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v. to like, enjoy
-(q)ats, suf. to refuse to ~ (V > V)
Ajetaša, n. Oblivion.
Aluohein, n. the Times, the great and selfless antediluvian gods who bear and carry the passage of time upwards.
Anaşali, n. The language of the Imperial Salanjans, and more specifically Kitran/Arahél.
Arahél, n. capital city of the Salanjan Imperium.
Asalune, n. smaller moon of Šaol.
Djemlorou, n. the upwardly spiralling path where the Aluohein carry out their eternal duty.
Emi, n. The larger of Šaol's two moons, and by far the more positively-seen.
Esia, n. city in the high foothills of the Čantai Mountains.
Hanjušol, n. The supreme evil of the Salanjan mythos.
Hulmounuo, n. a group mentioned in Salanjan myth devoted to Hanjušol before his defeat and binding.
Ješmante, n. sister of Manjozi, daughter of the Aluohein.
Kerli, n. the language of the Ker Salanja; heavily used in both prose and poetry.
Kitran, n. original name of Arahél, frequently used in poetry.
Konjéwo, n. early rival proto-state to Kitran.
Nodelo, n. The deification of wind and lightning storms; the chief Salanjan deity.
Nurhas, n. guardian deity.
Nusuonja, n. A largely Ker center of religious pilgrimage.
Regil, n. the Regil river; also the greater Regil coastal plain
Salanja, n. the greater Salanjan nation, composed of the Anaşali and Ker.
Saşém, n. large trading city north of Kitran.
Teršelai, n. Ker city, focus of an early Anaşa military campaign.
Zauzno, n. the eastern reaches of the Regil Plains, abutting the Čantai Mountains; populated with Ker Salanja city-states before the Anaşali conquest.
a, adj. all; also used aggultinatively as a collective prefix.
abaje, pro. every
abali, pro. each
adin, n. constellation.
agaru, n. noble of the highest category; general.
agauşak, v. handle
agla, p. no, not; general negative
ahél, adj. great, expansive
-aim, suf. product of ~
alou, adj. red (color & adj)
amo, n. child
amori, adj. formerly-fair
amus, n. flesh, gore
anaşa, adj. Self-referent of the Anaşa Salanja or Imperial Salanjans; strong, proud.
anju, adj. snug
ano, v. to avenge
anosu, n. vengeance
ansar, v. to move
ansarupoha, v. to strike
ansaŋka, v. tr scatter
antaž, v. to be awake, perform daytime tasks
aqa, adj. all, every.
ar, n. city
arauli, n. threat
arté, num. seven
artéžoŋrazi, num. hex 19  (dec 25)
aulo, v. to love (familial)
-aunu, suf. physicality
aval, v. to travel as a troubadour or minstrel.
avalein, n. troubadour, minstrel.
azgi, n. blame
aşman, n. The city/land of the Salanjan supreme hierarchy.
aşmanha aščo, n. sanctified lightning; divine retribution
ašanja, v. be a visionary, cause or foment radical but necessary change
ašazi, n. view, sight, vista
ašazilelo, adj. majestic
aštazi, num. hex 60 (dec 96)
aštu, num. six
aštužoŋrazi, num. hex 1A  (dec 26)
aščo, n. blade
aščokjo, v. to gather as a group of mercenaries; to form a mercenary army
aščoŋilu, n. mercenary profession, a group of mercenaries collectively.
bawara, adj. harsh
bem, v. to sell
benoraim, n. learning, practice, advancement.
benore, v. to learn
bjal-, pre. intensive
bobi, n. poem
bobjein, n. poet
dausi, v. to plant
dazik, num. one
daškoŋrazi, num. hex 1F  (dec 31)
desu, n. iron
di, n. star
digu, n. shit, semi-solid excrement
djain, v. to go to.
djainja, v. to please, delight
djaiŋka, v. to come
djantak, n. horde
djem, v. to carry
djé-, pre. reciprocal marker
dosaunu, n. sunlight
dosu, n. sun
doswa, v. shine, give off light
dra, v. to be
drathu, n. essence
draunu, n. being, existence
drein, n. The people.
dremi, v. to find one's soul mate.
dremidu, n. everlasting love.
duleih, v. to honor
duleihaim, n. honor
dzeinčauş, interj. please
dérit, adp. about +loc/temp
eféjas, n. The elemental force of binding.
-ein, suf. agentive
eindas, adj. beautiful

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