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? Whimemsz posts: 55
, Novice Speaker message
<Tanaphor> I like how in veterinary booklets they make you write the name of the pet
<Tanaphor> Writing MITTENS in this very serious document
<@pharazon> today we honor the noble dog who gave his life in saving 5 children from a burning building
<@pharazon> mr floofers

<Tanaphor> Back from zee doctor
<Tanaphor> I now have
<Tanaphor> SICK DAYS
<Cevv> what do you have
<Tanaphor> angina
<Cevv> you too?
<Cevv> I'm gonna end up being the only cis in this channel in not too long

<Whimemsz> why, what's the deal with the father?
<Tanaphor> He is dull apparently
<Smaug> yes
<Tanaphor> a man with no passion
<Smaug> my theory is that he signed his soul away to a demon but didn't realize that he had to surrender it immediately

<Ser> On the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface (2019) https://i.imgur.com/sIYjBfT.jpg

<Tanaphor> books more like boobs
<@guitarplayer> whynotboth.gif
<Ser> boobs-on-books
<Ser> I'm trying to find an image of a girl with her breasts resting on a thick open book
<Ser> can't find any
<Ser> let's say I paid some girl to take a picture of herself with her tits out resting on a book
<Ser> what would be a good choice of book
<Tanaphor> A tale of two titties
<Tanaphor> it was the breast of times
<Tanaphor> it was the worst of times

<Ser> seriously though, no suggestions for the book other than Dickens?
<Tanaphor> Finnegan's Wank

<@Cev> Which is why I think the whole "arranged marriages in hunter-gatherers" thing is a red herring
<@Cev> when it comes to instinctive human female mate choice preferences
<@Cev> The instinct is clearly *there* and it didn't just spring out of nowhere
<@Cev> Those elephants must be using those tusks for SOMETHING
<tiramisu> maybe they're just for being pretty!
<tiramisu> like boobies.
<tiramisu> and massive penises that don't fit inside you.
<@Cev> You underestimate me

<@Cev> oh apparently there is a line in The Prisoner of Azkaban that explicitly says Hermione is white?
<Whimemsz> what's the line?
<@Cev> "Herminoe's white face was sticking out from behind a tree."
<Tanaphor> is there a line about Dumbledore's straight face, too?

<Yatalac> holy shit
<Yatalac> rhetorica
<Yatalac> i feel like i've seen the loch ness monster
<Rhetorike> we are all the loch ness monster

<@Cev> rhetorica was just quoting J Robert Oppenheimer
<@Cev> after the atomic bomb he said "Now we are all the loch ness monster"
<Rhetorike> yes
<Rhetorike> we are become loch ness, destroyer of f-stop
<@Cev> oh wait wikipedia says that it was Kenneth Bainbridge who said that
<Rhetorike> yeah, oppenheimer said the line i just quoted
<Whimemsz> oh, apparently Oppenheimer didn't say it at the time
<Whimemsz> I didn't know that
<Whimemsz> he just thought about it
<@pharazon> do you think he regretted not saying it
<@pharazon> i mean you don't get a chance like that very often
<@Cev> I bet he was going to but then Bainbridge stepped on his dick before he had the chance
<@Cev> and ruined the moment
<Whimemsz> yeah probably
<Whimemsz> what a jerk
<@pharazon> it was probably kind of awkward
<@pharazon> like they all had some line prepared
<@pharazon> and everyone tried to say theirs at the same time
<@Cev> yeah like I bet Fermi was all ready to quote the line from the Bible where it talked about God punishing the unbelievers with loch ness monsters

<Smaug> I'm reading a book about Minas Gerais during the first republic
<Smaug> it turns out that the state was very boring.
<Smaug> in other states you had communists and anarchists running amok
<Smaug> blood feuds
<Smaug> civil wars
<@pharazon> First republic
<@pharazon> Was that after the line of Gondor failed
<Smaug> phar it gets even worse
<Smaug> Brazil's first republic is also known as the Old Republic
<Izmabri> Minas Anor, Minas Ithil and Minas Gerais. The three great cities of the Elder Days.

