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The basic word order is Subject-Object-Verb. No other words may appear between after the verb.
The particle prá is used to separate between subject noun phrase and object noun phrase. The particle is mandatory even if there is no subject.
Kró prá niuk sikThe puppy eats the meat
Kró prá sikThe puppy eats
Niuk bhe kró sikThe meat is eaten by the puppy
Niuk bhe sikThe meat is eaten
Kró minThe puppy sleeps
Kró phakThe puppy is black


The pronouns do not distinguish number by default, reduplications can be used to mark explicit plurality, except in the case of first pronoun where it must be combined with the second or third depending on the clusivity:
Speakerde, denèdegi
Non-Speakernè, nènègi, gigi

  • ħuk (someone) from ħúi (to have)
  • mak (no one) from mé (to not have).
  • kak (each) from ké (all).
There are no demonstrative pronoun, but rather demonstrative modifier that behaves like adjective (This means that it requires nominal classifier to be used as nominal attribute). The demonstrative distinguish two proximities: proximal dé and distal pe.