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All the animal glyphs in one image

hv̄s - Birds (Kinesis/Kinesis)

hj̀vs - Gull (Kinesis/Kinesis/Kinesis)
Represented by an albatross, includes seabirds such as gulls, auks, gannets, boobies, cormorants, tropicbirds and petrels.  Attributed to Kinesis for association with travel.

hŕs - Songbird (Kinesis/Kinesis/Metamorphosis)
Represented by a finch, includes the passerines (except corvids) and doves/pidgeons.  Attributed to Metamorphosis for great variety.

nvj̀s - Raptor (Kinesis/Kinesis/Crisis)
Represented by a hawk, includes birds of prey such as falcons, buzzards, eagles, kites and osprey.  Attributed to Crisis for being powerful predators.

nvv̄js - Hummingbird (Kinesis/Kinesis/Anthesis)
Represented by a hummingbird, includes hummingbirds, sunbirds and kingfishers.  Attributed to Anthesis for beauty.

nvŕjs - Fowl (Kinesis/Kinesis/Genesis)
Represented by a Ring-Necked Pheasant, includes grouse, quail, partridge, turkey, peafowl, junglefowl etc. (galliformes).  Attributed to Genesis for fertility.

nr̀vx - Owl (Kinesis/Kinesis/Nemesis)
Represented by a horned owl.  Attributed to Nemesis for being nocturnal.

nj̄vx - Parrot (Kinesis/Kinesis/Synthesis)
Represented by a cockatoo, includes parrots, parakeets, cockatiels etc. (psittacines)

nv́rx - Hornbill (Kinesis/Kinesis/Telesis)
Represented by a Hornbill, includes birds with large beaks such as toucans.

njj̀rx - Vulture (Kinesis/Kinesis/Analysis)
Represented by a vulture, includes vultures and condors.  Attributed to Analysis as a scavenger.

njv̄x - Woodpecker (Kinesis/Kinesis/Ascesis)
Represented by a Pileated Woodpecker.  Attributed to Ascesis for seclusion and work.

njŕx - Corvid (Kinesis/Kinesis/Physis)
Represented by a jackdaw, includes all corvids such as ravens and crows.  Attributed to Physis for social behaviour.

gvj̀x - Ratite (Kinesis/Kinesis/Noesis)
Represented by an ostrich, includes all ratites such as emus, kiwis, rhea and cassowarys.  Attributed to Noesis for the ostrich's herd-following behaviour.

gvr̄vh - Waterfowl (Kinesis/Kinesis/Gnosis)
Represented by the Mute Swan, includes waterfowl such as ducks, geese, loons and grebe.  Attributed to Gnosis for association with water and fish.

gvj́vh - Crane (Kinesis/Kinesis/Stasis)
Represented by a Demoiselle Crane, includes all long-legged wading birds.  Attributed to Stasis for balance and association with shellfish.

gŕʔ - Insects (Kinesis/Metamorphosis)


gr̀jʔ - Dragonfly (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Kinesis)

Dragonflies and damselflies.  Attributed to Kinesis for speed.

gv̄ʔ - Beetle (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Metamorphosis)
Beetles (coleoptera), excluding fireflies (lampyridae).  Attributed to Metamorphosis for variety.

qvj̀ʔ - Earwig (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Crisis)

Attributed to Crisis for armament.

qvv̄v - Butterfly (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Anthesis)
Diurnal lepidoptera.  Attributed to Anthesis for beauty.

qvŕv - Cockroach (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Genesis)
Attributed to Genesis for tenacious life.

qrj̀v - Mosquito (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Nemesis)
Includes fleas, bedbugs and other blood parasitic insects.  Attributed to Nemesis as parasitic.

qrv̄r - Wasp (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Synthesis)
Includes wasps and bees.  Attributed to Synthesis as builders.

qrŕr - Grasshopper (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Telesis)

Grasshoppers, crickets and katydids.

qjj̀r - Fly (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Analysis)
Most Diptera.  Attributed to Analysis for association with decay.

qjv̄j - Moth (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Ascesis)
Nocturnal lepidoptera.  Attributed to Ascesis as lunar.

qjŕj - Ant (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Physis)

Attributed to Physis for social behaviour.

qj̀j - Firefly (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Noesis)

xv́n - Cranefly (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Gnosis)

Log-legged insects, including pondskaters.  Attributed to Gnosis for association with water.

