<!>Translation Challenge: Alhazen on the Scientific Method (2014-05-14 11:25:49)
Translation Challenge: Alhazen on the Scientific Method
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Is foldadeu na se cernarat mà èu ti ardime sis tarvests nais Ferçons è, nosyiny se veie escane genadur, bee en irs, tirmí rondans ti ic tore en nonge se veie bèu è oi soncherre anyà te ed trave, ti oi tiste a s’arciravinzi è is tirdonanzi è mà tus a anyà lhez tir agerdanys nais tòrs irn genadessant èu nolle n’erde resse n’antirdancees è vesdagessants. Adès tants se dasse nas ti igintise sis tarvests na ginedanceus, ie atravar se cernarat èu se veie ghie, èu essardoner angonet n’erd anyà te faŀlèse è, argansany se veie sarm as lhò è games n’anyà te camperez, orresar-eu tir erdes mides. Ambruig na forciar n’ir malís perse mai a ciste qua tirencet sarmidadh tir a adès estardir naucir danc ī is tarartelat sam ī s’illatzantanit.

Approximate translation:
"The seeker of the truth is not who studies the writings of the Ancients and, following his natural disposition, trusts them, but rather who doubts his faith in them and questions what takes from them, who lends himself to argumentation and demonstration and not to what has been said by human beings whose nature is full of all kinds of imperfections and deficiencies. Thus the task of whom investigates the writings of scientists, if learning the truth is his goal, is to become enemy of all that he reads and, applying his mind to the heart and margins of what it contains, attack it through all sides. He should be suspicious of himself while he carries out such critical exam in order to avoid falling into prejudice and indulgence."


This one was a nice and productive translation! I needed to create some new words with its etymologies, and it helped to put some light on the affixes and proto-roots issues.