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A final battle not final. A world cleansed yet unclean. A past erased, yet remembered. The gods and heroes of the past are dead — who will rise to replace them?

Curiosa et Mirabilia

The Ashen Chronicle

galawlug šiyrərbag sɨsɨr gɨštarɨn mgai mədglaya hiryəre
rbag duškar suyursə gɨšwəlog gahtrɨn tərkar dal mɨštran
rbag mgarkar šyad duškarɨn gɨšwəlog saybu gahtrɨn ahdəkar dal mɨštran
rbag wešdurun šyad mgarkarɨn gɨšwəlog midu əsdukar yurgrɨn tərəm dal mid dal mɨštran
mədgal hašɨn gɨšyədir yəhyura mgai tugšuglaya hiryəre
rbag kabdɨr dahbuntar səryal tugšugalɨn ulgul gɨšwəlog midgar yurgər dal mɨštran
mɨrgad tugšugalla bakɨrsəgɨn gɨšyədir ba kataiglaya galawlug hiryəre
dušmagɨndə karkay kataigal... məgɨš ...
The World Ash 5 years ago
Or I could simply make this a weird alternate reality version of my other, more realist conworld. Why didn't I think of that before?
The World Ash 5 years ago
It's been a while, but here I am again. Making an RPG setting.

Originally I wanted to have just one, multi-purpose conworld, but I feel that this would pressure me into staying down-to-earth too much. So, with that in mind, I'm splitting my energies between this and Many Waters, which will from here on out be my boring realist conworld, in which I can fantasize about hypothetical scenarios that don't exist on earth.

I don't know if I will move over the old RPG setting stuff that is now in MW (most of it admittedly unpublished, but still) here or not. I figure it would be good to take a clean break, especially because much of the other stuff has become kind of corrupted into being boring & realist; Jalvaan and the associated culture were, originally, a kind of supermagical ersatz Elves who spoke a bad Latin. Now they're blonde convietnamese with no special qualities other than a genetic mutation that is significantly rarer in the real world, and the conlang is become something else altogether.

But enough of my other conworld. So what is this going to be about? As you can see from the title, the apocalypse has happened. But, well, it didn't work as well as planned. The big result is, there's a lot less people around (to the effect that large parts of the world are effectively uninhabited), and what divine order there was before has gone completely down the drain, along with the Gods who used to uphold it.

Much the same applies to the bad side of the war, of course, but evil is pernicious, and so the now-unsettled parts of the world are effectively large swathes of HERE THERE BE DRAGONS. A grim proposition.

But all is not lost! In a strange epidemic of stele-writing, monument-constructing, book-hiding and sticking named swords in stones, both sides made great effort to transmit their knowledge and power to whoever would manage to take it in the future, and hopefully finish the job.

The thread of fate is unbroken, but by whose hand will it be spun?
The World Ash 6 years ago