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? Izambri Left of the middle
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<Legion> pthagnar > how many neutrino would it take to equate the mass of H13
<Legion> H13 how much do you weight, like, 60kg?
<Cev> 60kg
<Cev> 0.06 kg
<Cev> 60,000 kg
<Cev> does it matter
<Legion> it antimatters
<Legion> *rimshot*
? Izambri Left of the middle
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, Duke, the Findible League
<pthag> newton invented force and mass
<pthag> but monsieur kilogramme claimed priority
<twanh> Kilo Gramme
<twanh> and his daughter Millie
<twanh> small waif of a girl
<Isamri> Knights of Gramme, always willing to fight Imperial Units.
<twanh> led, of course, by the Royal Mile
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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, Operon message
<@Rhetorica> okay working on the spambots yes sorry
<@Rhetorica> i started on that a while ago but some other stuff popped up
<@Rhetorica> dead grandfather, mostly
<guitarplayer> condolences
<@Rhetorica> but now that this is over and i've dropped the ultimate soul-sucking corpse of destiny
<@Rhetorica> i totally really totally promise it'll be done today, for some definition of today
<H13> not to be rude
<H13> but are you talking about your grandfather
<H13> or
<@Rhetorica> yes i will get you the code
<@Rhetorica> oh
<@Rhetorica> sorry
<@Rhetorica> course
<@Rhetorica> not corpse
<@Rhetorica> easy typo

<Cev> so I've been reading about pirates
<Cev> and annoyed by how many things the Pirates of the Caribbean movie apparently DIDN'T make up
<Cev> like there apparently really was a Brethren Court
<Cev> and a Pirate Code
<Cev> that was actually laid down by a pirate named Bartholomew
<Cev> <_<
<Slereah> What about pirate magic
<Cev> Next I'm gonna read somewhere that the East India Company really had a giant kraken at their disposal.
<Slereah> No it was mostly just opium

<Slereah_> http://new1.fjcdn.com/comments/The+inside+of+a+kangaroo+pouch+is+a+womb+that+s+_d90bf4a92c74bc25f7208581b10b1591.jpg
<Slereah_> Aaaah
<Slereah_> Baby roos are always a bit spooky
<Slereah_> I wonder what the abortion debate would look like if we were marsupials
<Slereah_> Where the fetus is just hanging around

<Slereah> "To avoid FBI attention and prosecution, the modern Mafia also outsources a lot of its work to other criminal groups, such as motorcycle gangs."
<Slereah> Stealing jobs away from hard working american gangsters

<Cev> I wonder what Jumanji does if it's played by two tribal guys from the Congo
<Cev> do like, cars come out of it?
<Slereah> They wouldn't even notice
<Slereah> For them every day is being chased by rhinos and being shot at by white men

<Slereah> Comment sections on Al Jazeera are pretty tense
<Slereah> Even the article on gravitational waves is full of comments about palestine
<miekko> gravity is a thing the jews invented to hold the palestinians down
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
<pthagnar>  i agree with pthagnar
? twabs fair maiden
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<Brellion> <Red_Dawn> I really hope I'm having a bad dream right now.
<Brellion> <Red_Dawn> It looks like we are hurtling headfirst into another depression.
<Brellion> <Red_Dawn> It's only been a few hours and the US stock market is already plumetting.
<Brellion> <Red_Dawn> Those right wing shitheads have fucked us all.
<Brellion> <Red_Dawn> I can't even sleep because I'm literally shaking with terror.
<Brellion> <Red_Dawn> Today barbarism has triumphed over reason.
<Brellion> I support Brexit now
? twabs fair maiden
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I'm gonna post the pastebin here

<guitarplayer> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7PiZ9NDX44
<Cev> Remember when Salmoneus said that this was probably the most popular and well-remembered song from this movie?
<Legion> Salmoneus is basically Typical Mind Fallacy Man
<Legion> bitten by a radioactive autist, he has all the powers of not realising other people are not him

<Slereah> Why don't they arrest everyone with a weird name in Gotham City
<Slereah> If you are called Strange
<Slereah> Bam
<Slereah> Straight to jail

<pthag> is this like how that thread was changed from 'no sirdanilots' to 'everyone is welcome'
<pthag> which universal love was only made possible by the casting of sirdanilot into thr desert
<pthag> and providing us with a salutary example of how people stop being people when u dont let them in
<Cev> The hungry gods must be appeased.
<Zayk> Hungary has gods?
<CUM_SIURAN> lol not anymore #christianizedMotherfucker

<@vlad> I didn't realize we had more than one species of ibis
<Cev> Why are your birds all gigantic, vlad?
<@vlad> island gigantism?
<Cev> I think Australia might be too big for that
<@vlad> maybe that's also island gigantism

<miekko> the thing where the bride throws a bouquet, and whoever catches it is fated to be next, we should extend that to funerals too