<@Legion> Bach has a lot of famous compositions but, it's only a tiny bit of all the stuff he composed (over 1000 known compositions)
<CUM_SIURAN> what's the worst thing bach composed
<Tanaphor> CUM_SIURAN : Fart Noises in A minor
<@Legion> you're thinking of Mozart
<@Legion> *historical joke*

<CUM_SIURAN> I'm glad that you, a queer man, agree with me about whether a cartoon rat in a children's tv show seems like he would be plausibly gay

<Play> tomorrow itll say "Did You Know .... the Voynich manuscript has been deciphered? And it only took 2 hours!"
<Tanaphor> Someone noticed that we've been holding it upside down the whole time
<Tanaphor> and it was actually plain English
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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, Transition Metal, Marburg, Germany
<Isambri> well, I saw a ufo when I was a child. I wasn't abducted, but all I saw was those little guys putting large boxes into the ufo
<Isambri> it wasn't much exciting
<Slereah> Isambri : That's how the cargo cult starts

<Tanaphor> I don't want to sound too french, but
<Tanaphor> my baguette tastes weird

<twabs> so if you fail to correctly break down a word into its component morphemes, is that a segmentation fault?

<tiramisu> that's OK because Eid al-Adha is a Genesis celebration!
<Tanaphor> do you mean the console or the band
<Tanaphor> or the Star Trek II device
<tiramisu> whichever one predates Islam

<guitarplayer> i'm pagromming a db for my dissertation data
<H13> sounds unpleasant
<tanaphor-work> SELECT german FROM ja WHERE adj = gut
<tanaphor-work> SORT BY ordnung

<Cevv> I hear they can grow imitation bavarian meat in labs now
<pthagnar> it's called leberkase
<pthagnar> and plausible
? twabs fair maiden
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, Conversational Speaker, [ˈaɪwə]
<kauntetetons8t> she was in her mid-20s and i adored her with every fiber of my being
<kauntetetons8t> unfortunately my dad was her boss so...
<Whimemsz> also you were 15
<kauntetetons8t> yes.


<pthag> i have seen a convincing chromodynamic argument that is based on the colour hexagram
<pthag>    RED ORANGE
<pthag> VIOLET              YELLOW
<pthag>  BLUE GREEN
<pthag> and u will observe it goes mario _____ wario luigi _____ waluigi
<pthag> and so ppl have tried to fill in the blank with theoretical particles
<pthag> however, the two missing places are blue and orange
<pthag> which are obviously tails and sonic
<pthag> u will agree that this explains all phenomena in a much more pasimonious manner
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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, Operon message
<Tanaphor> I'm guessing they couldn't get the original actor for Bambi's dad because he's probably been dead for 50 years

<Izambri> I recommend you all Henry James' The Sacred Fount. You'll hate it.

<Ser> regard can mean manhole in French
<yng> ahh I see
<Ser> not surprising
<yng> can it?
<Whimemsz> the French are manhole experts, just ask Slereah

<tiramisu> hey did the bees ever come back?
<tiramisu> I heard they were having a comeback
<tiramisu> but I haven't heard any updates on that comeback
<Cevv> Yeah Honey Nut Cheerios saved them all.
<tiramisu> :'D
<Cevv> We need to start a letter-writing campaign to get Honey Nut Cheerios to #BringBackTheGarterSnakes
<Cevv> If our leaders aren't going to get anything done, then it's time we turn to cereal companies.
<tiramisu> but I haven't yet ended my letter-writing campaign to get Honey Nut Cheerios to #ImpeachTrump

<Play> tomorrow itll say "Did You Know .... the Voynich manuscript has been deciphered? And it only took 2 hours!"
<Tanaphor> Someone noticed that we've been holding it upside down the whole time
<Tanaphor> and it was actually plain english

<cevv> People treat everything as if it's a new phenomenon
<Tanaphor> That reminds me of that maymay
<Tanaphor> About a LIFEHACK
<Tanaphor> And the lifehack was that if u plant tomato seeds u get more tomatoes

<Slereah> the brain is the butt of the soul, guitarplayer

<dhok> wonder what his native language was
<dhok> gaulish?
<dhok> when did gaulish die out
<Tanaphor> 1970

<@Legion> "Missionary works in Nias such as those performed by the German Protestant Rhenish Missionary Society as well as the Roman Catholics had been responsible to the destruction of Niassan wooden statues as well the suppression of unique culture of Nias society e.g. ancestor worship, magical practices, the Owasa festivals (noblemen rank-elevation festivals) headhunting and slave trading."
<@Legion> what a sentence
<@Legion> at first you're like "that's awful" and then "wait..."

