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? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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<Isambri> well, I saw a ufo when I was a child. I wasn't abducted, but all I saw was those little guys putting large boxes into the ufo
<Isambri> it wasn't much exciting
<Slereah> Isambri : That's how the cargo cult starts

<Tanaphor> I don't want to sound too french, but
<Tanaphor> my baguette tastes weird

<twabs> so if you fail to correctly break down a word into its component morphemes, is that a segmentation fault?

<tiramisu> that's OK because Eid al-Adha is a Genesis celebration!
<Tanaphor> do you mean the console or the band
<Tanaphor> or the Star Trek II device
<tiramisu> whichever one predates Islam

<guitarplayer> i'm pagromming a db for my dissertation data
<H13> sounds unpleasant
<tanaphor-work> SELECT german FROM ja WHERE adj = gut
<tanaphor-work> SORT BY ordnung

<Cevv> I hear they can grow imitation bavarian meat in labs now
<pthagnar> it's called leberkase
<pthagnar> and plausible
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<kauntetetons8t> she was in her mid-20s and i adored her with every fiber of my being
<kauntetetons8t> unfortunately my dad was her boss so...
<Whimemsz> also you were 15
<kauntetetons8t> yes.


<pthag> i have seen a convincing chromodynamic argument that is based on the colour hexagram
<pthag>    RED ORANGE
<pthag> VIOLET              YELLOW
<pthag>  BLUE GREEN
<pthag> and u will observe it goes mario _____ wario luigi _____ waluigi
<pthag> and so ppl have tried to fill in the blank with theoretical particles
<pthag> however, the two missing places are blue and orange
<pthag> which are obviously tails and sonic
<pthag> u will agree that this explains all phenomena in a much more pasimonious manner
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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, Operon message
<Tanaphor> I'm guessing they couldn't get the original actor for Bambi's dad because he's probably been dead for 50 years

<Izambri> I recommend you all Henry James' The Sacred Fount. You'll hate it.

<Ser> regard can mean manhole in French
<yng> ahh I see
<Ser> not surprising
<yng> can it?
<Whimemsz> the French are manhole experts, just ask Slereah

<tiramisu> hey did the bees ever come back?
<tiramisu> I heard they were having a comeback
<tiramisu> but I haven't heard any updates on that comeback
<Cevv> Yeah Honey Nut Cheerios saved them all.
<tiramisu> :'D
<Cevv> We need to start a letter-writing campaign to get Honey Nut Cheerios to #BringBackTheGarterSnakes
<Cevv> If our leaders aren't going to get anything done, then it's time we turn to cereal companies.
<tiramisu> but I haven't yet ended my letter-writing campaign to get Honey Nut Cheerios to #ImpeachTrump

<Play> tomorrow itll say "Did You Know .... the Voynich manuscript has been deciphered? And it only took 2 hours!"
<Tanaphor> Someone noticed that we've been holding it upside down the whole time
<Tanaphor> and it was actually plain english

<cevv> People treat everything as if it's a new phenomenon
<Tanaphor> That reminds me of that maymay
<Tanaphor> About a LIFEHACK
<Tanaphor> And the lifehack was that if u plant tomato seeds u get more tomatoes

<Slereah> the brain is the butt of the soul, guitarplayer

<dhok> wonder what his native language was
<dhok> gaulish?
<dhok> when did gaulish die out
<Tanaphor> 1970

<@Legion> "Missionary works in Nias such as those performed by the German Protestant Rhenish Missionary Society as well as the Roman Catholics had been responsible to the destruction of Niassan wooden statues as well the suppression of unique culture of Nias society e.g. ancestor worship, magical practices, the Owasa festivals (noblemen rank-elevation festivals) headhunting and slave trading."
<@Legion> what a sentence
<@Legion> at first you're like "that's awful" and then "wait..."

<@Cev> At least it isn't a past tense imperative though
<@Cev> That would be dumb
<Radius> are you kidding
<Radius> i feel the lack of past tense imperative all the time on the internet
<@Cev> really?
<Radius> English is lacking in ways to tell someone to have fucked off long ago
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#isharia / 31-jul-2019

<Ser> I would like to inquire more about said Central American porn site.

