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bo  one
mura  two
pheda three
chre  four
rgiza  seven
xme  ten
-g  hundred

da BEN

mark oblique topic with zdura/zgura ( < -s tse/es gura, where gura = archaic word for 'look at' or sth)

Pronouns should be redone in accord with noun class system. For now:

zha tse
zhim  es el/ezd

i che ryam
im esh eryem

Generic pronoun is du, presumably via d-lu, in accord with the Deghuri d- marker where Amqoli has b-.

demonstratives: bdza / blyu [this / that by you] / dzga / ju [this/that inan] / lqora / lqoru [that over by you]

sentence-initial (from topicalization) adverbs to mark time; verbs take the... some different form, one presumes
mezh = future

        zhu (something)
bzhu (question)

me toward
mera and so, because
sha and
zgu  in, with

epenthetic consonant is -r-

-q-, -k- subord (k- before e i)
-lux- causative intentional
-mod- causative unintentional
-lVch(V)- benefactive
-ri- reflexive

-(y)a- habitual (-zha after vowels, -zha/-sha after peripheral consonants, -lya after sibilant + vowel)

-(y)a- 'to be an X'
-(a)q- 'to have (inalienable) an X'
-tu- thing that X
("thing that gets Xed" is ndraX-POS da khar; however, some words have fossilized passive nominalizer -xa, pl. -xe)
ndra- V > N "instance of this action"
kE- V > N abstract nominalizer
-$(d)Uri- result of Xing (fossilized, not productive)
-:za - push locative up to accusative (NB: : only lengthens back vowels here)
dza- - take up, start doing (fossilized)
han/ly- - ~direction marker 'up' / "completely X"
sE- - be able to (sr- before vowels)
-lyu / -pa - m / f human nominalizers
adverbs in -dryoba

-xal - collective
-kri - derogatory collective (khari)

-psh(e) - thoroughly, completely

-zhla ~diminutive?

Some imperfectives are derived from perfectives through vowel harmony: o u -> e yi.

    v-anim    c-anim    v-inan c-inan
    SG  PL  SG  PL  —    —
NOM -V  -i  -0  -i  -V    -0
GEN -Vm  -im  -Vm  -im  -Vm    -Vm
ACC -Vs  -is  -s  -yu  -Vs    -s
INS -ya  -ib  -e  -ib  -ye    -ye
PRE -e  -i  -e  -i  -e    -e
PAR -shi -shi -shi -shi -shi  -shi

mass nouns can only take PAR

    TOP            ABS
    1    2/3    1  2  3
M T 0-  t-    -q  -m  -s
F T 0-  b-    -t  -mi -sh
I T —-  te-    N/A -m -0
M S m-  ma-
F S m(i)-ma-
I S —-  me-
M L t-  tu-
F L c-  cu-
I L —-  chu-
M N n-  nu-
F N ndz- ndzu-
I N —-  nju-

+ oblique topic marker -d-, -g- after coronals

-lya- through
        at      from    to/toward
in      ex      Vmx    sh(i)x
on h.  et      Vmt    sh(i)t
on v.  echa    Vncha  sh(i)cha
under  edeq    VndVq  sh(i)d(i)q
at/near eri    Vndri  sh(i)ri 
through elya    Vma    sh(i)la