hvr̀n - Mantis (Kinesis/Metamorphosis/Stasis)
Mantids and Phasmids.  Attributed to Stasis for stillness.

hjv̀rg - Bears (Kinesis/Crisis)


hrr̀jn - Sea Lion (Kinesis/Crisis/Kinesis)

Represented by a Sea Lion, includes all the eared seals.

hrr̄vg - Anteater (Kinesis/Crisis/Metamorphosis)
Represented by a Giant Anteater, includes the silky anteater, tamandua, and aardvark.  Attributed to Metamorphosis for association with insects.

hrj́vg - Walrus (Kinesis/Crisis/Crisis)

Represented by a Walrus, includes the walrus and the elephant seal.  Attributed to Crisis for bulk and agression.

hjj̄rg - Bear (Kinesis/Crisis/Anthesis)
Represented by a Brown Bear, includes all bears (Ursidae).  Attributed to Anthesis for maternal instinct and association with the sun.

hjv́g - Manatee (Kinesis/Crisis/Genesis)
Represented by a Manatee, includes manatees and dugongs. 

hr̀g - Badger (Kinesis/Crisis/Nemesis)
Represented by a European Badger.  Attributed to Nemesis for being nocturnal.

hj̄g - Otter (Kinesis/Crisis/Synthesis)
Represented by a  European Otter, includes all otters. 

hv́q - Dolphin (Kinesis/Crisis/Telesis)

ʔvr̀q - Wolverine (Kinesis/Crisis/Analysis)*
Attributed to Analysis as a scavenger.

ʔvj̄q - Skunk (Kinesis/Crisis/Ascesis)*
Represented by a Striped Skunk, includes skunks, stink badgers and the honey badger.  Attributed to Ascesis as solitary.

ʔvv́p - Seal (Kinesis/Crisis/Physis)

Includes all true (earless) seals except the elephant seal.  Attributed to Physis for social behaviour.

ʔrr̀p - Koala (Kinesis/Crisis/Noesis)

ʔrj̄p - Whale (Kinesis/Crisis/Gnosis)

Represented by a Sperm Whale.  Attributed to Gnosis for association with fish.

ʔrv́rp - Sloth (Kinesis/Crisis/Stasis)
Attributed to Stasis for slowness.

I accidentally swapped the order of these two in the image.  The Skunk is 3rd row, second and the Wolverine is 3rd row, third.

nvr̀t - Cats (Kinesis/Anthesis)


ʔjŕjp - Cheetah (Kinesis/Anthesis/Kinesis)

Attributed to Kinesis for speed.

ʔr̀vt - Mongoose (Kinesis/Anthesis/Metamorphosis)
Includes all mongooses (mongeese?) that aren't highly social.

ʔj̄vt - Tiger (Kinesis/Anthesis/Crisis)

ʔv́t - Lion (Kinesis/Anthesis/Anthesis)

nvj̄t - Genet (Kinesis/Anthesis/Genesis)
Represented by a Cape Genet, includes all arboreal viverrids.

nvv́jt - Civet (Kinesis/Anthesis/Nemesis)

Represented by an African Civet, includes all nocturnal, .  Attributed to Nemesis for being nocturnal.

nr̀jt - Serval (Kinesis/Anthesis/Synthesis)
Represented by a Serval, includes all medium-sized cats.

nr̄vk - Wildcat (Kinesis/Anthesis/Telesis)

Represented by a tabby patterned cat, includes all small cats.

nj́vk - Raccoon (Kinesis/Anthesis/Analysis)
Attributed to Analysis as a scavenger.

njv̀rk - Lynx (Kinesis/Anthesis/Ascesis)
Represented by a Canada Lynx.  Attributed to Ascesis as solitary.

njj̄rk - Meercat (Kinesis/Anthesis/Physis)

Represented by a Meercat, includes all highly social mongooses and similar animals.  Attributed to Physis for social behaviour.

njv́k - Leopard (Kinesis/Anthesis/Noesis)

gvr̀k - Jaguar (Kinesis/Anthesis/Gnosis)

Attributed to Gnosis for association with water.

gvj̄k - Puma (Kinesis/Anthesis/Stasis)
Represented by a Puma (Puma concolor).  Attributed to Physis for silence.

qvr̀ʔ - Worms (Kinesis/Genesis)


grv̄rʔ - Squid (Kinesis/Genesis/Kinesis)