<guitarplayer> can we for once please stop associating EVERY FUCKING THING I say with the nazis just on behalf of being German
<Cevv> gp is yelling again
just like hitler
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I'm not sure how I feel about this board's representation of
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<@ayyub> the first result when I search that is a user on nofap.com
<twabs> it's h13
<@ayyub> Fapstronaut, Male, 23
<twabs> definitely h13

<Ser> well, Brazil still has hunter-gatherer tribes in the Amazon
<Ser> are they taxed
<Smaug> no
<Smaug> they have some kind of sovereignty
<Smaug> because there are still, like, Indians who still bury children alive to appease the spirits or something
<Smaug> […] stopping it is controversial
<Ser> Chesterton's Fence, guys

<Play> hmm
<Play> Im writing about a war whose winning side is an all-male army whose ideology states that only women can hold power in the government and that men must always obey their wives
<Play> i didnt really think this through

<Tanaphor> I have met many cosmic entities
<Tanaphor> during the travels to the astral plane
<Tanaphor> mostly they go on about nonsense
<pthag> much like material entities
<Tanaphor> So far no cosmic wisdom
<Tanaphor> v. disappointing
<pthag> the problem is u
<pthag> if u were mystical enough u could evoke cosmic wisdom fom every day dreams and events
<Tanaphor> Entirely too prosaic alas
<pthag> i am so mystical that i have a cut on my hand that keeps bleeding except instead of mystery blood it bleeds chocolate
<pthag> solve this mystery if u can
<Tanaphor> are u a gingerbread man

<Tanaphor> When the normies make a flag it's gonna look more like the Hezbollah flag
<Tanaphor> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/08/Flag_of_Hezbollah.svg
<Tanaphor> Just raw text, guns and thunderous erections
<Tanaphor> they care not for vexillology and common decency
<Tanaphor> "The logo also incorporates several other objects, namely a globe, a book, a sword, and a seven-leafed branch."
<Tanaphor> None of those objects explain the thunderous erection
<Tanaphor> why won't they address it
<Ser> well, it doesn't look much like an erection
<Ser> in contrast with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Revolutionary_Guard_Corps
<Tanaphor> Are you refering to the Iran vagina
<Tanaphor> apparently the Iran vagina is a very stylized Allah
<Tanaphor> Is there any occult significance to this
<Tanaphor> Oh wait
<Tanaphor> If you look very closely at it it's actually a vagina and also a sword going in a butt
<Tanaphor> Fraught with symbolism
<pthagphone> islamic occultism is its own game
<Whimemsz> Fraught, Lisa...or Freud?
<Tanaphor> Sometimes a sword going in a butt is just a sword going in a butt

<cevv> In a thousand years English will be an extinct and undocumented language and the only recordings of it will be Hanson and Bone Thuz N Harmony songs
<Legion> thousand years seem short
<Legion> surely after spoken English has passed away written English will linger as the liturgical language of baptists for a millenia or two
<cevv> Lec: Yes but they'll lose all of their bibles
<cevv> So they'll end up desperately trying to phonetically recite Hanson and Bone Thugz N Harmony lyrics
<cevv> wondering what secrets they hold

<dhok> you can become a congresscritter at 25 in the house
<dhok> senator at 30
<dhok> pthag is there any minimum age requirement for MPs
<pthag> probably
<pthag> i doubt they would let a toddler be an mp
<pthag> but who can say
<dhok> that historical primary source Blackadder informs me that william pitt the younger was nine
<dhok> at the time of his premiership
<pthag> you're forgetting william pitt the even younger
<dhok> oh yes
<dhok> do age requirements prevent prince andrew from bestowing seats in the Lords upon his lovers
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<Barsuga> My gang name is Ram Bam
<Ser> Barsuga: is that a double-joke on "ram [the] bum" and Maimonides?
<Barsuga> Ser : Also my fursona is a sheep
<Barsuga> It works on many levels

<Smaug_> a lot of these He-Man stories involve people trusting Skeletor, which is implausible in the sxtreme
<Smaug_> he's a purple man with a floating skull for a head who is always cackling
<Radius> sounds trustworthy enough to me
<Radius> he should challenge trump for the republican nomination, i bet he coud win it
<Smaug_> I'd vote for Skeletor
<Radius> note how his name anagrams to "elektors"

