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The following dictionary entries are tagged location:

ar, n. city
Arahél, n. capital city of the Salanjan Imperium.
Asalune, n. smaller moon of Šaol.
ašazi, n. view, sight, vista
aşman, n. The city/land of the Salanjan supreme hierarchy.
Čantai, n. the Čantai Mountains, a range running along the east-northeast edge of the Regil Plain.
čante, n. east
čuha, n. the cardinal direction West, site of both dawn and nightfall on Šaol; adj west(ern)
Djemlorou, n. the upwardly spiralling path where the Aluohein carry out their eternal duty.
Emi, n. The larger of Šaol's two moons, and by far the more positively-seen.
Esia, n. city in the high foothills of the Čantai Mountains.
kairi, n. house, family dwelling, main farm building; (post Imp, chiefly Kenrui) immediate-family division of a larger extended-family dwelling in larger towns
Kitran, n. original name of Arahél, frequently used in poetry.
kolunjau, n. horizon
koly, n. moon, undifferentiated between Emi and Asalune.
Konjéwo, n. early rival proto-state to Kitran.
luhoi, n. house, temporary residence, nonpermanent dwelling
luhoile, n. inn
made, n. morning star
meslo, n. ceremonial hall
moibé, n. south
nelou, n. home
Nusuonja, n. A largely Ker center of religious pilgrimage.
raskal, n. the lands to the east of the Regil Gap, which are a continuation of the massive steppes of central Rašau.
Regil, n. the Regil river; also the greater Regil coastal plain
Šalimar, n. Paradise as it is described in Salanjan religion; located on Šaol's largest moon, Emi.
Saşém, n. large trading city north of Kitran.
Teršelai, n. Ker city, focus of an early Anaşa military campaign.
urowau, n. back, rear (of a structure or landform)
zagi, n. ridge
Zauzno, n. the eastern reaches of the Regil Plains, abutting the Čantai Mountains; populated with Ker Salanja city-states before the Anaşali conquest.