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A recipe from Buruya

I didn’t have much time to create words in the last week, so I need to catch up a bit. I bought lots of spices though and used them for some tasty cooking, so here are some culinary terms for Buruya Nzaysa, covering #Lexember 11th to 18th. As is typical for this semantic domain, especially […]
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#Lexember 10th in Tmaśareʔ: tękta (v.) ‘be tired, be sleepy’ Tęktaptahi cmę, yocǫhą cą yoʔpeńępćitahi. tękta-kwe-tah-ʔi cmę, yocǫ-hą cą yoʔpe-ńępe-ći-tah-ʔi tired-ASS-2SG-IRR CIRC, soon-ADV EMPH begin-sleep-OPT-2SG-IRR “If you’re tired, you will want to go to bed early.” Etymology: Proto-Western *tãya-kuda ‘need to sleep’
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tei tonc móc

#Lexember 9th in Ronc Tyu: tei tonc móc (svc.tr) ‘talk without end, blather, prattle, filibuster, talk sb’s ear off’ This is a lexicalised serial verb construction with the literal meaning ‘say, talk, and kill’. Ta pec tei tonc móc ne twinc! IMP NEG say talk kill 1SG here “Don’t talk my ears off like this!” […]
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