<CUM_SIURAN> Cevfr: your nick is slightly different every day
<Cevfr> You can't cross the same river twice.
<Barsuga> You can
<Barsuga> I have done so
<Ducane> Impossible
<Smaug> no, very possible
<Smaug> you do it once in the physical world, and again in your imagination
<pharazon> Maybe the river goes in a circle and the same water was flowing by the next time
<pharazon> What if it was frozen
<Smaug> Mathematician solves the paradox of the river with one simple trick! Philosophers hate him!
<pharazon> 😎

<Cevfr> It is possibly even more unfunny than the "Nobody:" joke
<pharazon> What is the joke
<Cevfr> Go to literally any youtube video and read the first 100 comments.
<CUM_SIURAN> it's more of a meme template than a joek
<Rad[]> yeah
<Rad[]> it highlights that something is coming from left field or random or unprompted, but i don't fully get the purpose of framing a bunch of things that way
<Cevfr> well what annoys me is how exaprevalent it is
<Cevfr> "the first 100 comments" is almost literally true in many cases
<Rad[]> is it possible for something to be only gigaprevalent
<Cevfr> yeah
<Cevfr> things like bacteria
<Cevfr> It goes mice < invertebrates < bacteria < members of the countably infinite set < unfunny jokes
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<Tanaphor> I once looked up how they tested breast implants on animals
<Tanaphor> And was disappointed to find out they don't give rats a giant pair of tits
<CUM_SIURAN> of course you did
<CUM_SIURAN> of course you were

<pthag> barabbas is an exemplary scapegoat, because he committed the sins of israel
<Tanaphor> all of them?
<Tanaphor> He had a busy day

<Cev> i'm ready
<Cev> got my graham crackers and jug of milk and mountain dew
<Radius> okay rdy
<Cev> and I have toothpicks jammed in between each of my front bottom teeth because it gives me pseudosexual pleasure
? Radius C / 2π
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<Cevt> There are— I guess?— cases in which depending on which anatomical feature you pick you can find synapomorphies supporting entirely irreconcilable trees
<Cevt> Leading one to only conclude that at various points in time a wizard visited earth and caused various lineages to independently evolve identical structures in differing samplings
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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, Operon message
<Barsuga> Can we just give knives to monkeys and see what happens

<tanaphor-work> I wonder if you could get enough feral children to get together and form a little tribe
<tanaphor-work> and then u study them
<tanaphor-work> see how well they do
<tanaphor-work> As usual most of my anthropology ideas involve kidnapping

<Barsuga> Who was the antiquity Hitler
<Whimemsz> everyone

<@Cev> phar is Norbert Wiener (lol Wiener)'s book on Cybernetics comprehensible to normies like me at all or is it written in Akkadian like Neumann's book on game theory?
<@pharazon> No idea
<@pharazon> It’s not about Lyndon Johnson so who cares
<tiramisu> you say that like Akkadian is a hard language

<Legion> Keanu Reeves only accepted because of the big paycheck he'll be able to give away to puppy orphanages

<tiramisu> why would Trump be in a hotel he didn't own?
<@pharazon> I’ve been to hotels I didn’t own

<@Legion> oh youtube has been lying for years
<@Legion> they lie about their customer service being humans when most of the time you're talking to a bot
<@Legion> they lie about them demonetizing video that contain the word "gay" in the title
<@Legion> for all we know youtube doesn't even exist and it was all a lie
<@Legion> it was just dailymotion all along

<tanaphor-work> My great-grandfather had a Hitler moustache
<tanaphor-work> Although back then they only called it "What future generations will call a Hitler moustache"
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<pthagnar> uh oh the psychic is bleeding from all orifices
<Barsuga> Including the anus?
<Barsuga> please check
<Barsuga> I need to know to write the Memory Alpha page
<pthagnar> this is a classy show, it is merely implied
<pthagnar> when ur eyes bleed u can presume ur anus is
<pthagnar> eyes r very low on the hierarchy of spontaneous bleeding compared to the anus
<Barsuga> My eyes have never bled so far
<pthagnar> can u say the same for ur anus
<Barsuga> Any bleeding there was extremely minor

<Cov> it's a popular movie
<Cov> like all three Die Hard movies or all six Star Wars movies
<Barsuga> what are the six star wars movies
<Cov> Rogue One, Solo, the two Ewok movies, the Holiday Special, and the Clone Wars
<Barsuga> Is it the holiday special, the Ewoks movies, the clone wars, Solo and Rogue One
<Barsuga> JINX

<tiramisu> C
<tiramisu> C
<tiramisu> C
<tiramisu> COMBO
<tiramisu> BREAKER
<Barsuga> Careful with that meme
<Barsuga> It's an antique

<Cov> This is why America limits presidents to 8 years
<Cov> So if some power-hungry totalitarian despot like Gerald Ford gets elected, his power is limited.

