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founder: Rizael
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Shavam is the world of the gods, whereas Darvir is the mortal world, where there are four races: humes, lachesians, aleeven, and apsaras. The world's natural phenomena are governed largely by the four gods of the cardinal directions, who are rather removed from mortal affairs. On the other side of the rift is the real world, which exists as a parallel universe in which there are no gods, and only one race, the humes, survived the Plague of Assolai. The Plague of Assolai brought mortal vices on the four races, but in the real world, the gods too ceased to exist, due to their existence being based too heavily in the worship by mortals. In Darvir, the gods intervened to save the four races, and became independent of mortal thought, and thus withdrew from most direct involvement with mortals.

The Rise of Assolai