Attributed to Kinesis for flying squid.

grj́rʔ - Bristle Worm (Kinesis/Genesis/Metamorphosis)
"Worms with legs", or similar projections.  Represented by a velvet worm.  Attributed to Metamorphosis for epitoky.

gv̀jʔ - Octopus (Kinesis/Genesis/Crisis)

Attributed to Crisis for bulk and predation.

gr̄jʔ - Starfish (Kinesis/Genesis/Anthesis)

gv́ʔ - Annelid (Kinesis/Genesis/Genesis)
Simple segmented worms.  Represented by an earthworm.

qvj̄ʔ - Fluke (Kinesis/Genesis/Nemesis)
Various parasitic worms. Represented by a blood fluke.  Attributed to Nemesis as parasitic.

qvv́v - Cuttlefish (Kinesis/Genesis/Synthesis)

qrr̀v - Seahorse (Kinesis/Genesis/Telesis)

qrj̄v - Nematode (Kinesis/Genesis/Analysis)
Unsegmented worms.

qrv́r - Snail (Kinesis/Genesis/Ascesis)
Attributed to Ascesis for withdrawal.

qjr̀r - Jellyfish (Kinesis/Genesis/Physis)

Attributed to Physis for swarming behaviour.

qjj̄r - Slug (Kinesis/Genesis/Noesis)

Includes sea slugs, nudibranchs and sea cucumber. 

qjv́j - Hagfish (Kinesis/Genesis/Gnosis)

Jawless fish.  Represented by a hagfish.  Attributed to Gnosis for being fish-like.

qr̀j - Chiton (Kinesis/Genesis/Stasis)
Attributed to Stasis as jointed-shelled.

fjv̀rg - Bats (Kinesis/Nemesis)


fr̀n - Free-Tailed (Kinesis/Nemesis/Kinesis)

Represented by Chapin's Free Tailed bat.  Attributed to for speed.

fj̄n - Pipistrelle (Kinesis/Nemesis/Metamorphosis)
Generalised microbat. 

fv́jn - Megadermatidae (Kinesis/Nemesis/Crisis)

The False Vampire Bats.  Represented by the Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas).  Attributed to Crisis as specialised large predators.

frr̀jn - Horseshoe (Kinesis/Nemesis/Anthesis)
Bats with large, rounded nose leaves.  Attributed to Anthesis because of the big, round, solar-disk noses, and to play a little with the Anthesis/beauty connection :P

frr̄vg - Tube-Nosed (Kinesis/Nemesis/Genesis)
Tube-Nosed fruit bats.

frj́vg - Vampire (Kinesis/Nemesis/Nemesis)
Vampire bats.  Attributed to Nemesis as parasitic.

fjj̄rg - Tent-Making (Kinesis/Nemesis/Synthesis)
Tent making bats.  Represented by Uroderma bilobatum.  Attributed to Synthesis as building.

fjv́g - Hammer-headed (Kinesis/Nemesis/Telesis)

svr̀g - Mystacinidae (Kinesis/Nemesis/Analysis)

svj̄g - Big-Eared (Kinesis/Nemesis/Ascesis)
Attributed to Ascesis as solitary.

svv́q - Flying Fox (Kinesis/Nemesis/Physis)

Attributed to Physis for social behaviour.

sr̀q - Long-Nosed (Kinesis/Nemesis/Noesis)

sj̄q - Bulldog (Kinesis/Nemesis/Gnosis)
Bulldog or fishing bats.  Attributed to Gnosis association with water/fish.

sv́p - Mouse-Tailed (Kinesis/Nemesis/Stasis)
Attributed to Stasis as desert-dwelling.

xr̀t - Arachnids (Kinesis/Synthesis)


sjv́rp - Solifuge (Kinesis/Synthesis/Kinesis)

xvj̀rp - Lobster (Kinesis/Synthesis/Metamorphosis)
(Clawed) Lobsters, crayfish etc.

xvv̄jp - Centipede (Kinesis/Synthesis/Crisis)

Centipedes, symphylans, pauropods, remipedes and similar.  Attributed to Crisis as predators.

xvŕjp - Mantis Shrimp (Kinesis/Synthesis/Anthesis)
Attributed to Anthesis for colour and sight.