<Vore Vidal> It seems that speakers of Maltese came to feel that all loan verbs must have an initial geminate consonant,whether or not this was actually true of the item being borrowed.This state of affairs manifests itself rather spectacularly in more recent borrowings from English (Type D verbs), in which initial consonants are duly geminated (despite this never being the case in the English source items), but which also fall into the conjugation class of weak-final verbs, as in ddawnlowdja ‘to down-load’.
<Vore Vidal> lol
<J. Jacob Wolzell von Femdom> i mean
<J. Jacob Wolzell von Femdom> the logic is sound
<J. Jacob Wolzell von Femdom> certainly if your principal source of loanwords is Sicilian
<Oïphilus Al-Mutarjim> pparle ammericcannò
<Vore Vidal> hhello i am ssiccillian
<Oïphilus Al-Mutarjim> ngngandrangggeta
<Oïphilus Al-Mutarjim> if you triple geminate a consonant in front of a mirror the ndrangeta come and kill you

<Barsuga> Apparently Pope Ratzinger estimates that there are 100 fluent latin speaker
<Barsuga> But maybe he has high standards
<Legion> well he said "fluent"
<Legion> which is quite a higher bar than "conversational"
<Barsuga> Imagine you're trying to speak latin to the pope
<Barsuga> and he just looks at you exasperated
<Barsuga> omg like can you not
<Barsuga> (the pope is a Valley Girl in my scenario)
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<tiramisu> !gpt Barsuga's latest twitter account is
<Naima> Barsuga's latest twitter account is titled "Ain't Nothing But a Girl" and features several photographs of her wearing glasses, smiling, and being held by children at kindergartens in Japan in September 2017, all using the hashtag "#sutomikotojin."  The caption says, "A girl on a summer night. The same girl who can smile at anything. She's got a sweet personality that we just can't say no to." It also features an image of the same smiling girl with
<Barsuga> dammit Naima
<Barsuga> I told you this in confidence

<tiramisu> !gpt What was Barsuga doing at kindergartens in Japan?
<Naima> What was Barsuga doing at kindergartens in Japan? And where did those kids eat lunch every single day?! I have never been so confused as I was in those two moments…  The first I asked myself 'what's so great about being in kindergarten?'  The second? 'why does everyone keep sending their son and daughter to live and work abroad in a foreign country?'  But for both me, it all just came down to a few minutes of awkward questioning…  The Japanese
<tiramisu> !gpt Here is Barsuga's deepest darkest secret:
<Barsuga> My secrets D:
<Naima> Here is Barsuga's deepest darkest secret:  I have feelings for you. Deep, dark feelings. I feel them like a weight on my chest. I must confess that deep down, I feel a romantic and physical attraction toward you. But as much as I would love to see you for myself, there is a very small age difference between me and you. And since my family is from another country and our social status in Japan is lower, such feelings are very hard to express. I nev
<Barsuga> I love you too Naima <3
<Whimemsz> JAPAN AGAIN
<Whimemsz> first it was him at kindergartens
<Whimemsz> then a confession of love involving an "age difference"
<tiramisu> !gpt So what Barsuga was doing in Japan was
<Naima> So what Barsuga was doing in Japan was completely alien to him. That alone should cause serious suspicion. On top of that he is using a strange word to cover up a secret. The word that appears only twice in the entire manga has more information then Barsuga or the translator ever could. If you are a fan of Japanese manga or manga in general you know that each panel in a manga is typically called a "page". It does not say page in Japanese, however,
<Whimemsz> !!!
<Barsuga> D:
<Barsuga> Sorry Whimemsz
<pthag> !gpt Rumours have emerged that Barsuga is part of a Satanic Japanese
<Barsuga> That is a secret between me and the kindergarten
<Naima> Rumours have emerged that Barsuga is part of a Satanic Japanese cult which believes that their god exists as three separate creatures in a physical existence. A cult song was recently released called: 'The Four World War Three' The song, which is accompanied by videos of cult members screaming, burning candles and chanting: "Our lord! Our lord has arrived!" is thought to be an anti-Christian propaganda song from Japanese cult The Black Sheep.
<pharazon> the black sheep
<pharazon> it all fits

