The Red Coast
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me...
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Tales abound of the wild and chaotic history of the Red Coast, from their split from the nascent Majjára state, to the climactic war against the great privateer-general of the Majjára, Blackhands, which lost the Red Coast their greatest captain, Dimosteni Khristorghi, even as it ended the active Majjáran attempts to retake the pirate havens. The Red Coast has matured since then, but its people have not forgotten what their hard-fought independence took.

Išɨšɨcun, ɨsɨlašu.
For all that have fallen, a memory.
Inamɨcun, ɨcehilu.
For all that will come, a dream.
Išilucun, uqošohu cehiru.
For all that are, a haven.
Ipucicun puciloģ, Xistoγli.
Always and forever, will be Christrage.
- Dimosteni Khristorghi

Christrage, the fruit of Dimosteni's dying wish, stands tall and proud, refuge to those who have nowhere else to go. This has made it into a neutral ground, where people from all levels of wealth come to work out disagreements. This is not to say it is a shining beacon of peace and harmony, far from it; reasons abound for calling it a brutal city. But above the melee, Christrage strive to be as even-handed as can be done, from the town guard who march the docks day in, day out to keep the city from consuming itself, to the mediators who work to keep the industrialists from coming to blows over trade disputes, to her diplomats working for cooperation between states and justice for those wronged by states.