<Cev> My birdfeeder was empty for a day or so
<Cev> I'm afraid that all the birds saw it was empty and figured it'd be empty forever now and so went 200 miles east or something
<Smaug> word gets around fast in the birdmunnity
<Cev> I might have to start a whole new flock from scratch!
<Yatalac> Smaug, yeah they use twitter

Zayk: That door is shaped like a vagina.
Legion: That may or may not be intentional.
Legion: There's allegedly a lot of hidden sexual symbolism in 2001.
Cev: The vagina symbolizes the fact that the director faked the Moon landing.

guitarplayer: As a german, i find it very strange anyway that americans plaster everything with their flag
YaaliAnnar: Germany is going to the other extreme.
guitarplayer: Some people at least, yeah.
guitarplayer: During the soccer world championship, leftists even tore down flags that people had put e.g. on their cars to show support for and pride in the national team.
YaaliAnnar: Waving Bundesflagge  wouldn't raise der Führer from his grave.
YaaliAnnar: (You need to wave the Hakenkreuz flag for that)

<Cev> This prose is many-fauceted indeed.

<Cev> Sulu kinda has buff arms in this
<Slereah> Well, how else do you attract gay men
<Radius> by bending over

<Slereah> I have always said
<Slereah> If you can't use a public bathroom
<Slereah> The most effective protest is shitting your pants


<Slereah> Oh no
<Slereah> That bad guy can transform into poison gas
<Slereah> I shall call him Zyklon Ben
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
01:45 < Cev> Sler: I mean modern porn done in mesopotamian style
01:45 < Cev> like
01:45 < Cev> "RAMmurabi"
01:45 < Cev> [awful]
01:45 < Cev> or
01:45 < Cev> Sargon of...
01:45 < Cev> Anus
01:46  * Cev scratches his head
? Radius C / 2π
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, Hydrogen, United States
I have a few old things saved.

<Yatalac> there once was a man from dundee / whose limericks would end on line three / i don't know why
<Yatalac> there once was a man from peru / whose limericks would end on line two
<Yatalac> there once was a man from verdun
<Yatalac> (and i'm sure y'all know the one about emperor nero)
? Radius C / 2π
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, Hydrogen, United States
I can't resist, sorry:

* Cevv screams for ice cream but nothing happens
<Radius> suddenly, your door is battered down by six orcs
<Radius> they are carrying half a gallon of your favorite flavor of ice cream
<Radius> you have at hand a silver sword +2
<Radius> roll for initiative.
* Cevv rolls: 3
<Radius> your blisteringly quick attack slices through the first orc and substantially "incoveniences" the one behind him. Your half-gallon has dropped to the floor and is rolling around.
<Radius> the remaining four lose their morale check and flee.
* Cevv casts magic missile at the half-gallon of ice cream
<Radius> oh.
<Radius> whoops.
<Radius> it has melted.
<Radius> liquid formerly-ice-cream is running across your floor, making it quite slick. Roll a dexterity check to avoid falling on your ass.
* Cevv rolls: 2
<pthagnar> rolly polly
<Radius> congratulations, you have succeeded in remaining standing while the very thing you wanted lies destroyed on your own floor.
<Radius> you get -500 XP
? twabs fair maiden
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p sure this falls under "making fun of" but

[18:35:38] <Ang> H13: they commit the crime of not being in a bra, which is Wrong and Bad and Causes Judgements
[18:36:22] <-> H13 is now known as Yatalac
[18:36:35] <Yatalac> Ang: feel free to not wear a bra around me at any time
[18:36:40] <-> Yatalac is now known as H13
? Whimemsz posts: 60
, Novice Speaker message
<Ang> "Sun worship was popular in the ancient world."  This probably isn't the worst line I've heard in a documentary but it's the worst that I can think of right now
<H13> <Ang> "Sun worship was popular in the ancient world." < this is an excellent way of describing this
<H13> I propose we adopt it
<H13> "worship of heaven was fashionable among the medieval turks and mongols"
<H13> "after the death of muhammad the first caliphs popularized Islam among a wider audience"
<Ang> "Messianic Judiasm was adapted for a Roman audience, and soon went viral"
<guitarplayer> Paul went to Rome, and you won't believe what happened next!
<Ang> Now I'm imagining St. Paul's epistles as lengthy blog entries
<guitarplayer> "600 rules you don't have to follow to gain salvation"
<guitarplayer> (that sounds like a p. long listicle if you ask me!)
<Ang> "One simple secret to eternal life found by a Bethlehem carpenter!!!!"
<H13> Ang: bakers and fishmongers hate him! discover this one simple trick to save big on food bills
? twabs fair maiden
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this is even funnier in light of dhok

