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<@miekko> a friend of mine who has a masters degree in pharmaclogy
<@miekko> and you'd expect to grasp some basic things
<@miekko> figured that the planned transplantation of a head would finally prove whether the soul is in the heart or the brain
<@miekko> I mean, I find her ideas preposterous there
<@miekko> clearly the pancreas is the seat of the soul
<@miekko> this is why I am a p-zombie
<twabs> pancreas zombie
<@miekko> see, natural insulin ensouls the body
<@miekko> it extends the reach of the soul
<twabs> insoulin

<Cevv> I found a photograph of the North Dakota-Manitoba border:
<Cevv> https://i.imgur.com/KfuytgZ.png

<Slereah> Check out my library instead you nerds
<Slereah> https://i.imgur.com/ThDC09k.jpg
<@Cev> What's that thing that looks like a rubber pickaxe?
<@Cev> is that something you put in your butt?
<Slereah> which thing
<Slereah> Oh, the brush
<Slereah> it's the brush I use for the fursuit
<@Cev> So "yes"
<Slereah> Well indirectly, I guess
<Slereah> you don't want to bang a dude with a messy fursuit
<Slereah> you want that fluffy chest
<Slereah> Better view of the humanities shelf :
<Slereah> https://i.imgur.com/9tskiOr.jpg
<@Cev> Slereah is that a fleshlight?
<Slereah> It is a regular flashlight
<Izambri> Lower shelf: Humanities
<Izambri> Lower Lower Shelf: fleshlights
<Slereah> Oh wait
<Slereah> u don't know
<Slereah> What is in the
<Slereah> lowermost shelf
<Slereah> https://i.imgur.com/uzcxWiI.jpg
<Izambri> :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

<YaaliAnnar> I wanna be cremated, but my fammily won't respect my wish.
<YaaliAnnar> My family won't also honor my wish to be buried in a fursuit.
<Smaug> isn't there a conspiracy theory about Indonesian Christians trying to convert the whole country?
<YaaliAnnar> Smaug: Yes, it's called "Kristenisasi"
<Smaug> maybe by the time you die, everyone will be evangelical
<Smaug> and there's no prohibition against fursuit burial in the Bible
<YaaliAnnar> One can hope.

<CUM_SIURAN> I read giving up the gun
<CUM_SIURAN> that was the book I read about the tokugawa shogunate not actually completely blanket banning guns in
<CUM_SIURAN> but instead just restricting their manufacture to a msall number of samurai families
<@Cev> This paper apperas to be saying that they weren't banned for non-samurai either
<Play> they were going to ban guns entirely but then they said "wait a minute, you cant spell shogun without 'gun', we've gotta think this out"
<CUM_SIURAN> show the shogun your gun at the gun show

<YaaliAnnar> Israel is now attempting to occupy the moon. http://www.planetary.org/blogs/jason-davis/spaceil-lander-feature.html
<YaaliAnnar> How can they be stopped

<Cevv> chomsky knows everything about amazonian languages he doesn't even need to go to the amazon
<Cevv> or see a jungle
<Cevv> or a tree
<@guitarplayer> he *knows* all trees binary-branch~
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? Whimemsz posts: 39
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very spooky
? Whimemsz posts: 39
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<Slereah> So I had a great idea for a site
<Slereah> It is called
<Slereah> I spit on ur grave
<Slereah> It's just me mocking all dead people ever
<Slereah> In chronological order
<Slereah> From early humans to modern celebrities
<@Cev> "Fuck your ass, Scorpion I!"
<Slereah> Watch out Ötzi!
<@Cev> "Oetzi, you're a fukken retard!"
<@Cev> "Bite me, Cheddar Man!"
<pthag> sounds like something maddox or lowtax wld have done in the 2000s
<pthag> im sorry, Slereah....
<@Legion> only known humans or do you include every human that has statistically existed
<Slereah> Well known in the sense that we have either records or bodies
<@Legion> "Statistical mid-15th century Frisian pesant was a moron, fuck that guy lol"
<Slereah> Although I'm sure we have plenty of corpses of 15th century frisians
<@Cev> So you gonna start with the type specifimen of Sahelanthropus tchadensis?
<@Cev> "Fuck that guy!"
<Slereah> I will mock their small stature and poor dental records
<Slereah> Probably just early homo sapiens
<@Cev> what a homo
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