Two Men on the Mountain
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When the curious folk who study the lore of the Imperium gather, a colorful tapestry will soon weave from their tales and songs. An attentive listener might notice, over time, that a common thread keeps recurring. If he asks, the loremasters will tell him of the two men and the mountain. It is a story that can be found across the Imperium, in many guises and serving many purposes. Many suggest one reason or another why it recurs in so many places, and theories abound why so many seem to repurpose it. Most believe the various editions spring from one original legend, and all argue about which version is most accurate and what elements come from the source, and other such details that endlessly fascinate loremasters.

Whatever the tale of its origins, the story can be found across the myriad Imperial cultures. If a traveler is curious to know its full measure, he must travel far and listen carefully.