The Dotted Ocean
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The Dotted Ocean is the ocean between the three major continents of Maikros - Salenzis, Toletska & Valimaa, and the Eastern Continent. It is known and named for its very many islands. These islands are important, as they allowed the settlement of Salenzis and Toletska & Valimaa by Salenzo-Toletskan and Konuro-Valiman peoples, Polynesian style. As of the late Third Age, almost all of the Dotted Ocean is controlled by the Three Powers, and was the battlefield between them before the Wary Peace. The natives of the Dotted Ocean are mostly Salenzo-Toletskan peoples, with some Konuro-Valiman peoples in the southeast. However, they all mostly share a general lack of cultural complexity in comparison to the Three Powers, which facilitated the swift takeover of their lands by the Three Powers.

The most glaring exception here is Nekros, which is not indicated on any maps due to nobody except the Order Necrotica knowing where it is. Nekros consists of a few islands, and is the headquarters of the Order Necrotica.