<@Cev> At least it isn't a past tense imperative though
<@Cev> That would be dumb
<Radius> are you kidding
<Radius> i feel the lack of past tense imperative all the time on the internet
<@Cev> really?
<Radius> English is lacking in ways to tell someone to have fucked off long ago
? Izambri Left of the middle
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, Duke, the Findible League
#isharia / 31-jul-2019

<Ser> I would like to inquire more about said Central American porn site.

<guitarplayer> can we for once please stop associating EVERY FUCKING THING I say with the nazis just on behalf of being German
<Cevv> gp is yelling again
just like hitler
? twabs fair maiden
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, Conversational Speaker, [ˈaɪwə]
I'm not sure how I feel about this board's representation of
? Whimemsz posts: 55
, Novice Speaker message
<@ayyub> the first result when I search that is a user on nofap.com
<twabs> it's h13
<@ayyub> Fapstronaut, Male, 23
<twabs> definitely h13

<Ser> well, Brazil still has hunter-gatherer tribes in the Amazon
<Ser> are they taxed
<Smaug> no
<Smaug> they have some kind of sovereignty
<Smaug> because there are still, like, Indians who still bury children alive to appease the spirits or something
<Smaug> […] stopping it is controversial
<Ser> Chesterton's Fence, guys

<Play> hmm
<Play> Im writing about a war whose winning side is an all-male army whose ideology states that only women can hold power in the government and that men must always obey their wives
<Play> i didnt really think this through

<Tanaphor> I have met many cosmic entities
<Tanaphor> during the travels to the astral plane
<Tanaphor> mostly they go on about nonsense
<pthag> much like material entities
<Tanaphor> So far no cosmic wisdom
<Tanaphor> v. disappointing
<pthag> the problem is u
<pthag> if u were mystical enough u could evoke cosmic wisdom fom every day dreams and events
<Tanaphor> Entirely too prosaic alas
<pthag> i am so mystical that i have a cut on my hand that keeps bleeding except instead of mystery blood it bleeds chocolate
<pthag> solve this mystery if u can
<Tanaphor> are u a gingerbread man

<Tanaphor> When the normies make a flag it's gonna look more like the Hezbollah flag
<Tanaphor> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/08/Flag_of_Hezbollah.svg
<Tanaphor> Just raw text, guns and thunderous erections
<Tanaphor> they care not for vexillology and common decency
<Tanaphor> "The logo also incorporates several other objects, namely a globe, a book, a sword, and a seven-leafed branch."
<Tanaphor> None of those objects explain the thunderous erection
<Tanaphor> why won't they address it
<Ser> well, it doesn't look much like an erection
<Ser> in contrast with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Revolutionary_Guard_Corps
<Tanaphor> Are you refering to the Iran vagina
<Tanaphor> apparently the Iran vagina is a very stylized Allah
<Tanaphor> Is there any occult significance to this
<Tanaphor> Oh wait
<Tanaphor> If you look very closely at it it's actually a vagina and also a sword going in a butt
<Tanaphor> Fraught with symbolism
<pthagphone> islamic occultism is its own game
<Whimemsz> Fraught, Lisa...or Freud?
<Tanaphor> Sometimes a sword going in a butt is just a sword going in a butt

<cevv> In a thousand years English will be an extinct and undocumented language and the only recordings of it will be Hanson and Bone Thuz N Harmony songs
<Legion> thousand years seem short
<Legion> surely after spoken English has passed away written English will linger as the liturgical language of baptists for a millenia or two
<cevv> Lec: Yes but they'll lose all of their bibles
<cevv> So they'll end up desperately trying to phonetically recite Hanson and Bone Thugz N Harmony lyrics
<cevv> wondering what secrets they hold

