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The Hebsehbahn are a project of mine to create an alien species + society which is unlike those portrayed in current media; they do not use the european gender binary, they are not monogamous, they are not monocultured, they do not have a conventional understanding of family, so on and so forth. Most everything you will see is a work in progress lol

  • Two hundred years ago or so, a ship of a hundred thousand humans came across their sky and onto their land. Their actions where not inherently malevolent; an ecological crisis had occurred on their home planet and they were forced to find refuge elsewhere. They knew the planet they were to be arriving was inhabited, and they came with artillery should the hosts be unwilling to hold tenets (learning nothing from earth).
  • Hebsehbahn (the resident humanoids - singular being 'sehbahn') were ambivalent about allowing a human presence. They admired their advanced technology, intelligent culture, and rich history, but they cared not for their indifference towards the health of their surroundings. Disputes soon broke out within their communities over whether or not they would grant asylum - as doing so may forsake the health of their planet. This conflict eventually turned outwards into a cold war with humans.
  • Despite having a larger population (80 hebsehbahn:1 human), the hebsehbahn knew they were overpowered by the extremely powerful weapons humans brought with them. A compromise was reached, which allowed for human colonies in the climates generally most comfortable for them.


Being humans, they colonized not only their physical land, but also the hebsehbahns' cultures. Nowadays, the human/sehbahn conglomerate society splits humans and hebsehbahn alike into different factions, based on their ability to tolerate a human presence for extended periods of a time.

  • Socialites consist of those who were born and raised in a human presence. They generally do not give much thought to traditionally (*cough* western) human values - such as religion, the concept of gender, some form of beauty standards, "family values," and so on. That's not to say they conform to them 100%, it's just their understanding and inherent acceptance to these values comes most naturally.
    • They primarily speak English, Anglo-jaon, or some other variety of a human language and its mixture with the universal sehbahn language, Khıjaon.
    • They make up ~35% of the population, but they have the most influence.

  • Unsocialites - in contrast - are those most accustomed to hebsehbahn values, but also includes those who have an aversion to human values; 'unsocialite' has a long history of being used as a derogatory term towards those who challenge a given human value due to its oppressive nature. Sometimes it is used as a slur towards those whom human values do not come naturally - an example being some autistic and other neurodivergent people (hurray, space ableism!).
    • They speak most of the languages socialites do, although they are most comfortable with Khıjaon and other sehbahn languages.
    • They make up ~40% of the population, but they do not have the influence socialites do.

  • Halfies are those who don't cleanly fit in either category. Due to the variety of reasons for their divergence, their communities are not as unified as the socialized and unsocialized. Most community members agree they exist on a spectrum, where an individual can be more socialized than they are unsocialized, and like so. However there are members who decided the 'unsocialite' and 'socialite' label were prematurely forced upon them, and became a halfie by changing environments.
    • There is no official consensus on what languages they speak, but it is generally accepted they speak Anglo-jaon and other human/sehbahn mixed languages.
    • They make up ~25% of the population, and are generally ignored.



Hebsehbahn living on the edge of large bodies of water have adapted a sort of hang glider designed for cross country travel. More news is to come as I develop the Sehbahn planet and whatnot.
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