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The following dictionary entries are tagged religion:

Ajetaša, n. Oblivion.
Aluohein, n. the Times, the great and selfless antediluvian gods who bear and carry the passage of time upwards.
Asalune, n. smaller moon of Šaol.
aşman, n. The city/land of the Salanjan supreme hierarchy.
čanjam, n. soul.
Čuhazdi, n. western evening star; herald of the Salanjan night gods.
Djemlorou, n. the upwardly spiralling path where the Aluohein carry out their eternal duty.
Emi, n. The larger of Šaol's two moons, and by far the more positively-seen.
festil, adj. celestial; of the (night) sky, of a darkened sky
Hanjušol, n. The supreme evil of the Salanjan mythos.
Hulmounuo, n. a group mentioned in Salanjan myth devoted to Hanjušol before his defeat and binding.
Ješmante, n. sister of Manjozi, daughter of the Aluohein.
laukhiko, n. a specifically feminine laukhi, generally being deities.
made, n. morning star
maz, n. windspirit
munaŋa, adj. crazily evil; sociopathic.
nile, n. well-judged deeds
njaulla, n. covenant, unbreakable promise
njauqo, n. spirit, ghost.
Nodelo, n. The deification of wind and lightning storms; the chief Salanjan deity.
Nurhas, n. guardian deity.
Nusuonja, n. A largely Ker center of religious pilgrimage.
Ŋuluopti, n. the weighing of fate
Salanja, n. the greater Salanjan nation, composed of the Anaşali and Ker.
Šalimar, n. Paradise as it is described in Salanjan religion; located on Šaol's largest moon, Emi.
Şerau, n. Harbringer of despair and suffering in the Salanjan mythos.
Štolaqor, n. Štolakor, Lord of the Dead, ruler of Šaol's smaller moon, Asalune.
val, n. the village priest of a given portion of the Salanjan pantheon.
zesasaro, n. The loudest thunder, said to be the wrathful judgement of Nodelo himself.