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n. aunt (mother's older sister).
-(q)ats, suf. to refuse to ~ (V > V)
a, adj. all; also used aggultinatively as a collective prefix.
abaje, pro. every
abali, pro. each
adin, n. constellation.
agaru, n. noble of the highest category; general.
agauşak, v. handle
agla, p. no, not; general negative
ahél, adj. great, expansive
-aim, suf. product of ~
Ajetaša, n. Oblivion.
alou, adj. red (color & adj)
Aluohein, n. the Times, the great and selfless antediluvian gods who bear and carry the passage of time upwards.
amo, n. child
amori, adj. formerly-fair
amus, n. flesh, gore
anaşa, adj. Self-referent of the Anaşa Salanja or Imperial Salanjans; strong, proud.
Anaşali, n. The language of the Imperial Salanjans, and more specifically Kitran/Arahél.
anju, adj. snug
ano, v. to avenge
anosu, n. vengeance
ansaŋka, v. tr scatter
ansar, v. to move
ansarupoha, v. to strike
antaž, v. to be awake, perform daytime tasks
aqa, adj. all, every.
ar, n. city
Arahél, n. capital city of the Salanjan Imperium.
arauli, n. threat
arté, num. seven
artéžoŋrazi, num. hex 19  (dec 25)
Asalune, n. smaller moon of Šaol.
ašanja, v. be a visionary, cause or foment radical but necessary change
ašazi, n. view, sight, vista
ašazilelo, adj. majestic
aščo, n. blade
aščokjo, v. to gather as a group of mercenaries; to form a mercenary army
aščoŋilu, n. mercenary profession, a group of mercenaries collectively.
aşman, n. The city/land of the Salanjan supreme hierarchy.
aşmanha aščo, n. sanctified lightning; divine retribution
aštazi, num. hex 60 (dec 96)
aštu, num. six
aštužoŋrazi, num. hex 1A  (dec 26)
aulo, v. to love (familial)
-aunu, suf. physicality
aval, v. to travel as a troubadour or minstrel.
avalein, n. troubadour, minstrel.
azgi, n. blame
bawara, adj. harsh
bem, v. to sell
benoraim, n. learning, practice, advancement.
benore, v. to learn
bjal-, pre. intensive
bobi, n. poem
bobjein, n. poet
čahu, v. to aid, to give assistance
čahuŋkal, v. to come to the aid of
Čaluoli, n. Language of the Čal.
Čaluori, n. the Čal nation.
čana, v. to breathe
čanair, n. breath
čanja, v. to breathe life into
čanjam, n. soul.
čanje, n. body of water
čanjel, n. ocean, the Regil Sea
Čantai, n. the Čantai Mountains, a range running along the east-northeast edge of the Regil Plain.
čante, n. east
čantewo, adj. eastern.
čapa, v. to have/own
čau, v. to look, look at.
čauŋka, v. to find
čaz, num. four
čazi, num. hex 40 (dec 64)
čažoŋrazi, num. hex 1C  (dec 28)
čémpo, n. concern, empathy
česme, v. to annoy
česmenjam, n. annoyance; Ker, phil greater life, societal, or divine challenge
česmoulla, n. annoying one
česu, v. to draw closed
či, adp. of stasis beyond, after +abl/egr
čiseh, v. to walk
čisehir, n. walk
čo, adj. giant
čofo, n. cloak
čopru, n. riding ornithomimmid.
čou, n. knee
čouwa, v. to kneel
čufei, v. to dig out
čuha, n. the cardinal direction West, site of both dawn and nightfall on Šaol; adj west(ern)
Čuhazdi, n. western evening star; herald of the Salanjan night gods.
čuş, n. a true statement, truth.
čuşa, v. to show
čuşaŋka, v. to reveal
čuşlo, v. to lie
čuşloir, n. (a) lie
čuşşu, n. concept, meaning
daškoŋrazi, num. hex 1F  (dec 31)
dausi, v. to plant
dazik, num. one
dérit, adp. about +loc/temp

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