The Talurmen Empire/Eastern Continent
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The Eastern Continent is the largest of the continents of Maikros. It is also referred to as the First Continent because it is both where Maikrosian humans evolved and where the first state-level human cultures emerged. Being the home of humanity, it is also the most diverse of the continents, featuring much more variation in language and phenotypical traits than the other continents, mostly because the native inhabitants of the other human continents are all descended from only three of the many groups present on the Eastern Continent - Salenzo-Toletskans, present on Salenzis, Toletska, Skolltheim Province, Dakheland Province, and throughout much of the Dotted Ocean; Konuro-Valimans, present on Valimaa, West Konuru Province, and some of the Dotted Ocean; and Jamics, present primarily in Jami Province and as an ancestral minority on Salenzis primarily focused in Ticondera. As of the late Third Age of Salenzian Reckoning - or more relevantly, the late Fourth Millennium/early Fifth Millennium of Divine Rule, The Talurmen Empire controls the entire continent.