Red, Gold, Blue, Black
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I'm going to go through what kind of world Crowsgrave is in via the convenient four-colour system presented in Chapter 11 of Wild Talents 2e.

Red: 2.5

Not quite Red 2, not quite Red 3 - Crowsgrave is ahead of the rest of the world in various ways, but it isn't a superpowered utopia by any means. It's still a Capitalist society, after all. But many people enjoy a higher quality of life - a high level of automation in industry, combined with modern government regulations on corporate profits makes for very cheap goods and a powerful Crowsgrave Dollar. Crowsgrave also wouldn't be able to be as self-sufficient as it is with as many people as it has without the miraculous advances in hydroponics seen in the past few decades. Power generation is a combination of the ENPP, offshore wind generators, and various rooftop solar panels. Fossil fuels are practically unheard of in Crowsgrave - imported combustion engine vehicles are refitted with electric engines, and with the ever growing importance of Crowsgraver interests worldwide, the combustion engine is starting to decline in use even outside of Crowsgrave, despite the struggling of American oil and coal monopolies.

Yet, not everyone sees these benefits. The people of Workers' Row have lost so much work to automation, and government regulation hasn't quite caught up to prevent them from falling through the cracks. The people of Valerie actually rely almost entirely on their art to keep their communities fed these days, but also have to balance that with keeping gentrifiers out.

So while supers have improved things to a degree, old problems still exist - there's a long way to go, still.

Gold: 2 (in Crowsgrave)/4 (outside of Crowsgrave)

Crowsgrave is the world's haven for supers, letting them live their lives without too much trouble. The Consortium, the government agency for superpowered crime fighters, is run by and for supers. The current President, Pamela Wright, is a retired Consortium agent, Camden University Law College alum,  and ex- porn star. Those Consortium agents without their own means of travel like flight or super speed are regularly found on the city's elevated rail system. New supers in town still have to register with the Consortium, but by no means do they have to join it as an agent - a breath of fresh air compared to the oppression, press-ganging, and even hunting down they face in the rest of the world. This is why there are two Gold values. In Crowsgrave, supers can just be people. Outside of it, they either submit to chains or fight for their lives.

Of course, even registration is too much for some, who may reasonably fear what such things might lead to, given the state of rest of the world. Such people usually try to hide their powers. But then there are others who don't register because they're involved in criminal activity - sometimes even foreign agents trying to subvert Crowsgrave's prominence! Yet, not every villain is obvious. Some even present themselves as reasonable, registered citizens. Some may even have infiltrated the Consortium itself...

Blue: 4

Powers come from all kinds of sources - magic, mutation, scientific experiments, technology, and so on. The sheer impossibility of anyone to really control or even keep track of it all is a big part of why supers are so feared and hated outside of Crowsgrave. There's no telling when a new one might show up. The old authorities have turned that fear into a weapon to keep their power from those who might wrest it from them by force of laser, telekinesis, weather control, and so on. In Crowsgrave, all this diversity is embraced, with the Consortium having different branches specializing in different power origins, collecting knowledge and training to help those newly empowered.

A good example is the Consortium agent known as Metal Shade (civilian name Mallory Salazar), who actually crosses origins - she is a cyborg mechanical human to an extreme degree, her only biological part being her brain. But she also has a connection to the dark entities of the netherworld, and is able to channel their power through her specially-made Nightshade Armour. And then there's her partner, Lauren Marsden, a talented psionic specializing in barriers, whose powers mystify the most brilliant researchers - suggesting who- or whatever gave her these powers doesn't want to be found.

Black: 2-4

I don't really find that there should be one Black level for the Crowsgrave Multiverse, but I also don't think that Black 1 or Black 5 really fit it - it's not The Walking Dead, but it's also not the Silver Age. So, keep it at Black 2, 3 or maybe 4, depending on what kind of story you're going for.