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Coastal The enigmatic Coastal languages are spoken along the southeast Xabran coast, far from the sight or memory of Shiffaract. They eke out their living from the sea and herding on the northward slopes of the towering Melig Ghorųyor.
Fajau Having journeyed far south from their desert homeland, the Fajau found themselves at head of the subtropical Xatsan Peninsula, and there they established a venerable culture, still vibrant after three thousand years of turmoil and war.
Illani An insular people, scattered across the islands west and southwest of Shiffaract, strewn across the Xabran Sea.
Steppe The unquestioned lords of the western Raskal. Perhaps the farthest branch from Shiffaract, they are nonetheless some of her most faithful sons and daughters.
Šemarahśe The language spoken by the modern-day inhabitants of the ancient city of Shiffaract, forever unyielding in holding their cavernous desert stronghold, as have their ancestors since time immemorial.


  • Šifaraxťại Root List
    Being a selection of core and extended roots found in the protolanguage of the Shiffaractean family.