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? Yaali Annar The Gote
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In this thread, we share clever, silly, smartass remarks both from foreroom or from the chatroom.

Legion: You know that feeling about languages where you wish you could learn ALL OF THEM? I get that, but with musical instruments.
Slereah_: I get that with dildos.

YaaliAnnar: Zayk, you see, you're gay because you lack non-sexual intimacy in your childhood.
Zayk: What is the logic behindĀ  that?
YaaliAnnar: This causes you to crave for intimacy. This is why most children raised without father become gay.
Kereb: ... or rappers

Cev: Make a lake, put an island on it
Cev: wait 2 nights
Cev: and there will be Polynesians there

Serafin: Yaali also truly believes smoking cures lung cancer.
CUM_quesa: See, this is why indonesia is not a first world country.