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The following dictionary entries are tagged adverb:

eña, adv. suddenly
eñepepi, adv. outward
hamu, adv. present (not absent)
hesi, adv. well
hevopepi, adv. downward
hiña, adv. lest
hohopi, adv. likewise
hunoña, adv. by itself, naturally
iisiti, adv. once
iñayoha, adv. nowhere, to nowhere
iñayohe, adv. nowhence, from nowhere
iñayoro, adv. never
isepepi, adv. forward
kaasiti, adv. twice
kaha, adv. where, whither (rel.)
kahe, adv. whence, where from (rel.)
kañi, adv. why (rel.)
kañohipesiti, adv. as a rule, usually
karaka, adv. how much (rel.)
karo, adv. when (rel.)
kate, adv. how (rel.)
kerikositi, adv. certainly, of course
koñeyise, adv. like everything, all kinds
koñeyoha, adv. everywhere
koñeyohe, adv. from everywhere
mahepepi, adv. inward
mara, adv. away, absent
maraha, adv. (being, going) away
marahe, adv. (going, coming from) away
meyoro, adv. often
miha, adv. somewhere
mihe, adv. from somewhere
miraka, adv. somewhat, some amount
miro (2), adv. sometime
mite, adv. somehow
ñama, adv. more
ñami, adv. most
naratireti, adv. colloquially
ñatasiti, adv. accidentally
ñeyoro, adv. always
ñisa, adv. immediately, right away, instantly
pasi, adv. badly, ill
piti, adv. about, approximately
puhoho, adv. late, not on time
puyepepi, adv. backward, rearward
rahopepi, adv. upward
raka (1), adv. the amount of; the whole of
raka (2), adv. at most, just; exactly
raka (3), adv. load; bulk, size
raka (4), adv. on the hour, sharp
repunopoti, adv. absolutely
roroti, adv. slowly
saraka, adv. that much
saro, adv. then
siha, adv. here, hither
sihe, adv. hence, from here
siñi, adv. therefore, for this reason, because
siniti (2), adv. blue, bluely
siraka, adv. this much
siro, adv. now
site, adv. thus, this way
siti, adv. adverb suffix
sori, adv. too much, excessively, to excess; excess (compound form)
sutiti, adv. rarely
topi, adv. else
tosipi, adv. otherwise
toti, adv. really, in truth, truly
vahu, adv. very, much, rather
vasapepi, adv. toward, against, facing, across from
veya, adv. less
veyi, adv. least
veyiñara, adv. at least
vuro, adv. again
yoha, adv. where, whither (interr.)
yohe, adv. whence, where from (interr.)
yoñi, adv. why (interr.)
yoraka, adv. how much (interr.)
yoro, adv. when (interr.)
yote, adv. how (interr.)