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This is a crosspost from the ZBB, because I think I done wrote something good and it would be madness to leave it languishing in C&CQ. It is, in effect, a practical extension of the first sermon.
Hallow XIII read more (6839 bytes) · 4 years ago
It has occurred to me that my original Heterodoxy post has a problem: it's targeted primarily at people who already somewhat know what they're doing. Heck, it's pretty much a post to tell myself to be less silly.

So here is a bit of presumably even less controversial (should I rename this series "Orthodoxy"?) advice to people who are either starting out or have managed to avoid learning for a long time.  (…)
Hallow XIII read more (4116 bytes) · 6 years ago
I was lying in bed yesterday thinking about things like this, so I'mma write it down. There will be sequels on the finer points, but anyway have a bit of basic RPG combat typology.  (…)
Hallow XIII read more (3355 bytes) · 6 years ago
Today I will be digging a bit into the depths of my basement, to explain to those interested the story behind what I recently posted in the Many Waters blog. (Note: that blog post is now deleted for various reasons, but this post should not suffer much from it.)  (…)
Hallow XIII read more (2641 bytes) · 6 years ago
There is nothing quite as antithetical to the nomenclatorial Confucian as the proliferation of several identical acronyms, especially when they are used in similar enough contexts as to be confused. That's why I'm here today to talk to you about BSDs.  (…)
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In which we take a look at the eternal hole of fantasy, and how to stop digging. (…)
Hallow XIII read more (4 comments, 8413 bytes) · 6 years ago
Miekko's <a href="">recent observation</a> on his blog that conlanging suffers from the problem of <there are a ton of ""phonologies"" everywhere with nothing behind them> (…)
Hallow XIII read more (14 comments, 2913 bytes) · 7 years ago
This is still basically a rough draft. It needs some polish around the edges, and also names. I wrote this primarily for an upcoming tabletop campaign, so it is unlikely to be used for my conworld, but I figure it might make for some good translation anyway, which is what I am going to do with it. If you want to translate it, feel free to paste some names in yourself. Makes it more interesting. (…)
Hallow XIII read more (3739 bytes) · 7 years ago
Yes, I have a Universe! That means anything serious will be moved there. I am hoping this will let me overcome my lethargy/fear of imperfection and post my little ideas here because God my conworlding is all just theoretical I need to fix that.

Now to do things.
Hallow XIII read more (403 comments) · 7 years ago
škəθāt pṝan̪ n̪ewāṇ xōšcərɨ məŋə̄ṣṛ kəruhewə̄ṇe
kɨṛuwāyenɨ ɨ̄xēṣṭ θēpaširɨ tə̄ṇāṇ ṝmɨ̄rɨ pōwṝ ṭṛðaṭ
ṣoxɨhe ṝwas ŋə̄hūṣ mowɨyāy t̪ə̄kṣəθɨ šňəwɨ̄s
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