<Cov> The list of ten oldest people ever has driven out everyone under the age of 117
<Cov> I remember when there were 115s on that list
<Cov> There seems to be a pretty hardcoded asymptote at about 117.9 years or so
<Cov> I'm thinking maybe Sarah Knauss (119 years) is a faker too
<Cov> along with Jeanne Calment
<Cov> meanwhile the oldest men ever list still has 113s on it. lol Pathetic! #HeForShe #ImWithHer #MeToo #KillAllMen
<Barsuga> All the men die from stunts and pranks
<pharazon> worth it
<Cov> yeah
<Cov> Jiroemon Kimura died in a tragically fatal snowboarding accident at age 116
<Cov> Christian Mortensen died trying to slap a kodiak bear in the ass at age 115
<Barsuga> That's what you get, living on the edge

<Whimemsz> how widespread is the thing where you have to raise mealworms as kid in elementary school?
<Whimemsz> did you guys have to do that?
<Barsuga> I did not
<Barsuga> I don't think we had any living animals in class, rly
<Play> not me
<Whimemsz> you missed out on the wonder of...having a box full of mealworms for a while
<Barsuga> :D
<Cov> I had a box full of superworms for a while
<Cov> they're like mealworms but bigger
<Barsuga> Cov : What are their powers
<Cov> They transform into beetles
<Cov> Can you transform into a beetle?
<Barsuga> yes
<Cov> See, I'm not even impressed
<Cov> Because I've seen superworms

<Cov> getting annoyed by the vocabulary selection of John Lawson's short vocabulary of Pamlico
<Cov> it's all shit like "rum", "gunpowder", "shot", "tobacco", "coat", "gun-lock", "belt"
<Cov> Lawson you frontiersman fuck

<Cev> (I don't like boiling water)
<pharazon> why not
<Cev> takes a while for water to boil, then I had to drain it through a strainer
<Cev> and.. other things
<Cev> like I don't want to complain becuase it's simple compared to other things
<pharazon> it could take even longer
<pharazon> check your altitude privilege
<Cev> I don't get that joke because I don't understand science.
<pharazon> i get it because i fucking love science

<Barsuga> What if the true religion is some shitty religion nobody remembers
<Barsuga> mb the hurrians were right
<Barsuga> Plz worship Šauška
<Barsuga> Šauška's wager

<pharazon> what's the u-word
<Barsuga> pharazon : it is too terrible to say
<Barsuga> It's the original PIE word for bear
<pharazon> aaa

<Whimemsz> so [REDACTED] caught some video of a jaguarundi on one of his camera traps
<Cev> you shouldn't poop on jaguars when they're changing their clothes
<Cev> *peep
<Cev> I meant to say peep
<Cev> but
<Cev> ya know
<Cev> it worked out
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<H13> the noises u make when u suck dick do not qualify as a conlang
<H13> sorry to say
<Barsuga_> why not, that was good enough for Switzerland apparently
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#isharia / 6-abr-2020

<Barsuga> So far, I get the impression that the bulk of wikipedia is 1) Random people 2) Random places 3) Songs 4) Sports events 5) Organizations
That is about 90% of the universe
<Izambri> Barsuga: yes, pretty much
<Izambri> 86% of the known Cosmos is that
<Barsuga> Hydrogen, helium, sports competitions, towns in Eastern Europe, local politicians
This is the dark matter we do not see
<Izambri> indeed
<Barsuga> Most of the dark matter is composed of Chinese train stations and Pakistani mayors
<Izambri> You got it

<Barsuga> You know one thing I wonder is
<Barsuga> If interneting distribution was actually evenly distributed
<Barsuga> Would random articles about people be mostly chinese and indian people
<Barsuga> Thirty million articles on Chinese mayors
<Barsuga> And ten millions of them have the same name
<Barsuga> Disambiguation : Chen Li. Did you mean [10 million pages]
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, Novice Speaker message
H13: my conlangspiration is a japanese dictionary tbh
Yng: that's because you're a pervert h13
H13: the phrases section is always a goldmine
Yng: you like to take semantic inspiration from sentences like your_noble_servant TOP testicle NOM tentacle FROM tickle-do-excessively_formal-NOM 'I enjoyed this anime'

