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? Kereb Ba'al
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just in case anyone actually missed me

the zbb is just a sad slow fizzle so i don't bother with it so much now, and i'm busy managing the parts of my life that are unravelling at the moment
i do actually look forward to returning to whichever forum turns out to succeed
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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? Radius C / 2π
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We do miss you, dammit. Come back, come back! :-( Without your tales of debauchery and fractal broccoli and nude bicycling, we are bereft.
? Rhetorica Your Writing System Sucks
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Romanesco broccoli is the force that holds the world together, so that's how you know it's important to have tales about it.
? Nessari ?????? ?????? ????????
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yes, please.
? Travis B. posts: 603
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Come back to #isharia, and post more here too, please!