xrr̀vt - Triops (Kinesis/Synthesis/Genesis)
Horseshoe crabs and tadpole shrimp.  Attributed to Genesis as primitive.

xrj̄vt - Mite (Kinesis/Synthesis/Nemesis)
Mites, ticks, lice, aphids, bedbugs, and generally all small, simple arthropods.  Attributed to Nemesis as parasitic.

xrv́t - Spider (Kinesis/Synthesis/Synthesis)
Attributed to Nemesis as building.

xj̄t - Scorpion (Kinesis/Synthesis/Telesis)

Scorpions, pseudoscorpions and whip scorpions.

xv́jt - Crab (Kinesis/Synthesis/Analysis)
Attributed to Analysis as scavenging.

hvr̀jt - Whip Spider (Kinesis/Synthesis/Ascesis)
Attributed to Ascesis as solitary.

hvr̄vk - Shrimp (Kinesis/Synthesis/Physis)

Shrimp/prawn, krill etc., various small long-bodied aquatic crustaceans lacking prominent claws.  Attributed to Physis for social behaviour.

hvj́vk - Harvestman (Kinesis/Synthesis/Noesis)

Harvestmen and Sea Spiders.

hrv̀rk - Woodlouse (Kinesis/Synthesis/Gnosis)
Woodlouse and other isopods.

hrj̄rk - Millpede (Kinesis/Synthesis/Stasis)
Attributed to Stasis as slow moving.

ʔrr̀ʔ - Snakes (Kinesis/Telesis)


hjj̄k - Flying Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Kinesis)

hjŕvʔ - Tentacled Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Metamorphosis)

hj̀vʔ - Python (Kinesis/Telesis/Crisis)
All constricting snakes, inc boa, anaconda, ratsnakes etc.

hv̄rʔ - Coral Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Anthesis)
Dustbin taxon of patterned snakes. 

hj́rʔ - Amphisbaenia (Kinesis/Telesis/Genesis)
Blindsnakes, amphisbaenia and similar.  Attributed to Genesis as primitive and resembling earthworms.

ʔvv̀jʔ - Wart Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Nemesis)

ʔvr̄jʔ - Shield-Tailed Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Synthesis)
Attributed to Synthesis as burrowing.

ʔvv́ʔ - Cobra (Kinesis/Telesis/Telesis)

Hooded snakes, inc. mambas.

ʔrj̄ʔ - Hog-Nosed Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Analysis)
Attributed to Analysis for playing dead.

ʔrv́v - Adder (Kinesis/Telesis/Ascesis)
Pitless vipers, represented by the Horned Viper. 

ʔjr̀v - Viper (Kinesis/Telesis/Physis)
Pit vipers, represented by a rattlesnake.

ʔjj̄v - Vine Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Noesis)

Various slender, angular-headed and long-nosed snakes. Represented by Ahaetulla nasuta.

ʔjv́r - Sea Snake (Kinesis/Telesis/Gnosis)

ʔr̀r - Slowworm (Kinesis/Telesis/Stasis)
Various legless lizards, excluding Amphisbaenia.  Attributed to Stasis as slow moving.

gvv̀rg - Dogs (Kinesis/Analysis)


nvr̀j - Lycaon pictus (Kinesis/Analysis/Kinesis)

nvj̄j - Bat-Eared Fox (Kinesis/Analysis/Metamorphosis)

nvv́n - Wolf (Kinesis/Analysis/Crisis)
One of two I've translated as "wolf", because I'm lazy.  "Northern"-type wolves, stockier, shaggier furred, including the coyote.

nr̀n - Dhole (Kinesis/Analysis/Anthesis)

nj̄n - Thylacine (Kinesis/Analysis/Genesis)

nv́jn - Aardwolf (Kinesis/Analysis/Nemesis)
Includes the striped hyena.

njr̀jn - Fox (Kinesis/Analysis/Synthesis)
Represented by a red fox, includes foxes and similar not included under fennec.

njr̄vg - Wolf (Kinesis/Analysis/Telesis)

The other set of wolves.  "Southern"-type wolves, slender, short haired, including the golden jackal.

njj́vg - Black-Backed Jackal (Kinesis/Analysis/Analysis)

gvj̄rg - Maned Wolf (Kinesis/Analysis/Ascesis)

gvv́g - Spotted Hyena (Kinesis/Analysis/Physis)

grr̀g - Side-Striped Jackal (Kinesis/Analysis/Noesis)

grj̄g - Bush Dog (Kinesis/Analysis/Gnosis)

grv́q - Fennec (Kinesis/Analysis/Stasis)
Represented by a fennec fox, small desert adapted foxes.

