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This is the universe of a series of short stories and eventual novel which has recently been re-envisioned as the setting for an ongoing roleplaying game. 

There is a lot of content for this universe which I've been working on writing down and codifying for my own reference as I work on the game and the stories associated with the universe.

There are two main flavours of the universe: the novel version (sometimes called "The Blue" or in older manuscripts "The Phantasy") and the game version (called "The Grand Illusion") but they share the same core, the main differences are due to the merging of the universe with the mechanics of the Pathfinder roleplaying game for ease of use and general fun-factor.

THE GRAND ILLUSION (Roleplaying Version)

While most role playing games focus on fantasy realms existing in a vaguely medieval time things are a bit different here. What we have is an exciting industrial-revolution-esque time. People have started refining mundane (non-magical) technologies. They’ve just demonstrated the telegraph, phonograph, electric lighting, modern firearms, and soon they say they will even have trains crisscrossing the continent taking people from place to place and maybe those horseless carriage things will catch on.

Magic is far beyond the common people, with most relying on the Oracles Guild for healing, powerful wizard cabals for travel, and independent sorcerer contractors for enchantments. All this is rare and expensive. But modern technologies give promise to the mundane peoples of the world hope that they will some day be able to compete with these powerful magics, and conversely the arcanists are hoping that technology is just a flash in a pan fad that will go away so they can return to business as usual. On top of all this, a new breed of supernatural abilities dubbed “psionics” has started popping up among the populace, further upsetting the balance of power.

THE BLUE (Novel Version)

There are three planets linked by ancient portals, linking their histories and their peoples, only one secretive group one one of the planets is aware of the portals and uses them to gain knowledge from the others while influencing the civilization of their own world.

The "vefer weffen" is an artform that manipulates energy and it allows a person to create powerful devices beyond that of mundane machines. This artform was lost and there is a journey to uncover this ancient secret. Will its power be used as a weapon or a tool?