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Mii Dash Geget

Gii-paapichigaazo niitaawis gii-shaagooji’igod iniw omindimooyenyiman.
“They laughed at my cousin when his old lady over-powered him.”
gii’=baapi-’-d-gaa-zopast=laugh-caus-TI-undergo.action-AI n-iitaawis1-male’s.male.cross.cousin gii’=zhaagood-’-igw-dpast=overpower-caus-inv-3conj iniwthat.obv o-mindimooyenh-im-an3-old.lady-possd-obv

máxkwal níhleew    (Absolute)
"S/he killed a bear/some bears (obv)"
máxkwalbear-obv níhleewkill-3obj-3high

wə̆nihlááwal néél máxkwal    (Objective)
"S/he killed the bear(s) (obv)"
wə̆nihlááwal3-kill-3obj-3low-obv néélthat/those(obv) máxkwalbear-obv

wə̆nihlááwal    (Objective)
"S/he killed him/her/them (obv)"

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Stop quoting yourself, dammit. There are RULES. >:|
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The manhood one is even better because it is totally unexplained — more context:

<Isambri> Naima sweaty furry sex
<Naima> sweaty furry sex toys, they stop real fast and don't like them you will become the smallest hint of muscle. his throbbing manhood, his cock, was swollen and throbbing. “my god” he thought “this brings back memories.”
<Slereah> oh my
<Isambri> god
<Slereah> !grepfile log (?i)his throbbing manhood
<Naima> No match found
<Slereah> a mystery
<Smaug> D:
<Whimemsz> improbable in the extreme


Anyway, some more:

<@Legion> are there any gay incels anyway
<@Legion> that would be weird
<Slereah> If there are they'd have to be pretty unpleasant
<Smaug> that'd be really hard to pull off
<Slereah> Either physically or personality-wise
<Slereah> I've seen some swamp monsters getting laid in the fandom
<Smaug> you'd have to like REEK of shit and be almost nonverbally autistic

<Slereah> tell us pthag
<Slereah> What is the last feeling u felt
<pthag> what is a feeling
<Slereah> tell us about yur feelings
<pthag> usually i feel things with my fingers
<pthag> sometimes my dick
<pthag> what is there to say
<Slereah> we must administer pthag the voigt kamp test
<@H13> i feel my fingers with my dick
<@H13> and the other way around
<@H13> double feelings
<pthag> u have yet to make the trick of making ur hand go to sleep then
<@H13> i have indeed not tried it
<Slereah> use another man's hand
<Whimemsz> do people really do that?
<Slereah> the gays do yes
<Whimemsz> I thought it was more like an urban legend
<pthag> yes, and they go to hell for it
<Whimemsz> fascinating
<pthag> sodomites are very real. u may be living with one right now
<Whimemsz> D:
<Slereah> in your butt
<Slereah> the prefered nest of the sodomite

<Slereah> I've been to almost every continent, strangely enough
<Slereah> outside of Australia
<Karch> even in antarctica?
<Slereah> mb I can visit vlad
<Slereah> Make it an even 5
<Slereah> I did not
<Slereah> I don't think anyone on the ZBB is in Antarctica
<pthag> except mentally
<Whimemsz> you could visit some penguins though
<pthag> [it has a lot of mentally unstable people who are in a bad dark place]
<pthag> i guess it's summer in antarctica rn tho
<Slereah> I'll bring my speedo

<@H13> since i do not believe the United Kingdom is considered property of the crown
<@H13> except for the royal demesne
<pthag> all land is owned by the crown
<pthag> there's no allodial tenure anywhere, as far as i know
<@H13> and yet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Estate
<pthag> this is not at all the same thing
<@H13> yes indeed it is not
<pthag> Some land in the Orkney and Shetland Islands, known as udal land, is held in a manner akin to allodial land in that these titles are not subject to the ultimate ownership of the Crown.
<pthag> huge if true
<@H13> > udal
<pthag> some sort of norse thing
<pthag> apparently
<@H13> yes it means birthright
<pthag> the danelaw survives
<@H13> immense germanic power
<Whimemsz> lol
<pthag> Swans, which are the property of the Crown elsewhere in the UK, are the property of the people in Orkney and Shetland.[12]
<pthag> huge
<Whimemsz> :D
<Slereah> what kind of stupid medieval shit is this
<pthag> pls
<pthag> the crown still protects its right in swans
<Whimemsz> a land of rich history and traditions
<pthag> sometimes johnny foreigner comes
<pthag> and kills a swan
<pthag> he is dealt with most severely
<Slereah> is he put in the stocks
<Whimemsz> is he put in the.... DAMN IT
<Slereah> SNAP
<Slereah> TOO SLOW