Yng: learning turkish taught me that once you get past a certain uhm
Yng: what would you call it
Yng: critical mass of suffixes on verbs
Yng: it becomes really easy to innovate new morphology
Yng: you can just v relaxedly acquire morphemes meaning stupid things like 'ever since I did [this one perfective action]'
H13: yeah
H13: i assume the reason north america is Like That
H13: is because the north was Goddam Empty
H13: so nobody was there to stop the runaway morphologization
Yng: and so their ancestors passed time
Yng: by coining new morphemes
Yng: they spent so long wondering if they COULD grammaticalise everything.....
Yng: they never took the time to ask if they SHOULD

Yng: greenlandic is so excellent
Yng: it has the kind of fairly insane morphophonology you only get when you have about 5,000 speakers
Whimemsz: see, morphophonology doesn't phase me
Whimemsz: because I have seen Athabaskan
Whimemsz: so Greenlandic is like, "meh"
Yng: whimemsz has seen morphemic alternations that man should not have wot of
H13: if you stare into the tanacross
H13: the tanacross stares back at you
Yng: he's seen monosegmental morphemes disappear into a swirling maelstrom of apparently unrelated phonemes
Yng: he's seen.......... navajo
Whimemsz: Lovecraft has written a short story on it

<barsuga-phone> There is that whole Penis Panick thing
<barsuga-phone> Something that the primitive tribesmen and the far right believe in
<barsuga-phone> Estrogen in soy is the modern version of witches stealing your penis

<Cev> The title of this map
<Cev> "La Virginea Pars"
<Cev> what... what language is taht supposed to be?
<Legion> Cev > that looks like a mix of a romance language and latin, it's weird
<CUM_SIURAN> make it illa and it's probably grammatical
<Legion> it would still need a genitive
<Legion> illae virginiae pars
<Legion> but that would mean "part of this virginia"
<Legion> so the correct latin would just be "virginiae pars"
<Cov> i mean probably not worth thinking about too hard
<Cov> the guy who named it seems just to have not really understood romance
<Legion> well it's kinda intriguing
<Legion> even if it's just Bad Latin
<miekko> Legion: is this a tribute to Lady Gaga?
<miekko> given that bad latin is a precursor to bad romance!

<Legion> there's a lot of unsustainable thing in China like
<Legion> having completed their demographic transition before having actually become a rich country
<Legion> that's going to be a killer bug
<Legion> fully developped countries are already flailing around trying to find solution to deal with their aging population
<Legion> in China it's going to be a catastrophe
<barsuga-phone> You know what would solve it though
<barsuga-phone> A virus that kills old people
<barsuga-phone> 🤔

<Barsuga> the downside of the epidemic that may kill us all
<Barsuga> My mom is in full mom mode
<Barsuga> she is sending me all the advice, essential oil and positive vibes she can
<pthag> which oils
<Barsuga> She only threatened to get me some, but so far I have not gotten any
<Barsuga> So I cannot be sure

<Barsuga> "TP rolls will be worth their weight in gold in a few months, because everyone needs it."
<Izambri> Also, the perfect time to introduce a new coin: the rollcoin
<Izambri> alternatively, the "loocoin"
<Barsuga> Izambri : they already have that in Canada
<Barsuga> the Loonie
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<tiramisu-WFH> also to be fair to the Jews who killed my one great-grandfather
<tiramisu-WFH> that great-grandfather had a Hitlerstache when he was killed

<barsuga-phone> You know I wish nowadays christians were more into believing magic
<barsuga-phone> They always try to justify how the stories make sense even with science
<barsuga-phone> Just tell me that god did it with magic
<barsuga-phone> It's a more cogent argument

<@pharazon> But
<@pharazon> Isn’t it at least a LITTLE surprising that the odds of two random integers having no common factor is 6/pi^2
<Smaug> sorry, I am just a primitive
<Smaug> I found a rock that looks a little like a face today and now I worship it

