Public Universes
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This page lists all universes that you can create a language or chapter in without being a group member. These are ideal for large collaborative projects, auxiliary languages, or small sections or language projects.

This page is freely editable by logged-in users.

Shared Universes

These universes are open to the public for collaboration, but require permission of an administrator to add material. Use the message system to ask for permission to join.
Forumworld: a forum game to develop a new world and build community. Custodian: Hurq.
Alt History: North America: a portfolio of alternative histories focused on North American developments. Custodian: Zayk.
Akana: a long-running shared conworld project. Custodian: Radius.

Open Universes

These are free for anyone to contribute to, but you won't be able to share editing within them with anyone else unless you create a subgroup. Ask an administrator for help with this, or for help with creating a new open universe.
Miscellanea: a general category for auxiliary languages and small projects that don't fit anywhere.