[14:23:33] <yng> for u baby
[14:23:36] <yng> i could be anything
[14:23:43] <H13> including a sheep,
[14:23:48] <yng> h13: look
[14:23:52] <yng> that's racial abuse.
[14:23:55] <yng> I don't take kindly to it.
[14:24:21] <yng> h13: yeah i actually made the sheep come like 100 times whilst losing my virginity
[14:24:25] <yng> but dont worry
[14:24:27] <yng> i wore protection
[14:24:29] <yng> cuz im not an idiot
[14:24:31] <H13> excellent
[14:24:48] <H13> wrt the racial abuse m/b you should have thought about that before you internet-named yourself
[14:24:51] <H13> "yng nghymru"
[14:25:34] <pthagnar> yng "ask me what a sheep's vagina feels like" nghymru
[14:25:43] <yng> i made wales come like 100 times whilst losing my virginity
[14:25:44] <yng> TO MY COUNTRY
[14:25:52] <yng> oh no wait for this joke to work
[14:25:52] <yng> hey
[14:25:54] <yng> h13
[14:25:57] <yng> you know your MOTHERland???
[14:26:04] <yng> i FUCKED your MOTHERland.
[14:26:12] <H13> untrw
[14:26:17] <H13> if anything u missed
[14:26:20] <yng> unf unf unf
[14:26:25] <yng> right in the nazi gold vaults
[14:26:27] <H13> [1nv]
[14:26:29] <yng> yeah that's right
[14:27:05] <yng> unfortunately england's been fucking my motherland since before I was born #truesay
? Whimemsz posts: 60
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<CUM_SIURAN> I wonder how many native americans were upset about having american citizenship in 1924
<CUM_SIURAN> becuase it meant they would be taxed
<Slereah_> Maybe they dressed up as indians and threw tea in the harbor
? twabs fair maiden
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[11:22:17] <Cev> I dunno I don't know anything about Gandhi except that he was skinny.
[11:22:29] <pthagnar> are u aware of indian independence
[11:22:43] <Cev> pthag: I think that it would be a good idea.
? Serafín posts: 48
, 農, Canada
<Legion> as far as weird-French-director-who-also-makes-comics is concerned, I prefer Bilal over Jodorowsky
<YaaliAnnar> I like his comic with fascist homosexual men in clown make up.
<YaaliAnnar> It has pyramids.
<Slereah_> Well I know fascist homosexual men in animal costumes
<Slereah_> It's not that ludicrous
<Legion> French sci-fi is weird
<Legion> why do we make weird stuff
<Legion> to stand out from the Americans?
<Slereah_> Yeah
<Slereah_> It's part of the effort for like
<Slereah_> L'exception culturelle
<Legion> Americans: "our sci-fi has epic space battles" French: "oh yeah well our sci-fi has boobs and fascist homosexual clowns"
? Whimemsz posts: 60
, Novice Speaker message
ChanServ sets mode: +o dhok
<@dhok> can i ban anyone now
<@pharazon> Sure
<@Ser> you can
<@pharazon> But they can ban you
dhok sets mode: +b pharazon!*@*
pthagnar sets mode: -o+b dhok *!*@*.ma.comcast.net
dhok was kicked by pthagnar (pthagnar)
<@pthagnar> nice
<@pthagnar> thus always
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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<Slereah> tfw の gf
? twabs fair maiden
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<twanh> ox-eyed
<twanh> sounds like an insult
<twanh> but it is not
<pharazon> whatever then can it mean, dear fellow?
<twanh> large eyes, according to LSJ
<twanh> evidently an ideal of beauty in ancient greece
<pharazon> yeah but consider that all our records from ancient greece are in anime form

? twabs fair maiden
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<pthagnar> i am a halcyon i am a small blue and orange bird w/ a little beak if u dont repost this i will fly past u v quicly
? Yaali Annar The Gote
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Whimemsz: How many official Greek letters are there referencing pickled geese?
Slereah: At least two, apparently.
Slereah: "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 599)"
Slereah: It is followed by "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 605 R) "
Slereah: Pickled geese were serious stuff.

YaaliAnnar: "En gran parte de España, se les llama "judías" (de origen muy incierto, pero quizá del hebreo יְהוּדִי yĕhūdī)"
Seraphinus: Beans are part of a jewish plot, Yaali.
Seraphinus: A plot to reduce economic productivity through diarrhœa and gases.

CUM_quesa: 'ey all.
YaaliAnnar: Bunuh semua bulé.
CUM_quesa: I don't know what that means.
YaaliAnnar: It means "how are you".
CUM_quesa: If I google "bunuh semua",
CUM_quesa: I get pictures of Hitler.

Yatalac: Trigger warning, austronesian alignment.

miekko: The three top Finnish political offices, in order of status, are:
H13: high chief, state shaman, commissioner for buttsex and alcohol
miekko: President, Speaker of the Parliament, Prime Minister
H13: Wow i didn't expect to get it right the first time