<dhok> you can become a congresscritter at 25 in the house
<dhok> senator at 30
<dhok> pthag is there any minimum age requirement for MPs
<pthag> probably
<pthag> i doubt they would let a toddler be an mp
<pthag> but who can say
<dhok> that historical primary source Blackadder informs me that william pitt the younger was nine
<dhok> at the time of his premiership
<pthag> you're forgetting william pitt the even younger
<dhok> oh yes
<dhok> do age requirements prevent prince andrew from bestowing seats in the Lords upon his lovers
? Whimemsz posts: 55
, Novice Speaker message
<Barsuga> So Elisabeth Warren is surging in the polls
<Barsuga> Do you have any...
<Barsuga> ...reservations...
<Barsuga> about her
<pthag> totem
<pthag> polls

<Barsuga> My gang name is Ram Bam
<Ser> Barsuga: is that a double-joke on "ram [the] bum" and Maimonides?
<Barsuga> Ser : Also my fursona is a sheep
<Barsuga> It works on many levels

<Smaug_> a lot of these He-Man stories involve people trusting Skeletor, which is implausible in the sxtreme
<Smaug_> he's a purple man with a floating skull for a head who is always cackling
<Radius> sounds trustworthy enough to me
<Radius> he should challenge trump for the republican nomination, i bet he coud win it
<Smaug_> I'd vote for Skeletor
<Radius> note how his name anagrams to "elektors"

<miekko> Smaug2: what properties do we know pi to have?
<miekko> it seems we don't know it to be normal, though we strongly suspect it is
<Smaug2> well we know it's the circle number
<Smaug2> and if you remember any of the digits after 3.14 it's proof that you're smart
<Smaug2> also, there is evidence that it is not a normal number because you have to use a weird letter to write it
<Smaug2> hope this helps, miekko
<Whimemsz> I'm learning a lot here
<Smaug2> did I ever tell you that I minored in maths, whim
<Whimemsz> I don't think so
<Smaug2> that's because I didn't
<Whimemsz> makes sense then
<pharazon> even if it wasn't a weird letter
<pharazon> why use a letter at all
<pharazon> shouldn't you use numbers to write a number...

<CUM_SIURAN> Cevfr: your nick is slightly different every day
<Cevfr> You can't cross the same river twice.
<Barsuga> You can
<Barsuga> I have done so
<Ducane> Impossible
<Smaug> no, very possible
<Smaug> you do it once in the physical world, and again in your imagination
<pharazon> Maybe the river goes in a circle and the same water was flowing by the next time
<pharazon> What if it was frozen
<Smaug> Mathematician solves the paradox of the river with one simple trick! Philosophers hate him!
<pharazon> 😎

<Cevfr> It is possibly even more unfunny than the "Nobody:" joke
<pharazon> What is the joke
<Cevfr> Go to literally any youtube video and read the first 100 comments.
<CUM_SIURAN> it's more of a meme template than a joek
<Rad[]> yeah
<Rad[]> it highlights that something is coming from left field or random or unprompted, but i don't fully get the purpose of framing a bunch of things that way
<Cevfr> well what annoys me is how exaprevalent it is
<Cevfr> "the first 100 comments" is almost literally true in many cases
<Rad[]> is it possible for something to be only gigaprevalent
<Cevfr> yeah
<Cevfr> things like bacteria
<Cevfr> It goes mice < invertebrates < bacteria < members of the countably infinite set < unfunny jokes
? twabs fair maiden
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, Conversational Speaker, [ˈaɪwə]
<Tanaphor> I once looked up how they tested breast implants on animals
<Tanaphor> And was disappointed to find out they don't give rats a giant pair of tits
<CUM_SIURAN> of course you did
<CUM_SIURAN> of course you were

<pthag> barabbas is an exemplary scapegoat, because he committed the sins of israel
<Tanaphor> all of them?
<Tanaphor> He had a busy day

<Cev> i'm ready
<Cev> got my graham crackers and jug of milk and mountain dew
<Radius> okay rdy
<Cev> and I have toothpicks jammed in between each of my front bottom teeth because it gives me pseudosexual pleasure
? Radius C / 2π
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, Hydrogen, United States
<Cevt> There are— I guess?— cases in which depending on which anatomical feature you pick you can find synapomorphies supporting entirely irreconcilable trees
<Cevt> Leading one to only conclude that at various points in time a wizard visited earth and caused various lineages to independently evolve identical structures in differing samplings
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