides and stuff.
Who knows if I will ever get around to adding all the info about the 8+ races and species, but I'll at least try to get some of the languages up. Even the one that is a ripoff of the French alphabet with far too many acute accents and no other relation to French because I did not and do not know French.

Deludu'nyavite The very first language I ever made. (But improved a little bit)
Emien I don't even have punctuation on this one. Western European feel.
Kändär I can't pronounce my own language.
Kīa A pictographic desert language. (Original, right?)
Monnér Dubious roots in French, which I don't speak.
Nreta A visual similarity to Cyrillic, not counting the punctuation marks.