<pthag> this is b/c h13 listens to my advice
<Slereah> In the fantastical world of Almea
<pthag> about not discussing crimes on the internet
<Slereah> I will only discuss making drugs and having sex with farm animals
<Slereah> If that is a crime then let history remember me as a criminal
<Slereah> Also I may have commited some light treason
<@H13> Slereah, in god's name, why would you say this
<@H13> on irc
<@H13> u really are very bad at this
<Slereah> I'll confess to any crimes i wish!
<Slereah> I killed Napoleon in Saint Hélène
<@H13> i await my door being kicked down by a squad of bonapartists any second now

<@Cev> did I mention I went to see Mary Queen of Scots and did not like it?
<@Cev> know what's good though?
<@Cev> There's a character in it who speaks Gaelic
<@Cev> Mary rides up to some soldiers and says "Ach, wha nae gin awa' jean?" and one soldier says "Haggis, nae rolls your highness, he nae speaks Scots, only Gaelic" and then has to translate

<Smaug> cev, I have my copy of the Book of Miracles at hand
<Smaug> it truly is great
<Smaug> it's all travellers reports about very important things from across Europe
<Smaug> like a weird comet was seen
<Smaug> and a deformed baby was born somewhere
<Slereah> that deformed baby?
<Slereah> Albert Einstein.
<Smaug> O_O
<Smaug> a lot of these reports sound like UFOs and space battles
<Smaug> maybe Sanat Kumara was protecting us in a more active way back then
<Slereah> it was
<Smaug> "In the year A.D. 1226, snow fell in Styria which straight away turned to blood and was really terrible to behold."
<Smaug> thanks for that update, Bill, now let's go to Jan, who'll tell us about sports
<Smaug> the Children's Crusade gets a page
<Smaug> there's an illustration of a group of children
<Smaug> one is playing the drum, and another is carrying a flag
<Smaug> and in the distance someone is capturing another group like it
<Smaug> "In the year A.D. 1351, in the month of December, a comet was seen in the sky around midnight. Afterwards heavy winds sprung up and a fiery shaft was seen to fall from the sky, which then presaged great disagreement between the pope and the emperor."
<Smaug> Isambri there are even illustrations of dozens of people drowning
<Isambri> nice
<Smaug> "And in the same year, wine and grain were cheap - one bottle of Alsace for 5 pfennings or 4, a bottle of Neckar wine for 2 or 3 pfennings, one tub of hulled grain for 20 groschen, the spelty grain for 13 groschen, oats for 9 groschen."
<Smaug> 13 groschen for a whole tub of grain, that IS a miracle!
<Slereah> My god what a savings!
<Slereah> do you think that was part of their marketing
<Smaug> this book does have something to do with medieval businessmen...
<Smaug> "In the year A.D. 962, a great and wonderful comet appeared in the sky in Italy. This was followed by a great famine, so that many people perished and were found dead in alleys."
<Smaug> miraculous!
<Slereah> I mean, was that really out of the ordinary, outside of the comet
<Smaug> no, but the comet was there, so it MUST have been involved
<Smaug> "In the year 1482 the high mountain, rich in oil and wine, of Vesuvius in Campania - situated four thousand paces from the city of Naples - burst open at its summit or peak and threw up such a fire that cities and villages and all the trees burned up. Also a poet, called Pliny the Elder, wanted to see the fire but the fire consumed him too."
<Slereah> oops
<Whimemsz> 1482?
<Smaug> the illustration shows Pliny burning in fire
<Smaug> yes
<Slereah> heheh
<Whimemsz> seems the date is a bit off
<Slereah> Man this book is pure clickbait
<Smaug> I'll take a picture of this one, hold on
<Smaug> https://www.dropbox.com/s/zka4omqpfvrbiso/pliny.jpg?dl=0
<Slereah> Oh shiiiiit
<Whimemsz> F
<Smaug> the heading of the English translation does say "1482 [in fact: A.D. 79]"

<Isambri> so you don't have any fucking idea about Byzantine emperors Naima
<Naima> so you don't have any fucking idea about byzantine emperors naima horse willies, which zayk has attached to his pelvis.

<Isambri> Naima zoophilia
<Naima> zoophilia on animals whose primary sexual experience is with their siblings)
<Slereah> hot
<Whimemsz> don't get Slereah too excited
<Slereah> TOO LATE

<CUM_SIURAN> the san francisco ballpark is getting renamed
<CUM_SIURAN> from "AT&T park" to "Oracle park"
<CUM_SIURAN> sf is one of the few places in the US where naming a local landmark after a company who paid hundreds of millions of dollars for it actually adds some authentic local color
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