<@Cev> John Conway died
<Radius> yes
<@Legion> he found himself surrounded by empty cells because of the social distancing
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<tiramisu> I have one more week of Lent :(
<Legion> oh you have a lot more than that ;)
<Legion> provided you were smart and gave up on "social contect"
<tiramisu> I read sexuality into that
<pharazon> giving up going to church for lent is a real 200 IQ move

<barsuga-phone> Why are moths so fuzzy
<barsuga-phone> I wish to pet them

<Barsuga> "The only point of life is to fuck girls with nice fat asses. Everything else is cope."
<Barsuga> Incels tend to have very specific goals for life on earth
<pharazon> so why isn't he doing it..
<Barsuga> he is unfit for life
<Barsuga> I fuck girls with fat asses every day
<Barsuga> Ms. Pharazon
<Barsuga> is her name
<Orassos> and she's plural, is she
<twabs> no relation
<Barsuga> Orassos : her ass is that fat

<Barsuga> Also I've just had a horrible realization
<Barsuga> if they remake Back to the Future, it will happen in the 2020's, and Marty will have to go back to the 90's
<pharazon> cowabunga man
<Barsuga> Doc will get plutonium from ISIS
<Barsuga> And marty will be the DJ at his parent's party
<Barsuga> He will play some eurobeat or something
<Barsuga> And there will be a scene
<Barsuga> "Who's the president
<Barsuga> "Donald Trump"
<Barsuga> "Ah!"
<Barsuga> what a silly notion
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<tiramisu> also to be fair to the Jews who killed my one great-grandfather
<tiramisu> that great-grandfather had a Hitlerstache when he was killed

<barsuga> You know I wish nowadays christians were more into believing magic
<barsuga> They always try to justify how the stories make sense even with science
<barsuga> Just tell me that god did it with magic
<barsuga> It's a more cogent argument

<@pharazon> But
<@pharazon> Isn’t it at least a LITTLE surprising that the odds of two random integers having no common factor is 6/pi^2
<Smaug> sorry, I am just a primitive
<Smaug> I found a rock that looks a little like a face today and now I worship it

<@Cev> John Conway died
<Radius> yes
<@Legion> he found himself surrounded by empty cells because of the social distancing

<Barsuga> "The gospel of Matthew claims that Jesus was taken to Egypt as an infant, this was actually used by hostile sources to explain his knowledge of magic; according to one rabbinical story, he came back tattooed with spells"
<@Cev> That happens to all tourists who visit Egypt.
<Barsuga> I mean why else visit Egypt
<Barsuga> It's like visiting Thailand, you immediatly know why they went

<Barsuga> I haven't received my check yet
<@Cev> haven't gotten your
<@Cev> uhh
<@Cev> macronbux
<@Cev> lepenbux
<@Cev> chiracbux
<@Cev> degaullebux
<@Cev> who's in charge of france?
<Izambri> muslims

<@Cev> Do they still add stuff to the vatican archives
<@Cev> Does a secretary have to carry a box of papers down and throw it on the pile?
<barsuga> I guess so
<barsuga> What else would they do with their office supply bills and papal bullae
<barsuga> Do you think it's a mess in there like
<barsuga> Ancient scrolls next to floppy disks

<Barsuga> I can think of republican food and green party food, but what is libertarian food
<Barsuga> Do they just sprinkle cocaine on food
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Forgot to clear my log so half of those are repeats I guess OH WELL.
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<Barsuga> please help sometimes my inner monologue sounds like Seinfeld

<Whimemsz> so my parents just got back from Australia
<Whimemsz> apparently one person asked them "is it true you Yanks have the water go the other way in your toilets?"
<Whimemsz> and another person asked them, in all seriousness, if the sun rose in the east or the west in America

<Legion> new study reveals everything ever bad for you
<twabs> new study reveals that all of existence is suffering
<twabs> and that only by following the eightfold path can one achieve nirvana
<twabs> etc
<Legion> study paid for by Big Karma

<Legion> my favorite projection is dymaxion
<Barsuga> My favorite type of projection is ascribing my own flaws to others
<Legion> shouldn't you say that's someone else's favorite then

<Radius> ah nice, almond is cognate to amygdala
<Radius> who is the queen of naboo, iirc

<Cev> I propose the wiccan model
<Cev> You can get an abortion but then some random person somewhere else in the world has to get pregnant