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I used to have a couple of posts on here, a few months ago, when the purpose of this blog was much vaguer. One was a fairly rambling post in which I stated with a fair measure of certainty (which turned out to be hasty) that I would be spending the upcoming academic year in Lithuania; the other was an attempt at political analysis from the sort of moderate-but-edgy point of view that certain internet communities breed. The former outlined a course of action that I later backtracked on, and the latter didn't really fit with what I envision as the theme of this blog, so both have been scrapped.

A re-introduction, therefore, seems necessary. I'm a twenty-year-old sophomore undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma triple-majoring in Linguistics, Classical Languages, and Russian. Finals end in less than two weeks from the time of this writing, following which I'll spend the summer at my parents' place in western Massachusetts, biding my time until I fly out for a year abroad at the Nevsky Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. I spent a gap year- well, seven gap months; it's complicated- in Brazil between high school and college, and might shoot for an additional year in Portugal later on if I can make the logistics work. In my spare time I enjoy doing pretty much the same things I do academically- languages and linguistics, mostly, with a good bit of reading, writing, biking and occasional guilty gaming-binge thrown in.

I'll probably make this more active in a few weeks once my summer routine kicks in. Until then, I'm desperately trying to stave off procrastination enough that I get no more than one B this semester; when you start avoiding Greek translation by reading four back issues of the Economist in a row, as I did this afternoon, you know it's bad...
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-5500 BW:


Intensive agriculture has developed in the upper tributaries of the Myà river (Proto-Sylatic *myah 'wide'), though it has not yet translated to urban centers or civilization; it won't for some time yet.

Implements and tools consistent with earlier finds around the small peninsula on the northern coast (if the Myà is the Nile, Shit Carthage?) are now being found in the coast around the lower Myà valley. This is consistent with an eastward migration of Nahuatolians.

Not much happens for the next few centuries. By around -4000, however, agriculture (consisting mainly of maize [Proto-Syletic *tɯdzą́), black beans (PS *madrɤ́ŋ) and barley (*tyák) has migrated around the Shit Tibetan foothills and down the Myà.


Note that the Syletics are not the only people to be farming, by now. (Grey areas are those where somebody is farming, but we don't know who.) Both the Nahuatolians and the Steppe Weebs are farming by now: the Nahuatolians along the lower Myà and the Steppe Weebs along the, let's say, Rannako (meaning to be established). Contact between the Syletics and the Nahuatolians is reflected in a very old and deep layer of borrowed vocabulary: Proto-Eastern-Nahuatolian *tɨtsa:n 'maize', matalɨ:ŋ 'beans', ča:k 'barley', though this layer is not reflected in the Steppe Weeb languages.

We'll end with the -3000 BW map.


This is the last snapshot of the world before things really get interesting: by -2000 BW we see the first evidence of copper working among the Syletics, and the Steppe Weebs will have domesticated the horse and invented the wheel. Agriculture continues its relentless march; it is now more than a footnote among the Steppe Weebs, and has spread to the less thickly forested portion of Shit Europe, including Yaravic speakers. Agriculture has also spread across the fertile northern coast and down the (river) and (river) to other varieties of Nahuatolians.
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New map. Climates should baaasically remain the same. Shit Tibet has been ensmallened. The "highland" areas are generally speaking areas truly inaccessible to organized, dense agricultural civilization—there may be control over these areas, but rarely real domination.

We arbitrarily set the date for the development of agriculture at -6000 BW (before writing). Here's a map of the area around -7000 BW, just before that point. The scratchy color indicates that they have not yet developed agriculture.


The speakers of the Sylatic languages were probably the first to develop agriculture, around -6000, in the upper tributaries of the Myà river. They are vaguely like Sino-Tibetan.

Yaravic is first encountered in the western half of Shit Europe. Proto-Yaravic has not been worked out but is likely Siouanish or Caddoanish aesthetically.

Shit Nahuatolian is spoken on the northern coast of Shit Asia, around the <name> mountains.

Shit Turkoskogean is spoken along the far western coast of Shit Europe.

Shit Japonic is spoken in Shit Kazakhstan.

Shit Athabantu is spoken in the southeastern extremity of Shit America.

Shit Quechuanesian is spoken on the coastal plateau of Shit America, which is vaguely reminiscent of Brazil.

Shit India is uninhabited at the moment, but this will change. There are likely other isolates or families in the area that survive to be documented, but they have not been worked out.
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, Alkali Metal, Tokyo, Japan
Here is an Map, showing two major unnamed continents and a pseudo-India that is about ten million years away from crashing into the bigger continent in the east; it has already raised a shit Tibet which may be too big.


The map represents a sizeable portion of the world from 20 to 50 degrees South. The short black lines on the eastern edge represent 30 and 40 degrees, respectively. Assuming an equirectangular projection (which we will), this map represents a slice of the world about 56 degrees wide. Pretending that this world is about Earth-size, the equivalent area is more or less equivalent to this:


except that less of it is desert.

Cradles of civilization are likely to be in "Asia" in the river valleys coming off of Shit Tibet. Later on agriculture moves west into the large and fertile peninsula of Shit Europe, and southeast into Shit Kazakhstan in the river valleys flowing into the Aral. The bright red line represents a latitude north of which the original farmers' grain crops cannot grow.

There is likely to be a fair amount of agriculture in the northern half of Shit Tibet, but it's not clear to me how high or, indeed, big Shit Tibet is going to be. It is not likely to be easily conquerable by flatlanders (cf. Tibet, Ethiopia, Afghanistan). Shit Tibet should, if I'm getting my climatology right, be getting rain from the northeast (possibly including the occasional hurricane; my assumption was that you'd get desert inland, but maybe not) and also from the southwest, because the 30 S parallel, where the prevailing winds reverse, runs right through it. If so there should also be a fertile strip of land running right down the coast which may possibly act like Italy or Greece, though probably with a climate more akin to the American East Coast than to the Mediterranean (probably the large peninsula of fertile land that forms the western part of the continent will have a climate very much like the American South—rice farmers? corn farmers?

"America" is close enough to be crossed by, probably, the Bronze Age. There are probably some island chains between "Asia" and "America" that I haven't drawn, so possibly even earlier. Maritime empires?

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