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<yng> rahmetli abim cumali kalın mevzua hiç bakmiycaksın derdi, ince mevzua bakacaksın
<@Cev> Kumali is a character in Final Fantasy X
<@Cev> right?
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in The Wind Waker
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in Hurrian mythology
<@Cev> one of those three things for sure

<@Cev> http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Kimahri_Ronso
<@Cev> http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Prince_Komali
<@Cev> https://www.britannica.com/topic/Kumarbi

<pthagphone> it says a small child can make them
<pthagphone> how did u burn them
<pthagphone> do u need the assistance of a small child
<Slereah> yes plz
<Slereah> I couldn't find fancy fat so I used goose fat
<pthagphone> cant u get lard in France
<pthagphone> u may get lard simply in England
<pthagphone> i shall post u a block

<Slereah> Delicious food that I try to not do too often is a roast chicken
<Slereah> With all the chicken grease
<Slereah> Delicious but deadly
<pthagphone> england is a land of roasted meats
<pthagphone> i shall send u a chicken
<Slereah> will you be able to, or are the borders closed already
<pthagphone> well
<pthagphone> lard is possible
<pthagphone> a chicken is pushing it
<pthagphone> the small child is probably not going to happen

<Slereah> You know what's gonna be awful, tho
<Slereah> When early internet nostalgia becomes more of a thing
<Slereah> and they make a meme movie
<Slereah> our protagonist, the trollface, must save the memes from something
<Slereah> with his many meme companions
<twabs> once upon a time the protagonist would have been pepe :-/
<Slereah> maybe pepe could be the villain now
<Slereah> A fallen meme
<Slereah> turned to eivl
<@Cev> I still believe in pepe.
<twabs> there's still good in him

<tiramisu> also speaking of Jews
<tiramisu> an anti-Semitism showed up into the service this morning!
<@Cev> "an anti-Semitism" :D
<@Cev> what units are anti-semitisms measured in?
<pthagphone> hitlers
<pthagphone> obv
<@Cev> well
<@Cev> ok so
<@Cev> let's say millihitlers
<@Cev> 1 millihitler would be murdering 6,000 Jews which is still p. damn antisemitic
<@Cev> this is a difficult scale to use, Pthag

<tiramisu> [in a story …] the jackal goes to the donkey again and lures him back to the lion, saying there was a female donkey there who wanted his donkey d
<tiramisu> and the stupid donkey gets really excited and doesn't think things through and agrees
<tiramisu> and then the lion eats him
<twabs> what a dumbass

<yng> so in jordan the Muslim Brotherhood split into two organisations
<yng> both called the muslim brotherhood
<yng> this document keeps referring to the older one as the 'mother organisation'
<yng> but that doesn't imply the same thing in english
<yng> is there a nice equivalent do you think
<Slereah> the muslim motherhood
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<@guitarplayer> "Your Blog is have good look. Content of your blog is quite good but traffic stats are very bad. Check my free video for enhancing your traffic. h**p://activeterium.c*m/CcIY .Shoot me email from free Website Audit report." < it is sound very legit for comment
<Cevff> yeah that was me, sorry
<Cevff> I just wanted you to check out my video :(

<Slereah_work> chicken soup
<Slereah_work> I am told
<Slereah_work> will cure what ails you
<Slereah_work> ingredients :
<Slereah_work> 1) 1 chicken
<Slereah_work> 2) 1 soup

<Slereah> Can you imagine Airplane done by someone else
<Slereah> It would be so awful
<Cev> Yeah it would all be
<Cev> Zack Gallifianakis
<Cev> Jonah Hill
<Slereah> I think most people making comedies would not be able to contain themselves and be serious throughout all the movie
<Cev> Seth Rogen
<Cev> James Franco
<Cev> every joke would be about marijuana
<Slereah> maybe someone fat would be on the plane
<Slereah> Taking up a lot of space!
<Cev> Kate McKinnon would show up to make a queef joke.
<Cev> Kevin Hart would show up to complain a lot
<Cev> Liam Neeson would cameo as a gruff guy in one scene
<Slereah> Paul Blart's Airplane
<Cev> christ this p much writes itself

<tiramisu> Guillermo del Toro's movie got a lot of wins that's all i know
<Slereah> William the Bull
<Slereah> please
<Slereah> use proper english name
<Whimemsz> Bill the Bull
<Slereah> Buffalo Bill
<Slereah> it was him all along

<tiramisu> when I was 14 and my niece was first starting to repeat words without knowing their meaning, I taught her to say "poop" and then laughed every time she'd say it, and thus she'd started saying it whenever she wanted to make me laugh, without knowing what it meant
<tiramisu> this backfired, though. now she's 13 and she has nicknamed me "Poop" without knowing how it even started.

<@Cev> I'm voting for Trump in 2020.
<tiramisu> what
<tiramisu> someone op me so that I can kick Cev for voting for Trump in 2020
*Cev sets mode: +o tiramisu
*Cev was kicked by tiramisu (No voting for Trump in 2020)
<@pharazon> >:|
<@pharazon> he was joking but now he's really going to
<@pharazon> thanks!!
<@pharazon> if trump wins in south dakota by 1 vote it's your fault
<@Radius> yean that one's going to be a really tight race
<@tiramisu> if Trump wins South Dakota I'll be your sex slave pharazon
<@tiramisu> er
<@tiramisu> fuck
<@pharazon> hmmm
<@pharazon> haha
<@tiramisu> FUCK
<@pharazon> too late
<@pharazon> too late
<@pharazon> too late
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<@tiramisu> YaaliAnnarProxy idk about the claim that in Islam you don't poop in heaven
<@YaaliAnnarProxy> Lemme find the hadith then.
<@tiramisu> like that used to be the #1 Christian criticism of the Muslim concept of heaven
<@tiramisu> that in Islam you still go to the bathroom in heaven
<@pharazon> are you sure it wasn't the #2 criticism
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