Hierarchical URL aliases!
2014-04-16 21:09:07
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Hierarchical URL aliases!

The site has always had three ways of accessing pages: /?title, /?id=id, and /?page=title. The id addressing mode isn't very friendly, and the title addressing modes are unreliableā€”the page with the lowest ID number gets linked, so a title link can really only be used once.

But no longer! We now have hierarchical addresses, where you use slashes to separate multiple page names! So now you can be sure that you always link to the right thing. The first segment of the path is always resolved the old way, but after that it looks for child pages, so you can reference dictionary entries etc. readily and unambiguously.

Also: the question mark can now be left out! So you can link to anthologi.ca/users/testament directly, using the syntax [/users/testament|anthologi.ca/users/testament].
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