qr̀t - Reptiles (Kinesis/Ascesis)


gv́p - Gliding Lizard (Kinesis/Ascesis/Kinesis)

qvr̀p - Frog (Kinesis/Ascesis/Metamorphosis)
Frogs and toads. (images for this and crocodile are in the wrong order, oops)

qvj̄p - Crocodile (Kinesis/Ascesis/Crisis)

qvv́rp - Anole (Kinesis/Ascesis/Anthesis)
Represented by a frill-necked lizard, includes anoles and other lizards with extendible neck frills/dewlaps etc.

qrj̀rp - Salamander (Kinesis/Ascesis/Genesis)
Land-dwelling salamanders/newts.

qrv̄jp - Gecko (Kinesis/Ascesis/Nemesis)

qrŕjp - Skink (Kinesis/Ascesis/Synthesis)
Small lizards with poorly defined neck.

qjr̀vt - Chameleon (Kinesis/Ascesis/Telesis)
Represented by a chameleon, includes casquehead lizards.

qjj̄vt - Monitor (Kinesis/Ascesis/Analysis)

qjj̄vt - Gila monster (Kinesis/Ascesis/Ascesis)
Lizards with round bumpy scales, inc. beaded lizard,

qjv́t - Spiny Lizard (Kinesis/Ascesis/Physis)
Represented by a Girdled Armadillo lizard, includes lizards with spiny and/or plate-like scales (bearded dragon, shingleback skink, horned lizard etc.)

qv́jt - Iguanal (Kinesis/Ascesis/Noesis)

fr̀jt - Newt (Kinesis/Ascesis/Gnosis)
Aquatic salamanders/newts.

fr̄vk - Turtle (Kinesis/Ascesis/Stasis)
Represented by a sea turtle, includes tortoises, terrapins etc.

sjr̀ʔ - Rodents (Kinesis/Physis)


frj̄rk - Squirrel (Kinesis/Physis/Kinesis)

Represented by a red squirel, includes squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, sugar gliders etc.

frv́k - Hamster (Kinesis/Physis/Metamorphosis)
Short-tailed, mouse-like rodents, including hamsters and lemmings.

fjr̀k - Shrew (Kinesis/Physis/Crisis)
Shrews, shrew-moles, true moles, and other similar animals.

fjj̄k - Hare (Kinesis/Physis/Anthesis)
Represented by a hare, includes rabbits, viscachas and maras.

fjŕvʔ - Wombat (Kinesis/Physis/Genesis)
Represented by a wombat, includes pocket gophers.

svj̀vʔ - Rat (Kinesis/Physis/Nemesis)
Long-tail rat- or mouse-like animals, including rats, mice, gerbils, voles etc.

svv̄rʔ - Beaver (Kinesis/Physis/Synthesis)
Represented by a beaver, includes muskrats.

svj́rʔ - Kangaroo (Kinesis/Physis/Telesis)
Represented by a kangaroo, includes wallabies, kangaroo mice, jerboa and similar.

sv̀jʔ - Possum (Kinesis/Physis/Analysis)
Represented by a Virginia Opposum, includes possums and opossums.

sr̄jʔ - Hedgehog (Kinesis/Physis/Ascesis)
Represented by a hedgehog, includes porcupines and echidnas.

sv́ʔ - Blesmol (Kinesis/Physis/Physis)
Represented by a Damaraland mole rat, includes blesmols, marsupial moles and blind mole rats.

sjj̄ʔ - Cavy (Kinesis/Physis/Noesis)
Represented by a capybara, includes cavies.

sjv́v - Desman (Kinesis/Physis/Gnosis)

xvr̀v - Armadillo (Kinesis/Physis/Stasis)
Represented by an armadillo, includes the pangolin.

gvv̄rg - Ungulates (Kinesis/Noesis)


xrr̀r - Antelope (Kinesis/Noesis/Kinesis)

Represented by a Thomson's Gazelle, includes antelopes and gazelles.

xrj̄r - Deer (Kinesis/Noesis/Metamorphosis)
Represented by a red deer, includes all species with antlers.

