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ruritanian is intended as the "native" language for stories set vaguely in europe, or in made-up european countries, to get the flavor of the region without tying the story down to the geopolitical realities of any given real-world country (hence the name). it is deliberately generically european, not romance or germanic or slavic or finnic but European. it's also specifically intended for use in english-language works, so in addition to not really having sounds that are difficult for monolingual english actors (the most "exotic" phoneme is the rolled or tapped /r/), the language is intended to be relatively understandable for english-speakers. the goal is 70% intelligibility. idk how you  measure that but anyway here's ruritanian

enjoy this ruritanian mood board, from mission impossible:


  • 1. Phonology
    Consonants • Vowels • Syllable contraints • Stress
  • 2. Orthography
    Alphabet • Spelling • Punctuation
  • 3. Nominal Morphology
    Nouns • Determiners • Numbers • Adjectives • Pronouns
  • 4. Verbs
    Verb forms • Full conjugation • Irregular verbs • Adverbs
  • Numbers
    Cardinal numbers • Ordinal numbers • Fractions • Numbers as nouns
  • Ruritanian names
    Given names • Family names • Patronyms • Address