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The Southern languages are indigenous to the southern part of eastern Dvanashi, and are so named because they were historically spoken to the south of the Saimiar sphere. Elésu is the most culturally significant representative of the family in the Sâmyaren cultural sphere; Elésu was a prestige language in relation to Saimiar for many centuries, providing significant amounts of loaned vocabulary, and the language is still studied in the present day as a classical and magically-significant tongue. Other important members of the family include the Barbarian languages of the west, including Tukvaysi; Juteyuji and its related languages, and Dazgõ Xín.

Proto-Southern is the reconstructed ancestor language of the family. Characteristic grammatical features include a four-way gender system with noun-modifier concordance and suffixing noun and verb morphology, although many daughter languages have innovated significantly.


Dazgõ Xín