xrv́j - Elephant (Kinesis/Noesis/Crisis)

xr̀j - Giraffe (Kinesis/Noesis/Anthesis)
Represented by a giraffe, includes the okapi.

xj̄j - Tapir (Kinesis/Noesis/Genesis)
Represented by a Malayan Tapir.

nv̀n - Musk Deer (Kinesis/Noesis/Nemesis)
Fanged deer, includes the water deer.

nr̄n - Chevrotain (Kinesis/Noesis/Synthesis)

nj́n - Horse (Kinesis/Noesis/Telesis)
Represented by a horse, includes zebra, donkeys etc.

njv̀jn- Pig (Kinesis/Noesis/Analysis)
Represented by a wild boar, includes peccaries and warthogs.

njr̄jn - Rhinoceros (Kinesis/Noesis/Ascesis)

njŕvg - Cow (Kinesis/Noesis/Physis)
Represented by an Auroch, includes bison, buffalo, yak etc.

gvj̀vg - Goat (Kinesis/Noesis/Noesis)
Represented by a bighorn sheep, includes sheep and goats.

gvj́rg - Hippopotamus (Kinesis/Noesis/Gnosis)

grv̀g - Camel (Kinesis/Noesis/Stasis)
Represented by a dromedary camel, includes camels, llamas, vicuña, guanaco and alpaca.

qr̄t - Fish (Kinesis/Gnosis)



gv̀q - Flying Fish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Kinesis)

gr̄q - Pufferfish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Metamorphosis)
Boxy/unflattened fish, inc. boxfish, blowfish etc.

gj́q - Shark (Kinesis/Gnosis/Crisis)

qvv̀p - Angelfish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Anthesis)
Dorsally flattened, upright, roundish fish. (Shape 5)

qvr̄p - Sturgeon (Kinesis/Gnosis/Genesis)
Flat bottom, wedge shaped head, inc. sturgeon, pike, needlefish, gar (Shape 1)

qvj́p - Catfish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Nemesis)
Fish with barbels, inc. carp

qrv̀rp - Goby (Kinesis/Gnosis/Synthesis)
Raised froglike eyes, short blunt head, inc. blenny, mudskipper (Shape 2)

qrj̄rp - Eel (Kinesis/Gnosis/Telesis)
Long slender body, inc oarfish etc. (Shape 6)

qrv́jp - Billfish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Analysis)
Extended rostrum, inc. swordfish

qjr̀jp - Lionfish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Ascesis)
inc. scorpionfish, toadfish, stonefish, anglerfish, fangtooth

qjr̄vt - Herring (Kinesis/Gnosis/Physis)
Flat top, inc. herring, sprat (Shape 3)

qjj́vt - Wrasse (Kinesis/Gnosis/Noesis)
Beak or beak-like mouth, inc parrotfish

qv̀t - Cod (Kinesis/Gnosis/Gnosis)
Teardrop or vesica shaped body, inc. tuna, cod, many others (Shape 4)

qj́t - Flatfish (Kinesis/Gnosis/Stasis)
inc. ray, skate

sjr̄ʔ - Stasiforms (Kinesis/Stasis)


fŕvk - Hydra (Kinesis/Stasis/Kinesis)

frj̀vk - Tunicate (Kinesis/Stasis/Metamorphosis)
Represented by a predatory tunicate.

frv̄rk - Sea Urchin (Kinesis/Stasis/Crisis)

frj́rk - Sea Anenome (Kinesis/Stasis/Anthesis)

fjv̀k - Tube Worm (Kinesis/Stasis/Genesis)
Represented by a Christmas Tree Worm.

fjr̄k - Barnacle (Kinesis/Stasis/Nemesis)

fjj́k - Coral (Kinesis/Stasis/Synthesis)

svr̀vʔ - Sea Lily (Kinesis/Stasis/Telesis)

svj̄vʔ - Razor Shell (Kinesis/Stasis/Analysis)

svv́rʔ - Bivalve (Kinesis/Stasis/Ascesis)
Represented by a scallop, includes bivalves and brachiopods.

sj̀rʔ - Sand Dollar (Kinesis/Stasis/Physis)

sv̄jʔ - Limpet (Kinesis/Stasis/Noesis)

sŕjʔ - Sea Fan (Kinesis/Stasis/Gnosis)

sjv̀ʔ - Sponge (Kinesis/Stasis/Stasis)